Olive and Moss Add Warmth to the Hurvitz Bin Clan

OliveandMossMeet Moss and Olive Hurvitz Bin!

Sigal Hurvitz Bin said, "Our family and Moss, our 8 month old pup, welcomed Olive (Ollie) into our family three weeks ago. Both puppies are Australian Cobberdogs. They are nearly inseparable and also very attentive to us. Tons of cuddles all around!

Olive can mostly be found wherever Moss is or hanging with us while Moss snoozes.

Moss tends to watch over Olive, making sure he’s alright even while he is sleeping. He mimics Olive’s position if they are sleeping or resting together.

We find Olive hanging from Moss’s ear or beard at least once a day. They never fight, and they play very quietly- all we hear is the scuffling of feet.

They like to bookend us when we are cooking or sitting anywhere near them giving our feet cuddles. We are happy to report that Moss, who’s coat started out the exact shade of our floor, has lightened up, and Olive’s coat is darker so we can now find the dogs when they hang out on the floor.

They have added so much life and warmth to our family and have been a joy to have with us. We love them so much!"