Monday, May 16th

Quinn3Quinn is a four year old Vizsla who lives up to the title of a “Velcro Dog.” You can find Quinn walking around Colonial Acres or sunbathing in her backyard. Quinn loves to swim and in the pool one may confuse her for a baby fish. Speaking of fish, one of Quinn’s favorite snacks is crunchy cod skin treats, along with apples, mango, carrots, cucumber and strawberries. She definitely has the best nutrition of anyone in the Wise crew. Quinn loves to visit her cousin Piper on Long Island and playing with her best friend Ernie Singer. She also loves making a cameo appearance in her Dad’s Zooms. When she is not running full speed ahead, you can find her hanging on the couch watching TV. Quinn LOVES to make new friends so if you see her, be sure to stop and say hello to your new Vizsla friend!


Pet of the week bird 1Meet Buck Beak and Francesca, our first featured birds! They are the proud pets of Fox Meadow fourth grader, Ada Williams. Buck Beak was just a baby when she joined the family this past summer. When Ada thought Buck Beak was lonely, she got Francesca to keep Buck Beak company.

Ada says the birds play nicely with each other and get along well. They chirp each morning and it makes her day! Ada's father keeps the birds company while she is at school or at an activity.

Ada loves having such unique pets, and Pet of the Week is grateful to feature them!

noodleMeet Noodle, the newest member of the Kirwan family. Noodle is a 9 month-old English Cream Golden Retriever. She came from a wonderful breeder in South Carolina where her family picked her up and flew home with her.

Noodle is a wonderful addition to the family. She is playful and sweet. She loves to walk in her Greenacres neighborhood and pick up her human siblings from school! She can be a bit naughty at times and when her family isn’t looking, she will try to eat every sock in the house. One such incident landed her at the Emergency Vet for life saving surgery. Thanks to a wonderful surgeon at Guardian Veterinary Specialists, she is now back to herself.

During the day when she is not having the “zoomies”, you can usually find Noodle chewing on her favorite chew toys or taking a snooze in the sun.

The Kirwans are grateful for the addition of Noodle to their family and love her dearly!

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GoldieSweaterHi I’m Goldie Weisfeld and I’m 6 months old. My mom, Jill, rescued me from a New Chance Animal Rescue. I am mostly a lab mixed with a little Bassett hound. I love my new home but certain things scare me, like the vacuum cleaner, Dustbuster, oven and especially the blender. My mom thinks I have the cutest sneeze! Take a look ( I finally got enough courage to leave my property after a month. Now I love going on long walks and meeting new friends in the neighborhood. If you see me please stop and say hello.


OliveandMossMeet Moss and Olive Hurvitz Bin!

Sigal Hurvitz Bin said, "Our family and Moss, our 8 month old pup, welcomed Olive (Ollie) into our family three weeks ago. Both puppies are Australian Cobberdogs. They are nearly inseparable and also very attentive to us. Tons of cuddles all around!

Olive can mostly be found wherever Moss is or hanging with us while Moss snoozes.

Moss tends to watch over Olive, making sure he’s alright even while he is sleeping. He mimics Olive’s position if they are sleeping or resting together.

We find Olive hanging from Moss’s ear or beard at least once a day. They never fight, and they play very quietly- all we hear is the scuffling of feet.

They like to bookend us when we are cooking or sitting anywhere near them giving our feet cuddles. We are happy to report that Moss, who’s coat started out the exact shade of our floor, has lightened up, and Olive’s coat is darker so we can now find the dogs when they hang out on the floor.

They have added so much life and warmth to our family and have been a joy to have with us. We love them so much!"

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