Staff Cutbacks at Scarsdale Sanitation Department Cause Cancellation of Bulk Pick-up

scarsdalesanitationDue to staff cutbacks during the COVID crisis, the Village is making a few changes to sanitation services.

In a memo from the Department of Public Works dated April 13 they explain that they are operating with only 50% of their normal staff and ask residents to help

The first big change is that there will be no bulk pick-up of large items during the crisis. They ask that you defer any big pick-ups until the crisis ends.

Here are some other directives:

• No loose garbage. Please bag all garbage or place it in a trash can for pick-up.
• Make trash visible from driveway entrance. If it can’t be seen from the street, we may miss it.
• Monitor for service changes. Any service changes will be communicated by press release.
• Be patient. DPW staff are doing their best with reduced staffing levels.

Furthermore, though the recycling office is closed to the public, you can still bring your recyclables there Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You can also drop off bulk items.

To support social distancing, they are now limiting the number of vehicles permitted on-site at the Recycling Center by stopping traffic at the scale. They ask for your patience as you wait to be waived up by staff. Once on-property, please dispose of your items and leave the property as quickly as possible.

When will things go back to normal? According to Deputy Village Manager Rob Cole, "The COVID-19 protocols will remain in effect for only as long as necessary. At this juncture, we are aware that our reduced staffing levels will continue through the end of April. The Governor’s Office revisits the target date every two weeks and it is subject to modification accordingly."