Monday, May 16th

RubyThe Wolfe family has a new addition. Here is an account from Sheri:

"We welcomed our sweet Ruby, the Cavapoo, a little over a week ago and our life hasn’t been the same since. We’re loving her frisky disposition and enjoying lots of cuddles throughout the day.

Ruby is a Texan girl who had her first big flight with a “nanny” to Kennedy airport. It was one of our family’s most memorable days and absolutely love at first sight!

Ruby’s brother waited a long time to have a dog, and now that he’s going off to college in the fall, the pup will be a good excuse to visit home!"


Squirtle1Meet Squirtle the turtle, nine year old Bo Spicer's Red-eared slider turtle.

As Bo says, "the reason I got her was because I wrote a whole story about why I needed a turtle and convinced my mom and dad."

Bo continued, "She is 7 years old and lives in a big aquarium on Tunstall Road. Squirtle loves to swim and to bask under her heating lamp. Unfortunately, Squirtle doesn’t have many turtle friends and has to make do with human friends. In the summer, we hope to find some other turtle owners and have a turtle race."

Squirtle came to Spicer’s home in December of 2021. Bo loves having Squirtle because she keeps him company and is always there when he needs to talk to someone. He also loves having her because she cheers him up when he sees her. One thing Bo loves about Squirtle is that she always follows him around in her tank and that’s a sign that she loves him.


TuskerFamilyTusker is the Detmer family's black Labrador Retriever and will be 9 years old in April. However, he still acts like a puppy in many ways. Tusker is patient, sweet and listens to almost all commands - he won’t even take food that has been dropped on the ground unless given an okay! His biggest fear is slipping on the hardwood floors throughout the house since he once fell down the stairs as a puppy.

He loves walks around his Edgewood neighborhood and will say hi, loudly, to any dog or person walking by. He loves having “fits” in the snow during the winter and can’t wait to swim in any body of water in the summertime.

Sometimes Tusker will even take a trip down to the beach by himself for a quick cool down dip! He is very loved by his entire family, especially his brothers Luke, Charlie and Grey!


Maisy2Maisy joined the Berger family in the heart of COVID, hailing from Illinois, back in April 2021, as a puppy of 10 weeks. She loves growing up Quaker Ridge and has made so many neighborhood friends - as have her humans - Scottie, Robbie and Zuri, Phoebe, Charley, Gracie, Ginger and Lucy, to name a few.

Maisy’s first year has been filled with a lot of mischief and her humans’ attempts to set her straight. She has escaped a few times to run over to a neighbor's house looking for a playmate, dug many gardens and barks and runs towards every truck and school bus that drives by (forcing her owners to play an intense game of tug of war to avoid getting run over!)

But the joy she provides to her humans makes it all worthwhile. She loves following her “Mommy” everywhere she goes, underfoot; she joins in every child playdate (jumping and running around just like the rest of her “sisters" and their friends); and she loves licking the bathwater from the tub when her little sister takes a nightly bath. She happily joins bedtime rituals, snuggling into her sister’s beds for bedtime, listening to story-time, and expects equal tummy rubbing and attention when it is time for her bedtime.

Maisy and her humans love it when people introduce themselves. Maisy would be happy to play and jump around with friendly neighborhood dogs anytime - and her humans love chatting too. We will see you around the neighborhood - happy Spring!

Russie, Jeffrey, Ella and Orly Berger


LJ3Meet LJ Martoken of Fox Meadow! He is a 13 year old Coton du Tulear. LJ doesn't let his age define him. He has random spurts of energy when he can outrun and play with the best of them! LJ spent his first five years in New York City and while he enjoys the suburbs, he turns back into a puppy when he is able to visit and re-experience the sights, smells and sounds of the city. His favorite daytime activities include lounging on the couch and cuddling with his family. He is an excellent guard dog and goes into full alert when someone walks down the street in front of his house. His favorite treats are baby carrots and LJ knows exactly what needs to be done to get them! He loves any and all attention and treats every house guest as a friend who is coming to visit just him.

LJ doesn't care about getting his steps in for the day. He will only go for longer walks if multiple people from this family accompany him. LJ is a very loved older brother to his sisters, Olivia and Annaliese.


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