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mercedeskeyfobStolen cars: Two unlocked cars were stolen from different Carstensen Road driveways in the overnight period of July 2 to 3. One was a 2020 Mercedes-Benz, valued at $50,000. Inside the car were various items, including sunglasses and clothing, valued at $1,500. The car had been left unlocked with the key fob inside. The stolen second car was a 2009 Toyota Sienna, containing approximately $1,000 worth of tennis equipment inside. It had also been left unlocked with the key fob inside.

Car break-ins
A wallet containing credit cards and $50 cash was stolen from an unlocked, parked car in a Lockwood Road driveway July 3.

On July 5, a Jefferson Road resident reported finding her car had been entered and contents were tossed inside. It occurred sometime between July 3 and 5.

Identity theft
On June 29, a Palmer Ave. man reported that someone attempted to file a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

On June 30, a Tunstall Rd. man reported that someone attempted to file a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

On July 2, a Carthage Lane man reported that someone attempted to file a fraudulent unemployment claim in his name.

Criminal mischief
On July 2, a Greenacres Avenue caller reported an incident of criminal mischief that occurred while she and her family were away, sometime between June 27 and July 2. Specifically, a metal garden arbor was dismantled and knocked over and wire fencing around a garden was bent out of shape in the rear of her yard. She believed the damage was intentional. She said a similar incident happened about a year ago.

A middle-aged white man, who was not a member of Quaker Ridge Golf Club, entered the grounds, took off his shorts, told staff he had just run a marathon and asked for something to drink July 4. He was asked to leave the Club grounds by management. He called for a ride and was picked up.

Social distancing
A woman called police to allege that a painter, who was working nearby, spit at her while she was walking her dog near Edgewood Road and Roosevelt Place July 4. She said that as she turned the corner and abruptly encountered the painter, she put on her mask and told the painter to try and maintain an appropriate social distance. She further said the painter, who was not wearing a mask, made no effort to move. She further alleged that the painter spat on the ground near her and continued walking to his job site. Police spoke with the painter, who denied spitting at the woman but confirmed he was not wearing a mask. He explained that because their interaction occurred on a corner, he did not have time to put on his mask. Police advised both parties to be more careful of rounding corners where social distancing may be more difficult to maintain due to unexpected interactions. The police log further noted that no spit was observed on the sidewalk where the interaction allegedly occurred.

On behalf of Tampa, FL, police, Scarsdale police officers attempted to deliver a death notification to a Stonehouse Road resident regarding a person who died in Tampa July 1. However, the resident was not the family member that Tampa police were attempting to contact. Nor was there any record of that family member living in Scarsdale. There was apparently a mix-up in the name and address information.

Police arranged taxi transportation to a shelter for an individual who came to headquarters asking for help and reporting he was suffering from an auditory sensitivity July 5. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance was called, but the man declined any medical assistance beyond an evaluation.

Pedestrian hit
A 68-year-old Bronxville driver was turning onto Popham Road from Garth Road and decided he was going the wrong way around 3 p.m., July 3. He attempted to correct his mistake by putting his car in reverse. In doing so, he backed into a 71-year-old Eastchester pedestrian who was crossing the street in the crosswalk. She was evaluated by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps on scene and taken to White Plains Hospital Center for injuries.

Cars and roadways
Police removed a fallen cable wire from Franklin Road July 1.
Verizon was notified about a low-hanging wire on Brewster Road July 1.
A parked car was blocking traffic on Ridgecrest East July 1. Police contacted the owner to move it.
A Boulevard woman reported that two men in a truck pulled up in front of her house and left a box of Styrofoam near her property July 2. Police contacted the department of public waste to pick it up for disposal.
Police marked off a fallen wire on Cambridge Road with caution tape July 2. Verizon was notified for repair.
Police called a tow truck for a car with a flat tire on Olmsted Road July 3.
A very large, fallen branch was marked with caution tape on Church Lane South July 3. The highway department was notified for removal.
Police moved fallen branches off of Post Road July 4.
Police investigated a report of a parked car on Edgewood School grounds at 2 a.m., July 5. A young man and woman were inside the car. They said they had parked there to have a conversation, but they agreed to leave.
Police responded to one reported car accident and three minor car accidents in the Village this week. The drivers involved in the minor accidents exchanged information and did not request official reports.

Civil matters
A Quaker Ridge woman reported her husband did not drop their children off on time, as per a custody agreement, July 3. Police advised her it was a civil matter and to consult her attorney.

After neighbors reported shouting on Fox Meadow Road, police helped mediate a dispute between a homeowner and some people who were picking up their belongings from the residence July 5.

On July 5, police helped a Village resident interpret an order of protection involving her husband and her.

Village code
After a neighbor complained of early morning noise, police advised construction workers on a Vernon Road job site of Village code restrictions regarding power tools and job start times. The workers said they understood.

On June 30, police advised a Pinecrest Road family to keep the noise level down at their family gathering after neighbors reported noise.

Police issued a summons to a School Lane landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code July 1.

Police issued a summons to an Olmsted Road landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code July 2.

Police issued a summons to a Lebanon Road landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code July 3.

Police dispersed kids from a Secor Road park after dark July 4.

After neighbors complained, police asked a Saxon Woods Road resident to lower the volume of music July 4.

On July 1, a Post Road woman reported a coyote in her yard. When police arrived at the scene, the woman said she actually thought the animal was a loose German Shepherd. The animal had already left the yard and was last seen heading toward Cambridge Road.

Lost and found
A passerby found a wallet at a picnic table in the Village center June 29. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

A Capital One credit card was found on Popham Road July 1. The owner could not be located, and police informed Capital One for card cancellation and replacement to the owner.

Police contacted the owner of a wallet found in the Village and brought to headquarter July 5. The owner picked up the wallet and confirmed that nothing was missing.

On June 29, firefighters were dispatched to a Highland Way house for a nine-year-old locked in a bedroom. Upon arrival, they made entry through a bedroom window and removed the door lock for the homeowner. The child was released unharmed.

On July 3, a car’s motor overheated following an oil leak on the Hutchinson River Parkway. Firefighters stood by for a tow and assisted with oil cleanup.

On July 5, elevated levels of carbon monoxide were reported in a Heathcote Road house. Con Edison red-tagged the boiler and a gas supply pipe attached to a wall. Firefighters ventilated the house, and the homeowner was advised to contact a plumber for repair.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 29 – July 5 has been compiled from official information.

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DrivewayAfter a spate of reports of stolen cars and car break-ins, the Scarsdale Police are asking residents to do the following to protect their vehicles:

The Scarsdale Police Department makes the following recommendations to residents to a help prevent these larcenies:

-Use motion sensing exterior lighting and keep the perimeter of your home and driveway well lit.

-The smallest amount of light may be a deterrent to offenders.

-Consider investing in a camera surveillance system –and advertise that your home, driveway and property are protected by video surveillance.

-Always lock your vehicle whether it is parked on the street or in your driveway. Do not leave your keys or key fob in the vehicle when it is unattended.

-Numerous vehicle manufacturers equip their vehicles with auto-folding exterior mirrors. When enabled through the vehicle’s settings, these exterior side-view mirrors fold in when the vehicle is turned off and locked via the key fob. When the vehicle is observed in this condition, it’s a sign to offenders that the vehicle is locked.

-A majority of vehicles that are entered or stolen are frequently left unlocked, indicated by the side view mirrors in the “out” position.

-Do not leave valuable possessions in view, especially pocketbooks, bags, electronic and GPS devices.

-Park in a well-lit area.

-Be an observant neighbor. Immediately notify the police of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Stolen cars: On June 26, a 2019 Audi Q5 was stolen from a Walworth Avenue driveway. It had been left unlocked with the key fob inside. According to police, the car was later recovered.

Three cars were stolen from a Carthage Road driveway during the overnight period of June 27-28. They were a 2016 Mazda, a 2017 Nissan and a 2019 Mercedes-Benz. All three cars were left unlocked with the key fobs inside. According to police, the Mercedes-Benz was later recovered.

On June 28, an Audi A-6 with Pennsylvania license plates, a smashed rear window and a flat tire was found parked at Franklin Road and Harvest Drive. A check if the registration revealed the car had been reported stolen from Greenburgh, NY, on June 26. It had been unlocked, with the key fob inside, at the time of theft. Damage to the door appeared to have been caused by prying the door open with a screwdriver, according to the police report. A screwdriver was found on the passenger seat, as well as Ray Ban sunglasses, a brown purse, a brown cloth hat and an unopened package from this jurisdiction. Additionally, a bag of marijuana was found in the passenger side door. The car was towed to the police impound lot.

Car break-ins
On June 26, a Walworth Avenue woman reported that someone entered her parked and unlocked car overnight and stole two rolls of quarters.

On June 26, a Valley Road resident she noticed her unlocked, parked car had been rummaged through in the recent past. She said she did not notice anything missing. However, later, a neighbor found the resident’s car insurance papers in the street and returned them to her.

On June 26, a Gorham Road resident reported her unlocked parked car had been entered overnight. A $150 Visa gift card and approximately $15 cash were stolen.

On June 26, a gray and yellow handbag valued at $1,000 was stolen from a parked, unlocked car in a Fenimore Road driveway overnight.

On June 26, a Valley Road man reported approximately $20 cash had been stolen out of his wife’s unlocked, parked car overnight.

On June 26, a Fairview Road resident reported a car registered to his business had been broken into the previous night. A package of Charmin toilet paper, a $200 lock pick set and approximately $20 cash were stolen. Security cameras captured the incident on video.

On June 28, a $300 Tory Burch handbag and assorted papers were found on Rock Creek Lane. Police returned the property to its owner, who lived a few doors down. The owner said the property had been stolen from her car. Police are investigating.

A wallet was also found on Rock Creek Lane June 28. Police contacted the owner, and she said the wallet had been stolen from her car overnight. She told police her credit cards and some cash, which had been inside the wallet, were missing. She put a freeze on her accounts. Investigation showed a $30 charge at an Exxon gas station had already been processed through one of the stolen credit cards.

On June 28, an Aspen Road resident reported someone entered her unlocked, parked car overnight. It was tossed, but nothing was stolen.

Someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in a Horseguard Lane woman’s name. She learned about it June 23.

On June 25, a Brite Avenue caller resident said someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim in her name.

On June 26, a Tompkins Road man reported he attempted to purchase a pair of sneakers for $160 over the Internet. He sent the money to the seller via Cash App but has yet to receive the sneakers. He needed a police report to receive a refund of the money from Cash App.

On June 22, a Christie Place restaurant manager had a dispute with an allegedly disrespectful customer. The customer paid the bill and was told he was no longer welcome in the restaurant. Police reiterated the message to the customer.

A person who lives in a Post Road house said a basement tenant was observed lying on a hill in the backyard possibly looking into windows belonging to private rooms of other housemates June 23. Police spoke with the tenant who said he was just lying in the grass and not looking into any windows. The property owner requested that the tenant refrain from using the back hill and possibly looking into windows to avoid conflict.

Suspicious activity
An Edgewood Road resident told police she heard a car door open and shut outside her house around 1 a.m., June 25. Her exterior motion lights then came on. She said a middle-aged white man, wearing a light-colored T-shirt, shorts, gloves and a mask, walked to her house and placed a plastic bag on her door handle. According to the resident, the man then took a picture. The person then reportedly left in a dark-colored SUV and possibly took the bag with him because it was no longer there when the resident checked.

A man taking photos in the back of Quaker Ridge School alarmed a parent who believed the man might have been photographing the parent’s children June 26. Police attempted to speak with the man but encountered a language barrier. The man’s son-in-law was called to translate. The man then said he had been following a rabbit and was attempting to take photos of the rabbit.

Unwanted calls
A Barry Road resident reported unwanted texts and calls from an individual. There were no threats expressed in the communications. Police advised the resident to block the individual’s number.

Pandemic restrictions
On June 22, police dispersed approximately 60 people from a gathering at Lincoln and Carthage roads. The hosts were informed that only gatherings of ten people or less were permitted, as per the governor’s executive order.

Police checked an East Parkway business to make sure social distancing measures were being followed after a caller expressed concern June 27.

Welfare check
On June 26, police checked the welfare of an Old Lyme Road man after a caller expressed concern. The man was OK.

A water fill pipe to a Morris Lane pool was malfunctioning and leaking a large amount of water onto the neighbor’s property June 22. Police and firefighters turned off the water, gas and electricity to the pool to stop the water flow. A message was left for the homeowner.

Garage door
A Rock Creek Lane garage door opened on its own June 24. Police determined the door was malfunctioning. Nothing suspicious was observed.

Cars and roadways
A driver on the Hutchinson River Parkway alleged that another driver might have intentionally tried to “run him off the road” June 23. Police informed the driver that they couldn’t issue traffic citations for offenses that they did not see or for offenses occurring outside their jurisdiction.

A tree fell on wires on Brookby Road June 23. Police notified the highway department and Con Edison.

The water department was informed about a water leak on Edgewood Road June 23.
Police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street June 24.

A Montrose Road resident was asked to move his parked car so as to not interfere with Con Edison work June 25.

Con Edison was notified about a low-hanging wire on Montrose Road June 25.
A Meadow Road woman reported a large delivery truck drove over her property and dislodged a landscaping rock June 25. Police helped the woman move the rock back in place.

A man sleeping in his car at Post Road and Boulevard at 4:30 a.m., June 27, told police he was “very tired.” There were no signs of impairment or distress.
Police helped an elderly woman shut off her car on Rock Creek Lane after she requested help from police June 27.

Police called a tow for a motorist with a disabled car on Mamaroneck Road June 28.
Police and highway workers removed fallen branches and wires from Fox Meadow Road and Woods Lane June 28.

Police taped off an area around a fallen wire on Olmsted Road and stood by for Con Edison June 28.

A tree fell onto a Brewster Road house June 28. No one was injured, and no structural damage was observed. Police notified the homeowner who was not home and advised him to contact his insurance company. Firefighters assisted.

Verizon was notified about a fallen cable wire on Wayside Lane June 28.

A transformer exploded on Wheelock Road, causing a power outage, June 28. Con Edison was called and police assisted a resident who was concerned about the lack of power.

Village code
On June 22, police asked a Colby Lane homeowner to lower the volume of music coming from her house.

Police received a noise complaint about a Sprague Road house after midnight June 23; however, after arriving on scene, police did not hear any noise. The homeowner was informed about the complaint and said she found the presence of police cars on her street to be “wildly inappropriate” and “unacceptable.”

Police issued a Carthage Road landscaper a summons for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of Village code June 23.

Neighbors reported loud talking at a Bell Road house after midnight June 24. Police asked the residents to keep the noise level down.

Organized soccer clinics were being run without proper permits on a Weaver Street field June 24. Police informed the soccer coaches, and they stopped activity. Coaches waited with the kids until parents picked them up.
Four summonses for leaf blower enforcement were issued Village wide and on Wheelock and Cushman roads during dedicated patrol for Village code enforcement June 24.

On June 25, one summons for improper leaf blower use was issued to landscapers on Oak Lane.

Kids were being noisy in a Dobbs Terrace backyard June 25. Police asked them to keep the noise level low in order to stop disturbing neighbors.

A delivery truck was at work on Scarsdale Avenue after midnight June 26, Police advised the driver he was not permitted to make deliveries after the allotted delivery period, as permitted by Village code. The driver apologized and said he had not been aware of the restrictions.

On June 26, police issued a summons for improper leaf blower use to a landscaper on Post Road.

On June 26, police advised a gathering of approximately 10 people to keep their noise level down.

Construction workers on Penn Blvd. were told they could not start work until 10 a.m., June 27.

According to footage from a video surveillance camera, a man riding a bicycle on Wynmor Road stopped at a construction site and “seemed to take special interest” in a cable wire that is temporarily run down a utility pole and pulled across the ground to a connection at the house. Police reviewed the video and examined the wire in question. Police speculated that the man was most likely concerned about the unusual and haphazard positioning of the wire and was most likely concerned it might have been a fallen power line.

Dogs and cat
A maintenance worker allegedly confronted a Gatehouse Road woman about cleaning up after her dog June 22, according to the woman, who called police. Police arrived on scene, and the worker said he was a groundskeeper and often found dog feces on the property. He therefore politely asked the woman to clean up after her dog. Police were able to successfully mediate the confrontation.

A Copper Beech Lane homeowner complained that a neighbor’s cat keeps walking onto his property and his wife is allergic to cats June 25. Police spoke with the neighbor who said he was aware of the situation and was actively training the cat to avoid such behavior.

Lost and found
A passerby found a wallet on Cooper Road and gave it to police June 22. Police found an ID card indicating the wallet’s owner and returned the wallet to him. The owner said nothing was missing from the wallet.
A broken iPhone that was severely cracked and would not turn on was found on Cooper Road June 23. Police vouchered it as found property.

A passerby found a debit card on a picnic table on Supply Field and gave it to police, who returned it to its owner July 23.

On July 23, a passerby found items at the intersection of Post and Murray Hill roads and gave them to police.

A Wynmor Road woman reported that her children were flying a drone in the area, and it got lost June 23.

On June 28, a caller reported finding an iPad on the ground at Rock Creek Lane and Sycamore Road approximately three days ago in the past.

A set of keys – for a Ford Mustang and a possible house key – were found on Franklin Road and turned over to police for safekeeping June 28.

A contractor damaged a natural gas line on Huntington Avenue June 22. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident involving a truck and an overpass bridge on the Hutchinson River Parkway June 24.

On June 25, smoke was reported in a science lab at the Scarsdale Alternative High School. It was determined that non-toxic flash cotton ignited and self-extinguished in a closed wooden wall cabinet. Other chemicals stored in the cabinet were determined to be stable. It was determined that the cotton self-ignited due to high ambient temperature and the cotton’s method of storage. The cabinet was cleaned. A teacher said the flash cotton and flash paper had been used for a demonstration one day before schools closed due to the pandemic.

A light fixture in the parking lot of Scarsdale High School was smoking but soon got repaired by custodians June 26.

A gas grill was leaking at a Normandy Lane house June 27. Firefighters advised the residents to call for service.

On June 28, firefighters assisted Fairview and Hartsdale fire departments with two houses struck by lightning in their jurisdictions.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 22-28 has been compiled from official information.

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huntingknifeFollowing a report of a possible hit and run car accident at Mamaroneck Road and Crossway around 1 p.m., June 11, police went to the scene and found an injured 19-year-old Caucasian White Plains man, who had been the victim of road rage assault. According to the victim, a road rage incident initiated in another jurisdiction and continued as he drove his 2015 BMW westbound on Mamaroneck Road. At the intersection with Crossway, the Caucasian driver of the other vehicle, a 2019 Volkswagen, pulled his car in front of the victim’s car to block it. At that point the other driver – later identified as John Zoppo, 30, of North Salem – exited his vehicle and began kicking the victim’s car and shouting expletives. The victim then got out of his car, and Zoppo attacked him with a hunting knife, causing injuries to both of the victim’s hands, according to the police report. Zoppo then fled the scene. Medical attention was provided to one 54-year-old witness on scene by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and the 19-year-old victim was taken to Westchester Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. Police began searching for Zoppo and broadcast a bulletin including Zoppo’s license plate to other agencies. Zoppo and his car were subsequently found in the parking garage of Northern Westchester Hospital, in Mount Kisco. Zoppo had driven to the emergency room there for treatment of his hand injuries. After Zoppo was discharged from the emergency room, he was arrested by Scarsdale police and charged with felonious second-degree assault. During their investigation, police seized the large hunting knife that was used in the attack as well as a pellet gun, five pellet containers and one container containing BBs.

On Sunday afternoon June 14 around 4 pm Quaker Ridge residents reported hearing helicopters overhead. The noise was due to a search by the Westchester County Police who were looking for a graffiti suspect that fled from the Hutchinson River Parkway. The Scarsdale and Harrison Police Departments assisted in the search and the Westchester County Police located the suspect on Stratton Road.

Stolen packages
On June 9, a Murray Hill Road resident reported an unknown woman just stole a package from her porch. It contained approximately $60 worth of children’s toys, toddler’s clothing and hair dye. The resident’s son said he saw a woman walk away from the house with the package and get into the passenger seat of a dark-colored Volkswagen Jetta.
A Foxhall Road woman also reported multiple packages were stolen from her porch June 9.

Stolen bicycle
A Boulder Brook Road woman reported her $700 black Canondale bicycle was stolen out of her garage sometime between 11 a.m., June 10, and 11 a.m., June 11. In its place, an old bicycle was left on her yard. She suspects it was left behind by the bicycle thief.

Identity theft
On June 8, a Hampton Road resident reported that a fraudulent Bank of America checking account was fraudulently opened in her name in May.

On June 8, a Gaylor Road woman reported someone attempted to open a fraudulent cell phone account in her name.

On June 12, a Crest Lane resident reported that an unknown person opened a credit card in his wife’s name and used it to make fraudulent purchases totaling approximately $700. The card was cancelled.

On June 13, a Lawrence Road resident reported someone fraudulently filed for unemployment in his name.

On June 12, a woman reported that a contractor installing a garage door at her house on Harcourt Road got frustrated with questions, started yelling and made threats before he was asked to leave the property.

Hypodermic needles
Hypodermic needles were found on the ground outdoors on Bradley Road June 8. Police collected the needles and took them to Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps for safe disposal.

On June 9, a Springdale Road resident reported a young woman wearing a white tank top with a gray bandana tied around her neck was seen running through her yard for no legitimate reason.

A doorbell camera alerted a Fox Meadow Road resident to the fact that an unknown person approached his house and then walked away at approximately 3:30 a.m., June 10.

A black bear was reported on Burgess Road June 10. Residents were advised to keep all garbage and bird feeders inside or well covered. They were also advised to make a lot of noise with pots and pans in order to discourage the bear from getting comfortable in the neighborhood.

On June 12, a Heathcote Road woman reported a black bear walked through her yard and was then located in a neighbor’s yard. It was gone when police arrived.
A woman told police she heard “a bear growling “ near Corell Park June 12. The alleged bear was gone when police arrived; nor did police hear any growling.

Construction of a driveway, possibly without a permit, was reported on Kensington Road June 8. Police went to the scene and observed a pile of gravel on the road. The contractor said he did not yet have a permit to do the work. Police advised him to stop work until he could obtain the proper permit. He was also advised to remove the gravel from the roadway. The building department is following up. On June 9, the same contractor was back at work at the same site. He said he had applied for a permit but had not yet received it. He was advised by the building department and police to stop work.

On June 9, a Quaker Ridge woman called to report her 95-year-old grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, had been missing for approximately 20 minutes. Police located the grandmother near the intersection of Hazelton and Secor roads, and they reunited her with her family.

On June 10, police checked the welfare of a White Road woman and confirmed that she was OK.

An Obry Drive resident reported that kids were swimming in a pool on a vacant property that backs up to his house June 12. Police went to the scene and spoke with the kids. One kid said his family owns the property, but they have not yet moved n. He called his mother, who confirmed the story with police.

On June 10, a Walworth Avenue woman reported a neighbor complained about her children making unnecessary noise while playing; however, she thought the noise was reasonable. Police spoke with the neighbor and advised him to contact the police department for investigation of any noise complaints, rather than taking the matter into his own hands. Police advised both parties to avoid contact with each other.

Cars and roadways
On June 10, a tree fell at Madison and Richelieu roads, knocking down power wires. Police kept pedestrians away from the dangerous area, and Con Edison and highway department workers arrived to address the fallen live wires and tree.

On June 12, the highway department was notified that a yellow lens on a Mamaroneck Road traffic light was inoperable. The highway department was working to repair it.

A woman tripped on a sewer grate cover on Scarsdale Avenue and possibly twisted her ankle June 12.

Patrol helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street and safely walk on the sidewalk on June 12 and 13.

A bicyclist reported he was struck by a car at Popham and Autenreith roads June 14. He fell from his bike following the impact and sustained abrasions to his hand and leg. He declined medical assistance and refused to file an official accident report.

Four car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Village code
On June 9 and 12, police dispersed kids from Greenacres School grounds and advised them that all playgrounds were closed.
Police issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered leaf blower on Crossway in violation of Village code June 10.
Police issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered leaf blower on Park Road in violation of Village code June 11.
On June 12, police issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered leaf blower on Fenimore Road in violation of Village code.
A Kensington Road man explained that he was listening to music “louder than normal,” due to power washing at a neighbor’s house June 14.
Police dispersed kids from a basketball court on Ogden Road June 14.

Lost and found
A passerby found a wallet near the entrance to the middle school and gave it to police June 11. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 32 calls this week. Seymour shared the following details about those calls.

On June 9, firefighters assisted at a three-car collision on Mamaroneck Road. One patient was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, and 2 cars were removed by tow.

On June 10, a pool heater misfired in the basement of a Park Road house and caused carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the house. Firefighters ventilated the basement and stood by for Con Edison. Con Edison red-tagged the heater.

A burning odor was coming from a dryer in a Meadow Road house June 11. The odor dissipated when the dryer was turned off. Firefighters advised the homeowner to clean the lint from the rear of the dryer and the ductwork.

On June 13, firefighters traced an odor of smoke at a Taunton Road house to some burnt paper in a basement window well.
On June 13, a hot water heater was not venting properly in a Myrtledale Road house. Firefighters ventilated the house, and Con Edison shut down the appliance.

On June 14, a breaker panel was sparking inside a Dobbs Terrace house. Firefighters isolated the sparking breaker, cut power to it and advised the homeowner to contact an electrician for repair.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

playlandbeachCar thefts: A 2018 Volvo was stolen from a Taunton Road driveway June 17. The car had been left there unlocked with the keys inside.

On June 19, a Crossway man reported his Honda Civic had been stolen from Palmer Avenue the evening before. Police are investigating.

Bicycle theft
A caller informed police that her child’s bicycle had been stolen from Greenacres Avenue June 17. She did not want to file a formal report.

Attempted larcenies
At 3:50 a.m., June 17, a Brite Avenue resident reported seeing a “tall, skinny man” open the doors of a neighbor’s parked car in an apparent attempt to steal the car or something from inside the car. After entering the car, the man fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan. Police attempted to contact the car’s owner, but they could only leave a note.

On June 17, a Taunton Road man told police he had obtained video of individuals attempting to break into his parked locked car during the early morning hours of June 17.

On June 17, a Madison Road man reported someone opened his parked car overnight, but nothing was stolen.

A doorbell camera recorded a man in a white T-shirt attempt to enter a parked car in a Penn Blvd. driveway in the overnight period of June 21-22. The car was locked, and the man left.

Vandalism, in the form of graffiti on the roof of the auditorium wall, was reported at a Heathcote School June 17. While investigating, police also found empty bottles of alcohol in a picnic-like area on the grounds.

Identity theft
On June 15, a Magnolia Road woman reported someone fraudulently filed for unemployment from a fictitious employee – with a fake name and Social Security number – who allegedly worked for her. The Department of Labor was informed.

On June 15, a Chesterfield Road woman reported a fraudulent charge of approximately $572 on her credit card. It occurred on May 28. She informed her credit card company.

On June 16, an Oak Way resident reported someone fraudulently applied for unemployment in his name.

On June 18, a Hillview Drive man reported several fraudulent credit card accounts were opened in his name over the last couple weeks. The accounts were cancelled.

On June 19, a Fayette Road man reported someone fraudulently applied for unemployment in his name.

A Harvest Drive caller reported being the victim of a scam while attempting to help his mother purchase a house in Boca Raton, FL, June 17. It seems that an electronic funds transfer related to the purchase of the house never went through properly and possibly went to a fraudulent recipient. The caller was advised to obtain a police report for follow-up.

A Windward Road homeowner reported that a fictitious rental listing for her house had been posted on Craig’s List June 18. It used photos of her house but a false description and rental details. She asked for a police report in order to get the post removed.

A Brite Avenue woman reported receiving a piece of mail that might be a scam June 20. Police advised the woman to throw it away.

A Brewster Road man received a fake email alleging to be from a friend who was in need of emergency funds June 20. The man purchased cash cards and provided card numbers and pins to the scammer by email. After learning his friend’s email had been hacked, and the money request was fraudulent, the man reported the matter to police. Police advised him to deposit the funds on the cards into his account before the scammer could process them. No financial loss was incurred.

A man called police because he was worried about his wife who had decided to walk home from Rye Playland after an argument June 15. Police located the woman at her home and all was in good order. She said her cell phone died on the way home, and she therefore could not respond to her husband’s calls and texts. Police notified the man via Westchester County police, who were present with the man at Rye Playland.

A woman called police because she said she could not find her husband or son June 16. She sounded stressed, according to police. Police went to her house and located her husband inside. He said he was at home the whole time. Both he and the wife said she was mourning the loss of a family member and was under stress.

A Meadow Road grandfather called police to report his grandson might be missing June 17. The grandchild was successfully located inside the grandfather’s house.

On June 17, a rug cleaner asked police to accompany him while dropping off several high-value rugs to a Fenimore Road address, due to the fact that the cleaner has allegedly “had issues” with the homeowner’s son in the past. Police stood by while the rug delivery was successfully made.

A Walworth Avenue woman reported she receiving a letter regarding a sign posted in her yard June 17. The letter did not contain any threats. It only directed the woman to several politically motivated online posts. Nevertheless, the letter made the woman uncomfortable; so she reported it.

A Leatherstocking Lane woman reported receiving an unsolicited letter from an ex-boyfriend, whom she had not seen for 10 years, that she felt was harassing June 19. Police read the letter. It was not threatening. It appeared to be an attempt to reconnect. The woman was advised to tell the ex-boyfriend that she did not want him to contact her. Police called and reiterated the same message. The boyfriend said he understood.

Parked car
A Heathcote Road resident reported an unknown car had been parked in her driveway overnight June 17. Police investigated and determined the car had been serviced by a local mechanic. It had been dropped off at the wrong address by mistake.

Noise and lights
A reported alarm sound inside a Normandy Road house was determined to be an electric toothbrush left on but unattended and vibrating inside a bathroom cabinet June 18.

A scoreboard on Mamaroneck Road was illuminated at 11 p.m., June 19. A caller informed police. Police were able to turn off the scoreboard.

Bicyclist hit
A caller, alleging to be a mother, called police to report her son had been struck by a car while bike riding at Post Road and Boulevard June 16. The boy was not injured, but the bike was damaged. The caller said she only wanted to document the incident. Police tried to reach out to the caller numerous times to follow up on the matter, but no one answered. After obtaining the caller’s address from Eastchester police department, police went to the house, but the homeowner on scene said the caller did not live there.

Cars and roadways
On June 15 and June 21, police helped a pedestrian cross Weaver Street and get to her destination.

Police stood by to block traffic and facilitate a peaceful vehicular demonstration by Janitors for Justice along the Scarsdale border from Hartsdale to White Plains on June 15.

The highway department replaced a loose manhole cover at Palmer Avenue and Lincoln Road after a bicyclist complained to police June 16.

Police removed debris from Griffen Avenue and Weaver Street June 16.

Police asked drivers to move their parked cars from Ridgecrest East and Ridgecrest North to alleviate congestion June 16.

Police asked a truck driver to move his vehicle because it was blocking a Highland Way driveway June 16.

A parked car was blocking driveway access on Brook Lane June 16. Police asked the owner to move it.

Police informed highway workers about a dead skunk on Ferncliff Road, for purposes of disposal, June 19.

Two cars were parked on the sidewalk on Post Road June 19. Police asked drivers to move their cars and properly park them.

Police called a tow for a disabled car with a flat tire on Christie Place June 21.

A Brewster Road woman reported a green-colored animal trap in her backyard June 15. She said she did not place the trap there. Neither did they neighbors. Police triggered the trap to deactivate it. Later in the day, a wildlife company informed the woman that they had placed the trap on her property by mistake, and an employee removed it.

A young raccoon was stuck in a Johnson Road yard, with its leg caught under a rock June 21. Police moved the rock to dislodge the leg, and the raccoon safely ran away.

Village code
On June 16, police informed a Beechwood Lane woman that neighbors had complained of loud music from her house. She turned down the volume.

Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of Village code on Brookby and Butler roads June 16, Boulevard, Fox Meadow, Circle and Wildwood roads and Greenacres Avenue June 17, Walworth Avenue June 18 and Overhill Road June 19.

Kids were climbing on top of a shed at Fox Meadow School June 16. Police told the kids to climb down from the shed and to refrain from such activity for their own safety.

In separate incidents, police cautioned kids playing loudly on Brown and Wakefield roads about their noise level after dark and advised them to be courteous to neighbors June 16.

Neighbors complained of loud music from a Fairview Road house at 1 a.m., June 20. Police advised the homeowner to lower the volume or turn off the music.

A Herkimer Road resident was advised to lower the volume of loud music June 20.
Ion June 20, a Cayuga Road family was advised to turn down the volume of an outdoor movie.

Lost and found
A Village business owner dropped her credit card while walking on Chase Road June 16. Police found it and returned it to her.

A Mercedes-Benz car key was found on Berkeley Road June 21. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 24 incidents during the reporting period. He shared the following details.

On June 16, firefighters stood by for Con Edison because of elevated carbon monoxide levels in a Chase Road restaurant. A check of kitchen area found multiple burners on without pilot lights ignited, and the oven was on without a vent. Firefighters ventilated the restaurant and turned the scene over to Con Edison.

On June 16, firefighters assisted a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway.

On June 18, firefighters assisted Hartsdale firefighters at a fire scene at Wildwood Road in Hartsdale.

A heating pad being warmed inside a microwave popped and caused smoke in a Windsor Lane home June 19. The microwave was removed from the house, and firefighters ventilated the space.

Firefighters assisted Con Edison with a gas leak caused by a contractor damaging a gas line under at Duck Pond and Heathcote roads June 19.

This report covering police and fire department activities from June 15-21 has been compiled from official information.

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bearPhoto Credit: Deborah LichtensteinUpdated June 11 A black bear was observed on residents’ properties near Richbell and Burgess Roads around 10 a.m., June 10. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation was notified, and phone and email notifications were sent out to the Village’s emergency notification list. Since the bear was not exhibiting signs of aggressive behavior, the NYS DEC will not take action and advises that the bear is allowed to roam freely.

On the morning of June 11, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner reported another sighting. He said, "A black bear was seen at Boulder Ridge condo’s, off of Jackson Avenue, Sprain Road and Ardsley Road this morning.

Bears are an important part of the NYS ecosystem. While it is uncommon to see one in this part of Westchester County, it is not concerning. Last week, a black bear was sighted in Rye, where is quietly made its way through the area without causing any public safety incidents. Bears have large territories – with an approximately a 100-mile radius. Thus, according to the NYS DOC, this bear will likely move on to another area, particularly if Scarsdale residents and businesses make food more difficult to locate.

Residents and local business are advised to:

Report any bear sightings to Scarsdale police at 914-722-1200. Police will observe and track the bear, not attempting to remove it.

Stay calm if you encounter a bear. Do not run.
Make noise to ensure that the bear knows you are there.

Do not approach the bear for any reason. Simply leave the area.

Do not attempt to feed the bear.

Secure trash, clean cookout areas, and do not place pet food (dog food, cat food) or bird food in locations where the bear can find and access it. Bears have a great sense of smell and will be able to locate any accessible food sources.

Madison Road Home Ransacked

A caller reported seeing two individuals wearing black hoodies running from a Madison Road house at 3:44 p.m., June 3. Police arrived on scene and did not see any individuals at that time, but they did notice an open rear window and sliding patio door. There were no signs of force observed. Police proceeded to check the interior and discovered it had been ransacked. The homeowner was contacted and responded. It was determined that a fireproof safe containing personal papers and miscellaneous jewelry items and watches were stolen. Police recovered two pairs of white latex gloves, a Martha Stewart brand kitchen knife and two pairs of slip-on sneakers as evidence to aid in the investigation. Detectives will be following up.

However, while first investigating the scene and searching the surrounding area for possible suspects, police found a package addressed to an Eastwoods Lane resident. They contacted the resident, and she declined to file a formal larceny report at the time. Police also recovered two shipping boxes in the street addressed to a Baraud Road resident. One was empty, and one contained a hat. Police contacted the resident, who advised the boxes had been stolen from her porch. New Rochelle police responded to the Baraud Road address to handle the incident.

Stolen Package

On June 2, a Carthage Lane resident reported a theft of three packages from her front porch. She said she heard a noise near the door, went to investigate and noticed that packages that had been delivered were now missing. The packages contained approximated $250 worth of assorted clothing and shoes.

Stolen bicycle
On June 2, a Greenacres Avenue man reported that his 24” Zed bicycle was stolen from a side porch of his house. The bicycle was unsecured, and four other bicycles were left in place.

Car break-ins
On June 6, a Johnson Road woman reported a parked, unlocked car in her driveway had been entered overnight. The glove box was tossed, but nothing of value had been stolen.

Identity theft
On June 2, Hampton Road woman reported that four fraudulent checks, bearing a forged signature and an out-of-state address, had been written against her bank account, and $4,476 in funds were subsequently withdrawn. The checks were dated May 13 and deposited May 22. She is disputing the transactions with her bank.

On June 4, a Taunton Road man reported he was a victim of identity theft. Starting March 12, the man had received numerous letters from various financial institutions indicating that multiple fraudulent accounts had been opened in his name. His bank account also showed fraudulent deposits and withdrawals. The man notified the financial institutions and closed all fraudulent accounts.

On June 5, an Old Orchard Lane man reported that someone filed for unemployment assistance in his name, with benefits starting March 9. He learned of incident after receiving two notices from the NYS Department of Labor. He attempted to reach the NYS DOL by phone to report the incident but was unable to get through the automated system, since he did not have the PIN number that was set up with the fraudulent account.


Lenox Place neighbors got into a verbal dispute over alleged noise created by one of the neighbor’s workouts, which was disturbing the other neighbor. Police spoke with both parties and suggested that the exercising neighbor purchase a workout mat and perform the workouts at the end of the driveway to reduce noise for the other neighbor.

Two Post Road housemates got into a verbal dispute over a bathroom door being slammed June 7. Both parties were calm when patrol arrived, and they agreed to separate from each other for safety.

On June 7, people on Fox Meadow Road flagged down police who reported a dispute over a court-ordered custody document. After closer examination, it appeared that one party misinterpreted the document and decided to leave the scene.

A caller reported a man approached him in a Scarsdale Ave. parking lot and asked him for money, first alleging that he lost his debit card, June 3. Police canvassed the area bit did not locate the man.

A Gatehouse Road woman called police and firefighters to help her open her locked car door because her eight-week-old infant was accidentally locked inside June 1. Firefighters and police were able to successfully unlock the door and release the child unharmed. Weather conditions were mild, and the child was only in the car alone for a few minutes before police and firefighters arrived. The child showed no signs of distress.

A man who had possession of a key to a Coralyn Road resident turned the key over to police at headquarters June 1.

An Old Orchard Lane resident reported that someone left a large quantity of human feces and dirty wipes near his doorstep sometime between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., June 4. He believes it was an isolated incident and he was not being targeted.

Police assisted an elderly woman get her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, back into her car after he exited the car at Post and Fenimore roads to look at rocks June 1.

A caller reported her mother might have a severe water leak in her Colvin Road house June 4. Police went to the house and noticed a slow leak from the second-floor bathroom faucet. Police shut water to the faucet and advised the mother to call a plumber for repair.

Bicyclist hit
A driver reported hitting a 47-year-old Larchmont bicyclist with his vehicle while turning left from Mamaroneck Road onto Palmer Avenue at 6:24 a.m., June 4. The bicyclist was stopped at the traffic light when the driver’s car made impact. His leg sustained an injury and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported him to White Plains Hospital Center for evaluation and treatment.

On June 7, an 11-yeaer-old bicyclist collided with a car at Mamaroneck Road and Crossway shortly before 5 p.m. According to the 19-year-old driver of the car and his passenger, the bicyclist lost control of his bicycle at the Mamaroneck Road Crossway interchange, veered off the sidewalk and entered the intersection, striking the side of the car. The bicyclist and driver exchanged information at the scene, and the bicyclist was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for evaluation and treatment.

Broken mirror
On June 7, a driver reported that two motorcycles, driven by men with female passengers on the seat behind, drove by her car on Walworth Avenue. The woman alleged that both female passengers attempted to strike her car’s side mirror as they passed, with “one being successful in breaking the mirror.” The motorcycles did not stop after the mirror was broken. The driver believed the act was “intentional.” The driver did not wish to complete an accident report or pursue charges, she said.

Cars and roadways
On June 1, a caller reported that a sign at Secor and Mamaroneck roads had been bent and damaged.

A pallet containing 754 math textbooks was in the roadway at Walworth Avenue and Fenimore Road June 1. It was addressed to a Walworth Avenue woman. Police contacted the woman and instructed her to move the contents of the pallet into her house as soon as possible.

Police contacted United Parcel Service to look into the reason why a UPS truck, without a driver present, was parked on Hamilton Road for more than an hour June 1.

On June 2, two white males on bicycles carrying spray paint were seen on Crane Road. Police searched the area for them or for possible graffiti. Nothing was found.

On June 2, a caller reported a car collided with a “keep right” sign at Crane Road and East Parkway and kept driving. Police examined the sign and assessed that there was no significant damage.

Police replaced a dislodged water cap at Sycamore and Secor roads June 2.

Patrol helped a woman cross Weaver Street June 2 and June 7.

While backing into a driveway, a car struck a fire hydrant on Magnolia Road June 3. The water department was notified.

A large tree and wires fell on Circle Road June 3. Police notified the highway department and Con Edison. Firefighters stood by.

A tree fell at Potter and Lee roads June 2. It took down a secondary wire. Police taped and set up flares, and Con Edison was notified.

Police notified Verizon about a low-hanging wire on Weaver Street June 4.

Loose Verizon wires were secured on Brewster Road, and Verizon was notified June 4.

Patrol called a tow for a disabled vehicle on Hutchinson Ave. June 4.

A Carman Road resident reported cars were frequently driving by his house, honking horns, June 6.

Two individuals in black hoodies sitting on the side of Valley Road listening to music were advised to move to a safer area to avoid being struck by a passing car after dark June 6.

Patrol called a tow for a disabled vehicle on Fenimore Road June 6.

Three car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of village code on Crane Road June 2 and Morris Lane June 4.

Police dispersed kids sitting in car from Quaker Ridge School grounds June 2.

After neighbors complained of noise, police advised a Gatehouse Road resident to lower the volume of music June 3.

After neighbors complained of noise, police advised a Heathcote Road resident to lower the volume of music June 4.

Police dispersed youth from Quaker Ridge School grounds after dark June 4.

After neighbors complained of noise, police advised a Tyler resident to lower the noise of a family gathering outdoors June 6.

Lost and found
A Kent Road man found a credit card outside his house and gave it to police June 2. 

Police contacted the issuing bank, and a representative said to destroy the card, as it had already been reported as lost.

A man walked into headquarters and reported losing his wallet on East Parkway June 2.

A passerby at Drake and Post roads found a key fob June 2. Police vouchered it for safekeeping.

A driver reported losing a trailer license plate somewhere in the Village of Scarsdale June 7.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 27 calls during the reporting period. Seymour shared the following details of some of those incidents.

On June 2, firefighters assisted Con Edison in gaining entry to a Berkeley Road house to check for possible gas infiltration due to a nearby gas leak. No gas was detected inside the house, and the house was secured.

A burner upside down on a stove in a Brite Avenue house was not allowing for proper burning off of gas, and carbon monoxide was accumulating inside the house June 5. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison and ventilated the house.

A central vacuum motor overheated and emitted smoke inside a Brite Avenue house June 6. The residents of the house self evacuated to the lawn. Firefighters ventilated the basement and removed the central vacuum motor to the yard.

A grill caught fire outside a Rock Creek Lane house June 6. Firefighters extinguished it using pressurized water. The grease fire was contained to the grill with no extension. It was caused by excessive grease in the grill.

A house cat got stuck in an exterior soffit of a Gilmore Court house June 7. 
Firefighters removed the wooden soffit and were able to free the cat unharmed. The soffit boards were temporarily secured to prevent other animals from entering the house.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 1-7 has been compiled from official information.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This police report is sponsored by Scarsdale Security who does more than just security. Contact them about remote video for your home or business. Call 914-722-2200 or visit their website.

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