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Police Report: Woman Uses Stolen Credit Card Info to Fraudulently Purchase $1K+ Guitar

gibsonguitarFraudulent transaction: An East Parkway business owner reported financial loss due to a purchase being made with a fraudulent credit card Feb. 21. The customer who used the fraudulent credit card entered the store and bought a 2019, vintage color, cherry satin Gibson SG Standard Tribute guitar valued at $1,192.17. Upon payment attempt, the presented credit card did not go through when swiped; however, the transaction was approved when details were manually entered. Later, the real owner of the credit card called the store and said someone had been using her credit card information to purchase musical instruments. In addition to the Scarsdale purchase, other fraudulent purchases were made in Eastchester and Connecticut.

A Nelson Road mother reported someone stole her 16-year-old daughter’s $200 Beats earbuds and Chase debit card from the high school Feb. 19.

Identity theft and scams
On Feb. 20, a Sage Terrace woman reported someone fraudulently opened three lines of credit in her name. She learned about the accounts after receiving account letters in the mail. An additional attempt to open an account was denied. She informed all financial institutions that the accounts were fraudulent, and the accounts were closed.

On Feb. 20, a Cambridge Road woman reported someone wrote several fraudulent checks against her bank account. He bank reimbursed her and is following up with a fraud investigation.

A Brambach Road man reported he had been scammed over the Internet by an unknown person, and his credit card data had been compromised Feb. 20. Specifically, the man said he received a pop up message that appeared to be from Microsoft, indicating that his computer had been hacked. The notification provided a phone number, which the man called. A person answered, alleging to be an employee of Microsoft. The person claimed funds had been taken from one of his accounts. The person further stated the only way to replenish the funds was through the purchase of gift cards valued at $2,000. The man complied with the person’s instructions regarding the purchase and transfer of gift cards. Afterwards, the man realized the incident was suspicious and reported it to police.

A Popham Road CVS employee reported that a known shoplifter was in the store Feb. 18. He was described as a white man, with short black hair, wearing a black jacket with brown fur, jeans, black shoes, white shirt and black eyeglasses. The known shoplifter was seen holding a green bag. According to the employee, the man walked over to the refrigerator case and removed 12 cans of Red Bull soft drink. He placed the cans in his bag and left the store without paying for them. Police canvassed the area, but the shoplifter had left the area.

A driver on Harvest Drive reported a man threw a bag of dog feces at her car while he was out with another man walking large dogs Feb. 18. The driver said the man told he had thrown the bag of feces at her car to get her to slow down. He was described as a white man, approximately 40 years old. Police canvassed the area for the man but did not see anyone matching the description or walking dogs.

At 11 p.m., Feb. 20, a Weaver Street woman reported she heard someone breaking into her house. She locked herself in her bedroom and requested police response. When police arrived, the woman reported the person who had entered her house was allowed to be there. There had just been a miscommunication between them, and she was not expecting his arrival at that time.

Cars and roadways
On Feb. 20, police directed traffic around a disabled car on Greenacres Avenue while the driver waited for a tow.
A Palmer Avenue woman reported that her car alarm went off at approximately 3 a.m., Feb. 20. The car was parked and locked in the driveway. Nothing appeared to have been stolen and the car doors remained locked.

On Feb. 20, police marked tires and ticketed a car that had been reportedly parked on Depot Place for three days.

A car struck a fire hydrant at Palmer Avenue and Heathcote Road around 1:15 p.m., Feb. 22. Firefighters, police and the water department responded.

Three car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Responding to a report of three loose dogs on Carman Road, police encountered three dogs in a resident’s yard and advised the resident to bring the dogs inside the house Feb. 18. The resident complied.

Police found a loose dog on Brewster Road, opposite Fox Meadow School, and reunited it with its owner Feb. 23.

Lost and found
A Heathcote Road woman reported losing her attorney ID card somewhere in the village Feb. 19.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 17 incidents during the reporting period. He shared details outlining the following incidents.

On Feb. 17, a gas odor was coming from a leaking burner of a gas cooktop in an Olmsted Road house. Firefighters shut gas to the unit and advised the resident to call for service.

On Feb. 20, a standby generator was running without stop on Winslow Place Feb. 20. Firefighters determined the generator was being fed from overhead street service. They looked for a transfer switch in the basement but were unable to find one. Firefighters shut power to the generator, and it turned off. Minor gas readings were detected near a basement dryer. Con Edison was requested to evaluate the suspected gas readings. The resident wad advised to contact a generator service company for repair.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Palmer Avenue in which a car struck a fire hydrant Feb. 22.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident at Heathcote Road and Morris Lane Feb. 23. The accident involved a contractor’s van that went over curbing and struck a fence.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Feb. 18-23 has been compiled from official information.

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