Friday, May 20th

Pet of the Week: Quinn -- A Velcro Dog

Quinn3Quinn is a four year old Vizsla who lives up to the title of a “Velcro Dog.” You can find Quinn walking around Colonial Acres or sunbathing in her backyard. Quinn loves to swim and in the pool one may confuse her for a baby fish. Speaking of fish, one of Quinn’s favorite snacks is crunchy cod skin treats, along with apples, mango, carrots, cucumber and strawberries. She definitely has the best nutrition of anyone in the Wise crew. Quinn loves to visit her cousin Piper on Long Island and playing with her best friend Ernie Singer. She also loves making a cameo appearance in her Dad’s Zooms. When she is not running full speed ahead, you can find her hanging on the couch watching TV. Quinn LOVES to make new friends so if you see her, be sure to stop and say hello to your new Vizsla friend!


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