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Police Report: Employee Scams Spencer Place Business and Range Rover Stolen from Sherbrooke Road Driveway

RangeRoverStolen: On June 10, a Spencer Place business owner reported money had been stolen from his business by a former employee who processed 41 fraudulent return transactions amounting to $2,885.93. The return amounts were credited to the former employee’s credit and debit cards. Police contacted the former employee, and she agreed to pay back the money to the storeowner in lieu of him pressing charges. An electronic payment plan was allegedly worked out.

On June 12, a Sherbrooke Road resident reported her 2017 Range Rover “Supercharged” valued at $90,000 had been stolen from her driveway overnight. A Maserati convertible parked in the driveway was not tampered with. Police are following up.

ID theft
On June 10, a Stonewall Lane woman reported a Verizon account was opened in her name without her permission.

Check fraud
A Popham Road woman reported someone altered a check in her name, resulting in a loss of $5,000 June 14. Police are following up.

On June 12, an Elm Road woman reported receiving numerous annoyance calls between 2 a.m., and 4 a.m. every morning between June 5 and 12. The woman said the caller does not say anything, but she can hear breathing on the line. Verizon advised the woman to file a police report in an attempt to have the calls traced and stopped.

Police helped an elderly man who was disoriented on Weaver Street June 11. There was a language barrier because the man did not speak English. The man showed police his cell phone that had a note on the screen stating that the man might be lost and provided his address in Heathcote. Police called the man’s daughter, and she picked him up.

A Brown Road woman reported she had been growing a “chocolate vine” in her yard, and when she returned from work on June 11, she realized it had been cut without her permission. After some investigation, police determined the highway department had probably trimmed it as the vine was growing up a utility pole and blocking a stop sign and a dead end sign on the road.

A Church Lane resident reported a person threw garbage in his dumpster without permission June 14. Police investigated the garbage and saw that it contained household trash containing address information identifying a person with an Edgemont address. Police are attempting to follow up.

Front door
A Tisdale Road resident reported his doorbell camera indicated an unknown woman was dropped off at his house at 4:15 a.m., June 16. According to doorbell camera footage, a man and woman were observed embracing on the front stoop. The woman then opened the screen door and appeared to wait for the man to leave. The man could be seen leaving the stoop and walking down the stairs. After a few moments, the woman then leaves the stoop and walks toward the street. She did not attempt to open the main door to the house at any time. It appeared as though she was dropped off at the house and pretended she lived there.

Cars and roadways
A broken parking meter was removed from Garth Road for repair and replacement June 10.

A caller advised a driver of an Audi on Old Lyme Road, and a passenger, might need assistance at 1:15 a.m., June 11. Police arrived and learned the driver was too tired to continue his drive home and decided to stop. He said he was still one hour from home. Police told him he could leave his car legally parked on Old Lyme Road and take a cab to the train station to get home. Police stood by while a cab was called, and the driver and passenger left in it.

Police assisted with traffic control on Post and Old Lyme roads while an electrical traffic light was out June 11.

Police issued a parking ticket to ta car parked on Brook Lane, partially blocking a resident’s driveway June 11.

A woman reported driving on Mamaroneck Road behind a red pickup truck carrying landscaping equipment when a lawn mower fell out of the truck June 12. It struck her car and got lodged underneath the front of the car. The landscaper helped the woman get the lawn mower out from underneath her car and then left the scene. She said he did not speak English.

Police notified a driver about a low-hanging wire on Black Birch Lane June 12.
Con Edison notified police about a sinkhole on Tyler Road June 12. Police placed barriers around the area and notified the highway department for repair.

A woman locked her keys inside her car on Overhill Road June 14. Police stayed on scene until a tow truck company arrived to help open the car June 14.

A caller reported a “sizzling wire” on Woods Lane June 14. Con Edison was informed.

Police helped a woman cross Weaver Street June 14 and 16.

A driver said she blew her horn at another car during school dismissal on Post Road, and a person got out of the other car and yelled at the driver, making her “fear for her safety” June 14. Both drivers and cars were gone when police arrived.
Police placed a dead squirrel by the side of the road at Popham Road and Church Lane for sanitation pickup June 15.

Police helped a driver disarm her car alarm on Christie Place June 15.

Police notified the cable company about a fallen wire on Woods Lane June 16.
Eleven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matter
A Black Birch Lane woman requested police assistance with a tenant matter June 12. The woman said she had provided shelter in her house to a homeless man who was now refusing to leave and was being belligerent with the woman. The woman explained she needed the person’s room for a family member who was recovering from surgery. She told police she was starting the eviction process. Police spoke with the tenant, and he said he understood. He said he would investigate other options for housing.

Two dogs got into a scrabble, causing one dog to bite another dog at the Greenacres Neighborhood Association Paw Party on June 15. The dog owners said they would handle the matter privately.

Village code
On June 10, police issued a summons to a pool company draining water into the street on Mamaroneck Road.

Police issued landscapers summonses for using a leaf violation of village code on Harvest Drive June 10, McDonald Place June 11, Lincoln Road and Weaver Street June 12 and Nelson Road June 15.

Police advised a pest control solicitor how to get back to White Plains City limits from Boulder Brook Road since the solicitor did not have a permit to solicit in Scarsdale June 13.

A group of kids was instructed to keep noise down and clean up after themselves near the brook waterway adjacent to the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center June 14.

Police dispersed kids from Boulevard after dark June 14.

A Swarthmore Road party host was advised to lower the volume of music coming from his backyard party because guests complained June 15.

Lost and found
A Fenimore Road woman reported losing her license somewhere in the village June 12.

A key fob was found on the second level of Freightway Garage June 12.

Police found a credit card on East Parkway June 14. Police held the card for safekeeping and contacted the owner for pickup.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 29 incidents
during the reporting period. Seymour shared details of the following incidents.

On June 11, a fallen electrical line was burning on the ground at Post and Murray Hill roads. Firefighters stood by for Con Edison.

On June 12, wires were arcing due to a fallen tree limb, and a transformer exploded at Ross and Post roads. Police and firefighters shut down the road and stood by for Con Edison.

On June 14, firefighters contacted Con Edison about a fallen power line on Woods Lane.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 10-16 has been compiled from official information.

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