Police Warn Residents About Phone Scams

PhoneScamDue to an increase in incidents of telephone scams, where the caller attempts to fraudulently obtain money from victims using several different tactics, the Scarsdale Police Department has issued the following alerts to prevent people from becoming

In particular, police warn residents of the following common scams:

First, the “overdue utility bill” scam: In this scam, the caller claims to be a representative of a utility company and states that one’s bill is overdue. The scammer then requires that a money order be sent or that a Green Dot Money Card
or a Money Card be purchased and the card number provided to caller.

Second, the “IRS tax warrant” scam: In this scam, the caller claims to be an agent or police officer from the Internal Revenue Service, claiming to call about a past due tax balance that is owed. The caller then tells the victim that unless the debt is paid immediately, a team will be sent to the victim’s house to immediately arrest the victim. In order to prevent the alleged impending arrest, the scammer instructs the victim to pay the alleged “tax debt” with a Western Union MoneyGram, a Green Dot
Card Money Card or other such money card. Scams can be reported to the IRS here

Third, the “warrant of arrest” scam: In this scam, the caller claims to be a police officer or a warrant officer from Social Security Administration, Westchester County or New York State Police, claiming to have a warrant for the victim’s arrest. The scammer claims that unless a fine is immediately paid, police will be sent to the victim’s house to arrest the victim. The scammer then demands that the fine be paid using money orders, Apple Gift Cards or Green Dot Card Money Cards.

According to police, the public should be aware that all of the above telephone scams have been occurring frequently, and that scammers are very good at frightening victims into compliance. According to detectives, no government agency or official organization will ever ask a person to pay a fine using money orders, Apple Gift cards, a Western Union Money Gram or a Green Dot Money Card. Police advise that anyone receiving such calls should immediately instruct the caller that police are being notified and hang up.