Monday, May 16th

A Dynamic Duo: Mackey and Bailey

dogsincarMeet the Ferree family's dogs, Mackey and Bailey. Mackey is a 12 year old Mini Goldendoodle and Bailey is a 6 year old Westie! Mackey and Bailey are best friends and love to cuddle! They both love their walks around Edgewood and especially love long car rides. Their favorite vacation spots are Hilton Head Island and the Outer Banks where they can run free on the beach.

Even though Mackey is a bit older, he is a puppy at heart! Unfortunately, he still enjoys eating socks and toilet paper! When he isn’t allowed to come on a car ride, he will take everyone's slippers and hide them! Bailey loves to chase squirrels and is always up for a good snuggle. She is definitely a lap dog!

Mackey and Bailey bring so much joy and laughter to the Ferree family! They love them dearly.

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