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Police Report: DWI, Suspect Arrested on Warrant and Mother Scammed by Internet “Friend”

NoiseDWI: On Nov. 6, police arrested Ulysses Fernandez, 29, Yonkers, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of .18 or more, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, speeding and an equipment violation. Police pulled over Fernandez after detecting that his car was speeding on Post Road around 12:45 a.m. During the traffic stop, police noticed signs of impairment and initiated field sobriety tests. These tests confirmed that Fernandez was intoxicated. He was taken to headquarters, where the arrest was processed. Fernandez was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket for Village court on Nov. 17.

Arrest on warrant
On Nov. 6, police arrested Christopher Seemer, 36, of Tuckahoe, after police were called to the Popham Road CVS on a report of an alleged larceny in progress. The suspect, described as a white man wearing a white winter hat and jeans, had already left the store, but police quickly apprehended him on Depot Place. Further investigation showed that no criminal activity had actually been committed in the store at that time. The store manager requested that police inform Seemer that he was no longer welcome in the store, and Seemer said he understood. Police checked Seemer’s pedigree information and learned there was an active bench warrant for petit larceny issued from the Town of Greenburgh police department. Police notified Greenburgh PD ad learned they wanted to extradite Seemer. Therefore, Scarsdale police arrested Seemer on the strength of the bench warrant, and Greenburgh police picked up Seemer.

A Saxon Woods Road resident was scammed out of $300 according to her daughter, who reported the matter to police Nov. 4. The mother had been in contact with an unknown man over Facebook Messenger. After a few online conversations, the man asked her for financial assistance to pay for his Internet connection so they could continue their conversations. She then purchased three Google cards for $100 each and sent photos of the cards’ access numbers to the man. It wasn’t until she told her daughter about the incident that she realized she had been scammed.

Identity theft
On Nov. 3, a Franklin Road man reported someone opened a fraudulent credit card in his name, via an online application. The bank closed the account after the man reported it as fraudulent. The man also received a letter from his bank stating a second credit card application had been denied.

Car break-ins
On Nov. 6, a Forest Lane resident reported his unlocked car had been entered overnight, and approximately three dollars in coins were stolen.

A caller reported seeing a child’s nanny get out of a Jeep Cherokee on Griffen Avenue and Brittany Close and verbally berate a girl Nov. 3. They left in the Jeep toward Mamaroneck Avenue.

A Myrtledale Road man reported seeing two men with shovels and surveillance equipment on his property Nov. 3. The men were determined to be surveyors on a scheduled job. The man said he thought they were coming the next day.

A food delivery driver contacted police because a Crossway resident who ordered food locally did not answer the door, and the driver was worried Nov. 3. After 20 minutes, the driver said he gave up and contacted police. Police called the resident.

She confirmed the food order and said she had left her house to go to a temple.

A caller reported a fight in progress involving two men on Haverford Road Nov. 5.

There were no people fighting the area when police arrived.

An Obry Drive resident thought she heard someone trying to get into her house by using a contractor’s ladder left outside Nov. 6. Police examined the house and did not observe anything suspicious. They advised her to put the ladder away for safety.

A caller was concerned about dead branches on a private tree on Overhill Road Nov. 7. The branches do not seem to be posing an immediate danger according to police. Nevertheless, police attempted to contact the realtor who had listed the house for sale, in an effort to get the branches removed. Only a voicemail could be left. The highway department was notified to remove branches hanging over the sidewalk and roadway.

Civil matter
On Nov. 3, a caller complained that he purchased three diamonds from a Harwood Court business over the weekend. He told police he felt he overpaid for the diamonds, although “they have value.” He said he was trying to negotiate a resolution civilly.

Neighbors, housemates
Police mediated a dispute over street parking involving two neighbors on Clarence Road Nov. 11. One neighbor allegedly yelled at the other neighbor’s babysitter.

Police mediated a verbal argument between housemates resulting from a misunderstanding in the kitchen of a group home on Post Road Nov. 5. One resident allegedly raised her fist to another resident but did not strike her.

Cars and roadways
On Nov. 1, a driver accidentally set off her car alarm on Chateaux Circle, and a caller complained of noise.

Patrol directed a delivery truck around construction on Palmer Avenue so the driver could enter a driveway Nov. 2.

Damage to Mamaroneck Road curbing, probably the result of a car accident, was observed Nov. 2.

Water from a leak on private property was entering Mamaroneck Road at Sheldrake Road Nov. 2. Police spoke with the homeowner, and the issue was corrected.

Con Edison was called to address a utility pole damaged in a car accident at Overhill and Popham roads Nov. 3.

Con Edison dispatched a tree crew to remove a dead tree resting on wires on Mamaroneck Road Nov. 3.

Police directed traffic around a disabled vehicle on Mamaroneck Road while the vehicle was being repaired Nov. 3.

Police called a tow for a disabled car on Heathcote Road Nov. 6.

The water department was informed about a possible water main break on Black Birch Lane Nov. 6.

Police contacted Con Edison to readjust the placement of roadway plates as a small gap had occurred because of shifting on Walworth Avenue Nov. 6.

Five car accidents were officially reported in the Village this week.

On Nov. 4, a loose dog was reported on Rock Creek Lane. It was gone before police arrived.

On Nov. 5, a small “lost dog,” described as a beagle with a collar, was reported at Brookby and Wheelock roads. It was gone before police arrived.

A coyote was sighted at the intersection of Heathcote and Sherbrook roads Nov. 6.

Village code
On Nov. 5, police advised employees of Fenway Golf Club about a complaint resulting from loud music at the club. Employees said the event was ending. The music was off.

A summons was issued for the use of a construction excavator on Stonehouse Road without a permit Nov. 5.

Police issued several warnings to landscapers throughout the Village because they were using leaf blowers in violation of Village code Nov. 6.

On Nov. 6, police thrice advised employees of Fenway Golf Club about a complaint resulting from loud music at the club. Employees said they would lower the volume. When a fourth complaint came in, police returned again to the club and asked for the music to be turned off completely.

Lost and found
A Kathy Lane resident reported losing her car’s license plates Nov. 3.

On Nov. 4, a credit card was found in Christie Place Garage. Police returned it to its owner.

On Nov. 1, a burnt plastic handle on a frying pan created a smoke odor inside a Sprague Road house.

On Nov. 2, a boiler malfunction released carbon monoxide into a Brown Road house. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison and ventilated the house. The boiler was red-tagged, and the resident was advised to have the boiler serviced prior to it being used again.

On Nov. 2, firefighters responded to a report of an inside and outside odor of natural gas on Overhill Road. Firefighters determined the odor was due to a high efficiency boiler’s vent located outside a window. When the boiler was activated, a slight odor of natural gas was detected outside the structure, near the vent. No other leak or odor was detected. Con-Ed gas investigated the incident as well.

On Nov. 3, firefighters assisted at a two-car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

On Nov. 5, firefighters responded to a gas alarm in a Butler Road house and discovered that contractors had damaged a gas line. Firefighters shut off gas in the basement and ventilated the house.

On Nov. 5, an Elm Road homeowner set off a smoke alarm while starting a fire in the fireplace. The homeowner extinguished the fire prior to firefighters’ arrival. Firefighters checked the fireplace and found the damper closed. A light smoke condition was present on the first floor. Firefighters ventilated the house with a portable fan.

On Nov. 6, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas leak, with hissing, from a meter outside a Heathcote Road house.

On Nov. 7, firefighters responded to a report of a carbon monoxide alarm in an Oak Way house. The resident was evacuated, and Con-Ed gas was dispatched. Firefighters traced the leak to the high efficiency HVAC system. Firefighters shut down the system and ventilated. Further investigation revealed a tarp over the HVAC vent and air intake.

On Nov. 7. A plastic dish in an Elmdorf Drive oven melted and caused a smoke condition. Positive pressure ventilation was set up, and the house was checked and determined to be safe.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Nov. 1-7 has been compiled from official information.

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