Police: Jewelry, Cash and Luxury Pens Stolen in Brite Avenue Burglary

montblancpensBurglary: On Nov. 28, a Brite Avenue resident returned home and found his rear house door broken. Numerous bedrooms were tossed. Stolen items included $700 cash, a $1,000 Cartier pen, $2,000 worth of Mont Blanc pens, $15,000 worth of gold bracelets, a Chase debit card, a $7,000 Cartier watch and a $3,000 Alfred Hammel watch.

Car break-ins
At 12:30 a.m., Nov. 23, police observed a Mercedes-Benz with an equipment violation pass them at the intersection of Weaver Street and Crossway. “Suspicious activity was also observed, associated with occupants of the vehicle and a [databank] check of the plate found the vehicle was listed as stolen,” according to the police report. Police attempted a traffic stop, but the driver did not stop. Additional information from police also reported “prior to the [attempted] traffic stop, an officer saw a party exit a vehicle on Weaver Street and get into the Mercedes. The Mercedes fled at a high rate of sped. The officer discontinued the pursuit for safety reasons. Upon checking the area where the officer saw the party enter the Mercedes, [the officer] found a vehicle that had been entered. New Rochelle police were contacted.”

In Nov. 25, a Fox Meadow Road resident reported someone had entered his parked car and removed personal items. A formal report was not filed, at the resident’s request.

On Nov. 28, a Ferncliff Road resident reported that three individuals exited a dark SUV and entered two of his four parked and unlocked cars at 4:06 a.m. No items were reported as stolen from the resident’s Mercedes SUV, but the resident was unsure if anything was stolen from his Mercedes sedan.

On Nov. 28, a Paddington Road man reported that two individuals wearing masks and hoodies were observed in his driveway trying to open locked car doors at 3:21 a.m.

At 4:20 a.m., Nov. 29, someone walked up a Brown Road driveway and attempted to enter a locked car parked in the driveway.

Identity theft
A Fox Meadow Road woman reported that money had been fraudulently withdrawn from her bank account in separate transactions over a period of time. The matter was reported on Nov. 22. The bank had been informed and was working to return the funds.

On Nov. 24, a Palmer Avenue woman reported she was the victim of identity theft. She learned of it after receiving a debt collection letter. Further investigation revealed that a Citizens Bank account was fraudulently opened in her name in early November. She contacted the bank and closed the account.

On Nov. 24, a Stratton Road man reported that a check made out to Con Edison had been stolen, altered and cashed against his bank account. It was written to an unknown person for $9,560.

A Sylvan Lane woman reported an unknown person accessed her bank account and fraudulently transferred money out of the account Nov. 25. The bank froze the account after learning of the incident.

On Nov. 26, a Colvin Road resident reported someone had stolen $23,860 from his bank account by processing a fraudulent check. Chase Bank’s fraud department is following up.

Criminal mischief
On Nov. 26, police investigated a report of an individual driving around Greendale Road’s George Field Park on an ATV. Damage was caused to the lawns by the ATV’s tires.

A group of kids was running from door to door, ringing doorbells and running away, Nov. 27.

Rowdy customer
On Nov. 28, a Garth Road establishment called police about a rowdy customer who might have been intoxicated. The customer was no longer there when police arrived.

Missing car
A Canterbury Road resident reported, on Nov. 25, that he dropped his car off at a Volvo dealership in Greenburgh on Nov. 23. He told police he was now unable to retrieve his car, and an app on his phone was showing the car’s location to be at a private residence in Rockland County. Police advised the resident to file a formal complaint with Greenburgh police due to the location of the dealership.

Domestic matters
On Nov. 24, a Black Birch Lane daughter called policed because her mother allegedly asked her to leave the house. The mother was not there when police arrived. The daughter said she would call her sister for a ride in about an hour.

On Nov. 24, a caller reported having a dispute with a Lyft driver on Carthage Road. She alleged that the driver became verbally aggressive when she opened the window of the car and spoke on her cell phone during the ride. After dropping off the woman at her intended address, the driver allegedly refused to open the trunk so the woman could retrieve her belongings. The caller’s brother then assisted in de-escalating the situation, according to the caller. The caller also alleged that the driver was shown the caller’s phone and the driver gave himself a 20% tip. The caller said she did not want to tip the driver and was looking for a document to assist in cancelling the tip. Police advised the caller about how she could file a credit card dispute.

On Nov. 26, a Colvin Road woman called police and reported she was having a dispute with her sister over their mother’s care. When police arrived on scene, the woman said she was upset because her older sister would not go to bed at 1 a.m. Police explained that the older sister was a legal adult and was able to make decisions on her own. Police recommended that the women stay away from each other for the night.

On Nov. 28, an Edgewood Road woman reported that her husband took keys to her rental car, and she wanted them back. Upon police arrival, the husband agreed to return the keys. Police recommended that the couple stay away from each other for the night. Later, the woman called back on two other occasions, asking for help finding her keys.

Near miss
A woman reported that a white Mercedes-Benz sped by at almost “60 miles per hours” and allegedly almost hit her while she was out walking with her mother on Church Lane. She said the near miss occurred as the car was turning left from Crane Road onto Church Lane. She also claimed that the car crossed the double yellow line. Police canvassed the area for the car, but they did not find it.

Road rage
On Nov. 24, a caller reported a driver cut her off and caused the two cars’ tires to touch on the highway. As a result, the caller said she followed the driver in an effort to get the other driver to pull over. The driver pulled into the police headquarters lot, followed by the caller. The other driver admitted to cutting off the caller, but she did not think her car caused any damaged to the caller’s car.

Cars and roadways
Police called a tow for a disabled car parked in the Weinberg Nature Center parking lot Nov. 22.

Police stood by at a Con Edison work site on Weaver Street until flaggers arrived to direct traffic Nov. 22.

A truck parked on Penn Road was determined to be disabled and awaiting a mechanic Nov. 23.

A black BMW was observed driving recklessly on Post Road, according to a caller, Nov. 23.
On Nov. 24, police asked workers to move construction vehicles that were parked on Dolma Road obstructing traffic.

A driver blocking the entrance to Freightway Garage was asked to move his car Nov. 24. A verbal warning was issued.

On Nov. 25, a driver moved a parked car from Elm Road into a driveway to improve traffic flow.

A parked car on Meadow Road was disabled and waiting for a tow Nov. 25.

One car accident was reported in the Village this week.

Civil matter
On Nov. 23, a Horseguard Lane woman reported she was having an issue with a neighbor over tree cutting on the property line. Police arrived and learned that a neighbor hired workers to cut branches that were overhanging the woman’s property. The neighbor said he was cutting the branches to prevent the hazard of them falling on the house. This explanation was satisfactory for the woman.

A Seneca Road resident complained that some stray leaves blew into his yard from a leaf pile that was collected by landscapers working on Fenway Golf Club Nov. 23. The landscapers were gone when police arrived.

On Nov. 24, a Herkimer Road woman reported that a neighbor’s landscaper blew leaves onto her property. The landscaper denied the allegation. Police spoke with the landscaper and asked him to be more careful.

On Nov. 24, a Vernon Road man complained about a neighbor’s landscaper blowing leaves onto a pile at the corner of his front lawn.

A pile of leaves at Post and Fenimore roads was discovered to be on fire around 12:00 p.m., Nov. 25. The fire department extinguished the smoldering fire. A cause of the fire could not be determined.

A loose dog with tags was running on Fox Meadow School grounds Nov. 22. A teacher managed to check the tag for an address. Police contacted the owner, and the owner picked up the dog. Police issued a summons.

Police tried to catch a loose dog at Post Road and Boulevard, and later at Post and Lee roads, but it ran away Nov. 25.

On Nov. 26, a Parkfield Road dog owner reported she was being followed by a loose yellow Labrador dog while out walking her own dog on Paddington Road. She leashed the loose dog and waited for police. However, before police arrived, the Lab’s owner drove by and advised that the dog belonged to her.

Lost and found
On Nov. 26, an Eton Road woman reported losing a $16,500 diamond bracelet. The last time she saw it was in her jewelry box on Nov. 23. She noticed it missing on Nov. 25. Later she called police back to report she had found the bracelet.

Village code
On Nov. 24, police informed a Post Road resident that a neighbor complained of noise, and the homeowner turned down the music.

On Nov. 25, police dispersed a group of loud kids from Garth Road.

On Nov. 23, a Vanderbilt Road fire alarm was activated after smoldering fireplace embers were placed in a trashcan and ignited paper. The can was dumped out on the front steps prior to firefighters’ arrival. Firefighters checked the house and confirmed that no smoke was present. Firefighters used a water can to fully extinguish the materials. They placed burnt papers in a metal bin away from the house.

On Nov. 24, firefighters assisted with a rear-end car accident involving a pickup truck and a van on the Hutchinson River Parkway. Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported one occupant of the van to the hospital.

On Nov. 24, an improperly drafting fireplace let smoke enter a Madison Road house. Firefighters assisted.

On Nov. 25, firefighters were dispatched to a Kingston Road house because of an electrical burning odor. Firefighters determined the odor was from electrical components in the oven. They shut off the oven and advised the homeowner to call for service.

On Nov. 28, firefighters investigated a reported gas leak in a Leatherstocking Lane house and discovered an unlit stovetop burner. The resident had hit the knob inadvertently and then left the house for a few hours. The knob was moved to the
Off position, and the house was ventilated.

scarsdalesecuritylogo 1 1This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 22-28 has been compiled from official information.

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