Police Report : Coyote Sightings, Audi Stolen and Pedestrians Hit

coyoteCoyote Sightings: This week, there were several coyote sightings reported to the police:

Coyote sightings were reported at Lockwood and Tisdale roads Nov. 8 and Sunset Drive and Ferncliff Road Nov. 9. Later, on Nov. 9, a Sunset Drive man told police he saw what he believed to be a healthy coyote while he was outside walking his dog.

On Nov. 10, a coyote was sighted in a Post Road backyard. Patrol advised that the coyote did not appear to be sick or injured and it would eventually leave the area.

A caller reported a “sick coyote” in a Taunton Road backyard Nov. 10. Patrol observed the coyote, and it did not appear to be sick, injured or aggressive in nature.

On Nov. 12, a coyote was sighted near Fox Meadow School. It was gone when police arrived.

In response, the Scarsdale Police Department issued the following about how to act if you encounter a coyote:

In recent weeks, residents have reported several coyote sightings throughout the Village of Scarsdale. The Scarsdale Police Department would like to share some information from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation about what to do should you come across a coyote.

According to NYS DEC, if you see a coyote:

• Be aggressive in your behavior – stand tall and hold arms out to look large. If a coyote lingers for too long, then make loud noises, wave your arms, throw sticks and stones.

• Contact your local police department and DEC regional office for assistance if you notice coyotes exhibiting "bold" behaviors and having little or no fear of people, or if you see them repeatedly during the daytime in a human-populated area or near residences. Seeing a coyote occasionally throughout the year is not evidence of bold behavior.

• Do not allow pets to run free. Supervise all outdoor pets to keep them safe from coyotes and other wildlife, especially at sunset and at night. Small dogs and cats are especially vulnerable.

• Teach children to appreciate coyotes from a distance.

If there is ever an emergency involving a coyote, please contact the Scarsdale Police Department at (914) 722-1200. A police officer will be dispatched.

Please check the DEC website below for further guidance and information or contact the DEC Regional Office at 845-256-3000 .

Stolen carAudiSQ8Black
A $95,000 2021 Audi SQ8 was stolen from a Birch Lane driveway overnight and reported the next morning, Nov. 9. A set of golf clubs valued at $2,500 was also stolen when the car was taken.

Stolen wallet
On Nov. 12, a debit card was stolen from an employee’s wallet at Scarsdale High School. The wallet was inside a purse on the employee’s desk. Before the cardholder realized the card had been stolen, the thief billed $701.86 in fraudulent charges to the card on Amazon.com.

Pedestrians struck
On Nov. 8, a pedestrian was struck by a car at the intersection of Church Lane and Crane Road. An 18 year-old driver, driving a 2021 Toyota Jeep turned left from Church Lane onto Crane Road and hit a 65 year-old woman who was crossing Crane Road.

A caller advised his wife was struck by a car Nov. 10. After learning the location of the accident, police determined it occurred in the Town of Mamaroneck.

On Nov. 14, a caller reported seeing a pedestrian struck on East Parkway. No one was there when police arrived.

Attempted car break-ins
At 4:30 a.m., Nov. 10, a Johnson Road man reported that his doorbell camera showed someone checking his car doors. Police responded to the scene and canvassed the area, but they did not find anyone.

On Nov. 10, a Fenimore Road resident reported someone entered her unlocked car parked in her driveway at approximately 3:30 a.m.

Identity theft
On Nov. 8, a Mamaroneck Road man reported he was the victim of identity theft because someone used his personal information to fraudulently purchase a car in Tennessee. He informed the dealership and the national credit reporting agencies.

On Nov. 8, a Fox Meadow Road woman reported someone used her parents’ names to attempt to open fraudulent lines of credit.

On Nov. 11, a Bradford Road man reported a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed in his name.

A Crossway man reported that someone attempted to open a fraudulent loan in his name Nov. 11.

On Nov. 10, a caller reported receiving a scam phone call from someone alleging to be from Con Edison. An officer called the number and was met with a realistic-sounding message claiming to be from Con Ed. The message directed the officer to leave a voicemail, but when the officer attempted to do so, the officer received an error message.

On Nov. 10, an Oak Lane resident reported being the victim of a Con Edison scam. A caller told them they needed to remit $5,000 in unpaid invoices. When attempting to send the money electronically, the resident’s bank would only permit $1,000 to be sent per day due to a bank limit. The resident’s wife called the bank to ask if the limit could be raised, and a bank employee informed her she was probably the victim of a scam.

A Lebanon Road woman received a disturbing phone call that she realized was a scam Nov. 10.

On Nov. 10, police mediated as dispute between two drivers who were arguing over a parking spot on Chase Road.

On Nov. 13, police mediated a dispute between a mother and a daughter in a Popham Road apartment.

Homeless man
On Nov. 9, the parks and recreation department requested police assistance in getting a homeless man to leave a Mamaroneck Road property owned by the Village. The man allegedly uses electricity on the property to charge his phone and sometimes shows up for private events to which he is not invited – both of which are not allowed. The man left the property when police arrived.

On Nov. 9, police were again called to remove a homeless man from Village property during a scheduled youth event. Police and Village staff told the man he cannot be on the property during scheduled events because youth safety is the priority. So, the homeless man said he understood and left the scene.

On Nov. 13, police helped a driver who parked on Boniface Circle retrieve his keys after they fell through a sewer grate.

On Nov. 14, a passenger fell asleep in the back seat of a taxi on Stonehouse Road, and the driver asked police for assistance in waking up the passenger.

On Nov. 13, a Barker Lane resident reported that a woman knocked on the door asking if the house was for sale.

Cars and roadways
Police interviewed the driver of a car that momentarily drove the wrong way on the Bronx River Parkway before pulling to the side of the road near Chase Road Nov. 8. The driver said the mistake was caused by a GPS error. She showed no signs of impairment.

Police called a tow for a disabled car at Palmer Avenue and Mamaroneck Road Nov. 9.

Police called a tow for a driver who accidentally locked her keys inside her car at Popham Road and Scarsdale Avenue Nov. 9.

A bus was involved in an accident on Post Road Nov. 10. Upon arrival, firefighters found a two-car accident with four occupants on the bus and one occupant in the other vehicle. Firefighters stabilized the scene and assessed the occupants. An Edraulic device was used to open the driver’s door and extricate the driver. Four occupants were transported to the hospital by SVAC and Eastchester VAC. Two vehicles were removed by tow.

A caller reported seeing a Jeep with a broken axle that was sparking while travelling on Weaver Street Nov. 11. Police canvased the area for the car but were not able to locate it.

On Nov. 11, police moved an empty box to the side of Mamaroneck Road for sanitation pickup.

A pedestrian crosswalk sign fell over at Popham and Chase roads Nov. 12.

Four car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

A loose gray dog with tags, and small in stature, was reported at Heathcote Road and Morris Lane Nov. 8. It was gone when police arrived.

A Bradford Road woman reported an “injured dog” was dropped off at her house, but it was not her dog Nov. 9. Police contacted the owner using information printed on the collar and responded to pick up the dog. The owner said the dog suffers from a chronic condition and was not injured.

While responding to a call at a Black Birch Lane house Nov. 10, the homeowner’s dog ran outside. Police canvassed the area for the dog but could not find it.

A knocking sound in a Hamilton Road house was determined to have been caused by an animal inside the chimney Nov. 10.

On Nov. 14, police removed a dead cat from Post Road.

Village code
On Nov. 11, police issued a summons to the driver of a truck who was making a delivery to a Scarsdale Avenue business outside of allowable business hours.

Police advised two men that they were not permitted to smoke marijuana on Edgewood School grounds Nov. 11.

On Nov. 13, police issued summonses to three different landscapers and homeowners throughout the Village for using gas-powered leaf blowers in violation of Village code.

Police issued a summons to a truck driver for improper unloading in violation of Village code Nov. 13.

Lost and found
On Nov. 9, a passerby found a coin purse on Forest Lane and gave it to police, who determined it contained face cream.

An empty bag left on Walworth Avenue was determined to be trash Nov. 11. Police notified the sanitation department for pickup.

A vaccination card was found on Tisdale Road Nov. 11. Police picked up the card and returned it to its owner.

On Nov. 12, a Walworth Avenue resident reported her son left his cell phone on the school bus. The driver found the phone and it was returned to the resident.

A FedEx employee was walking around a Brite Avenue property with a flashlight looking for his cell phone that was pinging in the area Nov. 13.

On Nov. 8, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak on Lincoln Road.

On Nov. 9, firefighters assisted police and custodians wash graffiti from the side of Fox Meadow School.

Firefighters investigated a gas leak at a Meadow Road house Nov. 10. They found a slight leak coming from the gas valve on the boiler. The resident advised a plumber was already scheduled to come and replace the valve. Firefighters shut down gas to the boiler and advised the resident not to turn it on until fixed. No other gas readings were measured in the structure.

On Nov. 14, firefighters were dispatched to a Johnson Road house for a kitchen fire, but police reported there was no fire. Instead, smoke was coming from an oven in “self-cleaning mode.” Firefighters confirmed this and used positive pressure ventilation to expel the smoke. The cause of the excessive smoke was a dirty pan left in the oven while on self-clean.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

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