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Former Village Manager Al Gatta Urges You to Support SVAC

ambulanceThe following letter was writeen by Al Gatta, former Scarsdale Village Manager

To the Editor,

A short note to the residents of Scarsdale and its elected officials.

I have managed five municipalities in the country over the last 45 years, the last of which was 20 years in Scarsdale. In every year and every jurisdiction, I dealt with the most complicated, confounding, life/death, complex, intriguing, interesting matters and issues imaginable. A critical item and service that seldom is recognized, overlooked or taken for granted is Emergency Medical Services.

Until I worked in Scarsdale, I never truly realized the critical importance of EMS. Looking back, I am struck by how truly fortunate Scarsdale is to be served by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps. (SVAC) The relationship is effective and rewarding for all residents and officials, but many times not fully understood by many people.

SVAC and the Village have a unique and rewarding relationship that has benefited the community for decades by providing the most modern, advanced, enlightened emergency medical services of any place in the country.

SVAC has initiated its annual fundraising effort and I ask that residents, merchants and others donate to this appeal. We depend on the generosity of Scarsdale volunteers, village government and residents to continue to contribute to maintain one of the best Emergency Medical Services in the country.

Please make a contribution.


Alfred A. Gatta
Former Village Manager of Scarsdale
Alfred A. Gatta
33 Jared Drive
White Plains, NY 10605

November 2, 2021

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