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Police Report: Brayton Road Burglary and Burst Pipes Keep Public Safety Departments Busy During January Freeze

red tailed hawk on pole mike h resize2Burglary: A Brayton Road resident reported a burglary occurred at his house between 1:30 p.m. and 6:20 p.m., Jan. 16. An open kitchen window and rear sliding glass door alerted the resident to the fact that something was wrong. Investigation showed that jewelry had been stolen. Police are following up.

On Jan. 10, a Village employee reported that someone stole a catalytic convertor from one of the Village’s snowplows over the weekend. The catalytic convertor was reported to be worth $1,100.

On Jan.11, surveillance video showed an unknown person removing a car cover from a car parked in a Torrence Place driveway. The resident believed the unknown person might have been trying to also break into a car.

On Jan. 11, graffiti was reported on a Hampton Road resident’s retaining wall. Damage was estimated at $375.

Identity theft, check fraud
On Jan. 11, a person walked into headquarters to report that someone opened a fraudulent credit line at Chase Bank in the person’s name.

On Jan. 12, a Murray Hill Road resident reported that someone fraudulently transferred $10,000 out of his bank account without his permission. The bank was working on restoring the funds to the resident’s account.

On Jan. 14, a Boulevard resident reported that he wrote approximately a $265 check for a credit card bill payment. However, the check was intercepted, stolen and altered after it was mailed. The perpetrator fraudulently changed the amount of the check to over $35,000 and cashed it.

On Jan. 14, a Brewster Road resident reported someone altered a check he wrote and mailed for less that $38. The perpetrator changed to the “pay to” field on the check and altered the amount to read as $5,000 before the check was fraudulently cashed.

Two daughters were unable to get into a Rock Creek Lane home due to the house lock being frozen Jan. 11. Eventually, one of the girls’ was able to get into the house, and the girls’ parents were notified.

Water, frozen pipes
The sound of rushing water was determined to be coming from a burst pipe in a Dunham Road house Jan. 12. The resident reported a professional was coming to address the problem.

On Jan. 15, police and firefighters shut water and electricity in a house with a water leak on Meadow Road. According to information in the fire department’s report, freezing water was leaking from third and second floor windows. The front and back yard had approximately one thousand gallons of standing water and ice originating from the leak in the house. No one was home at the house. The house had severe water damage on all floors, and the steam boiler was not working. Gas, electric and
water connections were shut to the house.

On Jan. 16, police and firefighters shut water and utilities in a vacant Cushman Road house after a pipe froze and burst.

On Jan. 16, a water leak was reported in the Christie Place Parking Garage. Upon arrival, firefighters found a broken water pipe for an outside spigot, spilling water into the entrance of the garage, the dining room of Chat Restaurant and flowing outside. Firefighters were unable to locate a shut-off valve. Firefighters diverted water to the outside until a plumber could "cut in" a valve. Firefighters assisted the plumber with shutting water to building while the plumber cut and placed a valve on the broken pipe.

On Jan. 16, firefighters found water leaking from a baseboard heating system in a Fenimore Road house. They shut down the boiler and advised the homeowner to contact a plumber.

On Jan. 16, a Lenox Place homeowner reported that a pipe broke in the first floor bathroom and water leaked through a basement smoke detector. Firefighters isolated the leak and advised the homeowner to contact a plumber and the alarm company for repairs.

On Jan. 16, a Bethel Road homeowner reported a broken water pipe in the kitchen ceiling. The homeowner had already shut water to the house. Firefighters shut breakers to kitchen lights due to water leaking through lighting fixtures.

On Jan. 16, firefighters shut off a valve to an outdoor spigot at a Brewster Road house because water was flowing due to frozen pipes and breakage.

Firefighters shut water to a Fenimore Road boiler due to a frozen pipe Jan. 16.

Firefighters were dispatched to a Duck Pond Road house for a water-flow alarm Jan. 16. Upon arrival, firefighters found water leaking from the second floor eaves in the rear of the house. No one was home. Firefighters made entry, without causing damage, and found water in the living room and basement. Water was coming from an area with a sprinkler head. They shut the valve to the sprinklers. The alarm company notified the homeowner.

A neighbor checked a Tunstall Road house and found water on the first floor and garage Jan. 16. Water was coming from a broken heating pipe. Water was shut to the house, and the heating unit was shut down.

Police closed and secured an open door at a house in Fox Meadow Jan. 15.

Police mediated a dispute between staff and residents of a group home on Post Road Jan. 10.

Police mediated a dispute between Colvin Road sisters Jan. 14.

Cars and roadways
Police spoke to two drivers who got into a minor car accident on Catherine Road when one car was backing out of a parking lot Jan. 10. One driver first left the scene but police were able to contact the driver to get a statement. The drivers decided to handle it on their own after requesting documentation of the accident from police.

On Jan. 12, police directed traffic around a disabled car at Walworth and Greenacres avenues. They also helped organize a tow.

Patrol removed a branch from Heathcote Road Jan. 13.

Police issued three parking summonses to cars blocking passage for buses on Sage Terrace Jan. 13.

On Jan. 13, police called a tow for a disabled car on Norma Place.

On Jan. 14, police alerted Westchester County Police that a truck illegally entered the Bronx River Parkway.

On Jan. 14, a deer struck a Buick at Weaver Street and Copper Beech Lane.

Police removed a small fallen tree from Boulevard Jan. 14.

Police notified the sanitation department about debris blowing around on Weaver Street, for removal, Jan. 15.

A car clipped two pedestrians who were walking and holding hands on Scarsdale Avenue Jan. 15. One pedestrian fell to the ground. The pedestrians complained of arm and thumb pain. At least one pedestrian was taken to White Plains Hospital Center for injuries.
Police called a service person for a malfunctioning traffic light on Weaver Street Jan. 16.

A fallen tree was moved to the side of the roadway at Fenimore Road and Walworth Avenue Jan. 17.

Dispatch notified the highway department about a large fallen tree on Bypass Jan. 17.

Tree branches were blocking Post Road Jan. 17, and police removed them.

Police tied up a low hanging wire over Lyons Road Jan. 17.

On Jan. 17, police taped off an area with a fallen tree and wires on Heathcote Road and Morris Lane. Proper agencies were notified.

On Jan. 10, a caller reported a dog with a long leash got tangled in trees near Heathcote School and was allegedly “crying.” Police went to the scene but the dog was no longer there.

A hawk was struck by a car and killed on Bypass Jan. 16. Police removed the bird’s carcass from the road and notified the appropriate agency about the bird’s condition since the bird’s leg had been banded with an identification tag.

On Jan. 16, a Springdale Road resident reported that a squirrel was allegedly “crying” in the resident’s backyard. When patrol arrived on scene, the squirrel exhibited normal behavior and ran away.

On Jan. 9, firefighters were called about smoke coming from a fire in a fireplace without an open flue in a Fox Meadow Road house. They extinguished the fire, ventilated the house and opened the flue.

On Jan. 10, firefighters reset the elevator at Village Hall.

Firefighters assisted at separate car accidents on Murray Hill Road and the Bronx River Parkway Jan. 11.

Water was leaking though a ceiling and into a smoke detector in a Murray Hill Road house Jan. 12. They shut water to the house.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of an outdoor gas odor on Griffen Avenue Jan. 12.

On Jan. 14, firefighters were dispatched to a Woods Lane house for reported smoke in the boiler room. The smoke was from an extinguished electrical fire in an electrical box connected to a circulator pump mounted to the boiler. The circuit breaker powering the boiler was tripped. The house was vented with positive pressure ventilation, and the homeowner reset the fire alarm. The homeowner was advised to contact a boiler contractor to have unit fixed.

A bell alarm was sounding in a Berkeley Road house Jan. 16. The homeowner did not know the purpose of the old bell system. Firefighters disconnected the system at the homeowner’s request.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor on Christie Place Jan. 16.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Jan. 10-16 has been compiled from official information.

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