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freightwayThe application period for Freightway Garage Semi-Annual permits is now open. Permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply today!

Permit applications will only be accepted by mail or via the drop box marked Parking Permits, located at the Village Hall front entrance. Please be advised that having a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Important Information to Remember:

1. There are no automatic renewals – existing permit holders must reapply and are not guaranteed a permit; apply as early as possible to increase your chance of success.

2. Permits, which are issued electronically by license plate number, will be valid from April 01, 2021, through September 30, 2021.

3. Semi-annual permits for residents and Scarsdale Village Center merchants (and their employees) are $605.00; the fee for non-residents is $880.00. All payments must be by check or money order, payable to the Village of Scarsdale.

4. All permit applicants must supply a copy of their valid driver’s license, vehicle registration(s) for up to two cars per permit, and both home and work telephone numbers. Applicants requesting a resident permit must also provide a copy of their most recent utility bill. Employees of Scarsdale Village Center merchants seeking a permit must provide a note from their employer on business stationery, as well as a copy of their most recent paycheck stub.

No person with an unpaid parking ticket is eligible to apply for or receive a permit until the ticket is paid in full. The permit application and terms and conditions are available online


When the Village Board of Trustees approved installment payments of taxes in 2020, they hoped to ease the burden of large school and village tax bills on residents, especially in light of the pandemic. So rather than receiving one payment coupon for their school and village taxes, property owners received envelopes with two coupons. A printing error cause some confusion but most paid the first installment of their tax bills on time. However, when it came time to make the second installment, it seems that many forgot. To date, 414 property owners have not paid the second installment of their school taxes, leaving them liable for steep penalties. Others neglected to pay their Village taxes as well. So this new installment tax plan may prove to be a very expensive gift to the Village who is realizing sizable revenues from penalties for non-payment.

This was to be the subject of a work session of the Scarsdale Board of Trustees scheduled before the Village Board meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd. However, the Board spontaneously switched the work session to a private Executive Session, leaving participants in the dark. Village Mayor Marc Samwick later reported that this change was made so that the Board could consult with legal counsel relating to the issue of unpaid taxes with Scarsdale’s new two-installment payment system.

At 7 pm the Board reconvened for its regularly scheduled public meeting where members voted on several resolutions and heard from constituents on a variety of issues. Mayor Samwick opened the meeting by addressing two key issues facing the town; the fees for delinquent taxpayers due to the new two-payment tax system and the Village’s 2021-2022 fiscal budget. Regarding the tax payment delinquencies, Village Treasurer Ann Scaglione reports that about 500 homeowners failed to make their second payments on-time and incurred sizable fees. As of Monday, February 22, fees for unpaid school tax bills amount to $787,000 and fees for unpaid Village taxes amount to $180,000. Treasurer Scaglione wants residents to be aware that the penalty on unpaid Village taxes increases from 8% in February to 9% in March, and she encourages all unpaid taxes to be paid by the end of February.

Below are excerpts of the Mayor’s statement on these two topics:

Two-Payment Tax Collection System:
Recognizing the havoc [the pandemic] wreaked upon personal finances, a suite of strategies was developed to reduce the financial burden of property taxes… Scarsdale Schools approached the Village in May 2020 and suggested that we consider transitioning to a two-installment tax collection system, rather than our long-standing single-installment plan. The rationale was simple: Help Scarsdale property owners with cash flow by allowing them to defer half of their property tax obligations to a second installment… The Village Board adopted a resolution implementing the new system on June 09, 2020.

Subsequently, the Village’s multi-pronged communication effort included mayoral commentary during Village Board meetings, press releases announcing the transition and reminding taxpayers of last dates to pay without penalty or interest, and delinquency notices after payments that were missed.

The tax bills, themselves, plainly stated the percent penalty information for late payments as well as the dates of penalty escalation. Our efforts exceeded the regulatory notification threshold by a substantial margin.

The Village not only leveraged numerous tools in seeking to help taxpayers amidst the pandemic, including transitioning to the two-installment tax remittance structure, but also endeavored to reduce taxpayer exposure to penalties and interest by providing notification of upcoming dues dates, stating statutory penalties for late payment, and providing late payment reminders to delinquent taxpayers… I and the Village Board regret that a portion of our taxpayers neglected to remit payment on-time and were thus exposed to seemingly harsh statutory penalties, which the Village lacks legal authority to reduce, waive, or reimburse. It is unfortunate that our efforts to help reduce fiscal stress amidst the pandemic yielded an unintended outcome for some, though I am also encouraged to report that over 94% remitted timely payment.

In the future, I implore all taxpayers to diligently track the tax remittance schedule and to call our Treasurer’s Office at 914.722.1170 with any tax remittance questions. We are here to help residents, within the confines of State and local codes.

21-22 Village Budget:
The Village went through extraordinary measures to propose a budget for the 21-22 fiscal year, which starts on June 1st... The Village acted quickly and decisively to address the fiscal impacts of the pandemic by implementing austerity spending constraints, which the Village continues to operate under, and to allocate funds into a COVID Reserve Account that now totals $2.25 million. The Village further identified $1.7 million of funded capital reserves that could qualify, if needed, for borrowing with an associated reallocation of those reserve funds to further supplement the COVID Reserve Account…Looking forward to the 21-22 budget, we continue to see some of the strains from the pandemic on our budget, most notably from an expected shortfall in parking and related revenues. The proposed tentative budget uses $2.25 million of fund balance, consisting of the use of $1,023,000 of unassigned General Fund Balance that is generally included each year in the budget plus funds from the COVID Reserve Account.

The First Pass Budget showed a proposed tax increase of 4.87%. This level of tax increase was not acceptable to the Board and staff and we pushed to find an incremental $187,300 of revenues and to reduce $413,705 of expenses, for a total net budget reduction of over $600,000. The resulting year-to-year proposed increase in the tax levy is now 3.42%, for a total tax levy of $43,239,747 and an overall General Fund budget of $60,131,681. To put this in perspective, a residential property owner owning a home assessed at $1,510,000, representing the current average home assessment in Scarsdale, would pay $7,293 in Village property taxes in FY21-22. This represents an increase of $182 year-to-year. The tax levy increase of 3.42% is below the NYS Property Tax cap limit for 2021-22…We will be conducting public briefing sessions to review the operating and capital budgets, including the public’s ability to ask questions and provide input in the proposed budgets. The Operating Budget Briefing Session will be held tomorrow, February 24th, at 5pm and the Capital Budget Briefing Session will be held one week later on March 3rd, also at 5pm. Both meetings will be held via Zoom and links to join the meetings may be found on the Village website.

Public Comments

Following the Mayor’s comments, the Board heard from Scarsdale residents during Public Comment.
• Michelle Sterling requested that the Board schedule a public hearing on proposed changes to the leaf blower code so that residents can reap the benefits.

• Bob Harrison, conveyed his dismay at the Board’s surprise private Executive Session earlier that evening. He also asked for an update on the updated Village and school taxes from last year and asked if there were plans to use those overdue funds to reduce the 3.4% proposed tax increase for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Mayor Samwick responded by stating that it would be financially imprudent for the board to use funds from a current fiscal year (that may result in a deficit) in a subsequent year. During the second round of Public Comment later in the evening, Mr. Harrison again expressed his displeasure about the 3.41% tax increase and said he felt strongly that the Board could lower the increase further.

• John McCann said that he was looking forward to the vote later in the evening on the renaming of Crossway Field and he notified the Board that he would raise the funds to pay for any plaques or sign changes associated with the renaming.

• Paul Fix spoke about the significance of Coach Richard “Rippy” Phillips to his family. He stated that it was “astounding how many letters [supporting the field name change] came in. To see how many members of this community, how many lives were affected is breathtaking… [this name change] is the first step towards thanking Rippy for everything.”

Next, Trustee Crandall announced that the library’s Virtual Vital Aging Series “Covid-19 Vaccinations: With Dr. Michael Palumbo” on March 3rd at 1:00 PM is available for signups HERE. Trustee. Crandall also said that the Senior Citizen Advisory Council reported that seniors have been able to schedule their Covid-19 vaccinations despite some technological obstacles and the short supply of available appointments. The Senior Citizen Advisory Council is looking forward to the Scarsdale Library grand reopening and would appreciate a designated space and time to use the library when it opens. Finally, Ms. Crandall announced that seniors in the community have been taking advantage of the Zoom events available to them, and many are attending Westchester Chamber Music Society and Scarsdale Recreation Department online events.

Trustee Waldman updated the Board about library events where they are ending the celebration of Black History Month with an event on black citizenship in the age of Jim Crow on Friday, February 26th at 7:00 PM. Residents are encouraged to learn more and sign up HERE. Additionally, if any teenagers are interested in joining the Teen Advisory Library Board, there is a meeting on Saturday, March 6th at 2:00 PM and you can sign up HERE.

Next, the Board voted on five resolutions, all of which passed unanimously. The first was the Resolution to Establish Fiscal Year 2021-22 Village Wide Fees and Charges presented by Trustee Arest. Mr. Arest emphasized that the Board can change certain charges at any point, so just because a charge is constant at this point does not mean that rate is permanent. Village Clerk Donna Conkling will publish the changes of the fees and schedule to the Scarsdale Village website. Trustee Crandall stated that she is "looking forward to further discussion of water rates… it is important to keep a close eye on those to keep up with present and future expenses… during [the Board's] next term I hope the Board can address the penalty for offenses… the standard penalty is $250 per violation per day. Our expenses have gone up, and we hear from the public that we need to do a better job of enforcing the Village Code. We need to study the penalty amount to see if it is still appropriate.”

The second resolution, presented by Trustee Crandall, was the Resolution to Establish the Climate Smart Communities Task Force. The resolution states that “whereas the Board of Trustees believes that climate change poses a real and increasing threat, exhibiting the potential for significant harmful disruption to natural and human systems, including environmental, social, and economic impacts; and whereas, by way of resolution (attached) adopted by the Village Board on February 11, 2020, the Village of Scarsdale adopted the Climate Smart Communities Pledge, comprised of the following goals:

1. Build a climate-smart community
2. Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action
3. Decrease energy use
4. Shift to clean, renewable energy
5. Use climate-smart materials management
6. Implement climate-smart land use
7. Enhance community resilience to climate change
8. Support a green innovation economy
9. Inform and inspire the public
10. Engage in an evolving process of climate action”

The task force is charged with “developing, recommending, and assisting, as needed, with implementing context-sensitive strategies and activities supportive of CSC Certification program goals” and drafting and presenting a proposed workplan to the Board that will be updated annually. Mayor Samwick stated that the Board is “excited about the many opportunities” this task force will present to address the climate crisis and he looks forward to the future of the task force.

The third resolution, entitled the Authorization to Execute an Intermunicipal Agreement with Westchester County for the Use of Voting Machines, provides for the use of four Optional Scan Voting Machines, one Ballot Marking Device, and three Privacy Booths, and the technicians necessary to operate the voting system for the Annual Scarsdale Village Election on Tuesday, March 16th.

The final two resolutions were presented by Trustee Waldman. The first was the Resolution to Name the Football Field at the Crossway Athletic Complex the Richard “Rippy” Philipps Field at Crossway. Below is the bio of Richard “Rippy” Philipps that was included in the resolution:

Philipps Bio Richard “Rippy” Philipps has been an integral and passionate part in the success of Scarsdale Youth Football for the past 26 years. He is the President of Scarsdale Raider Football consisting of athletes participating in Youth Flag and Tackle Football Programs, as well as enthusiastic parents that help out in any way they can to improve the interest in youth football in the Scarsdale community. In addition, Rippy was an Executive Board member within the Scarsdale Youth Football League (tackle) formerly run by the Scarsdale Recreation Department and is now part of the Westchester Youth Football League Board creating and implementing all safety Policy and Guidelines for the league ensuring Scarsdale youth tackle football remains vibrant and competitive. His countless hours and tireless effort on and off the field to improve the youth football program in Scarsdale has been extremely beneficial to the whole community.

Some additional Scarsdale Raider Football club responsibilities include ordering game uniforms, practice jerseys, and player and field equipment. Rippy is also the head coach for the 7th/8th-grade football team, his biggest and most fulfilling role as a volunteer. His inspirational leadership has benefited many Scarsdale athletes moving on the high school and college levels. What goes under the radar is the significant amount of student athletes he has mentored not only in sports but assisting them in real life matters in the Scarsdale community. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and the lack of tackle football not being allowed in NYS, Rippy help create, in conjunction with the Scarsdale Recreation Department, an energized Youth Flag Football program in Scarsdale which has over 230 participants from Kindergarten to Grade 8. In 2007, Rippy received the Westchester County "Volunteer Youth Sports Coaching Award. Lacrosse is one of his other passions. He has previously coached in our Scarsdale Recreation Department youth lacrosse programs.

What sets Rippy apart from all of our other volunteer coaches and makes his dedication to the Recreation Department and the Scarsdale community that much more special, is the fact that he has never had a child go through the football or lacrosse programs. The Scarsdale Recreation Department greatly appreciates his continuing contributions and dedication to not only our Recreation Department but to all student athletes and non-athletes in the Scarsdale community.

Before voting yes, Trustee Arest, commented that “this vote was harder than I thought it would be… we have not had a process on this and we haven’t had discussions on what policies will look like going into the future. It hurts our credibility when residents come and ask us for things… and we tell them we must follow a process… and then we didn’t follow them here… Rippy has had a great impact on so many people in Scarsdale… the letters written on his behalf were moving and spoke well on his behalf… it is incredible what he has accomplished… so many have had their lives touched and improved by Rippy and that is why I will vote aye.”

Trustee Whitestone also spoke about the impact of Coach Rippy and said that "his dedication and commitment has provided the vitality for the program that has impacted hundreds of people… I have seen this firsthand with the participation of my own son… he continues to make these meaningful contributions… it is great to be able to honor him in this way.”

The final vote came from Mayor Samwick who stated that he “would like to enthusiastically vote aye… I have three sons all of who went through the football program. I have seen how Rippy works with young children with kids not just on his team and in high school… I have heard stories of him helping people with jobs and being there for people when they are in need… and then we saw this incredible outpouring from the community, it was overwhelming, it was remarkable. As elected leaders of the Village, we have to work on a wide array of things here, [it is nice] to do something that is so heartwarming, so based in the goodness of our community. That is what Rippy is… he exemplifies the goodness that is Scarsdale.”

The final resolution was the Authorization to Conduct the Annual 15K/4M Road Races. For the past 51 years, the Village Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with the Scarsdale Antiques Running Club to sponsor the annual 15K, 4-mile, and Kids Fun Run road races in the Fox Meadow and Greenacres neighborhoods. This year’s races will take place on Sunday, April 11th from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM. The races will include Covid-19 mitigation measures and necessary staff support activities, including traffic control measures, event management, and public notification of race day detours.

As the last agenda item, Mayor Samwick announced the upcoming scheduled meetings:
Thursday, February 25, 2021, 5:00 PM – Village Board Work Session – via Zoom: To consider the appointment of individuals to various Boards, Councils and Committee Positions/Vacancies

Monday, March 01, 2021, 6:00 PM – Village Board Work Session – via Zoom: Advisory Council on Technology – Presentation of Village-Wide Information Technology Report

Tuesday, March 09, 2021, 7:00 PM – Village Board Regular Meeting – via Zoom (Subsequent Meeting Notice with Time and Format Changes to Follow)

Thursday, March 11, 2021, 5:00 PM – Village Board Work Session – via Zoom: Consider the appointment of individuals to various Boards, Councils and Committee Positions/Vacancies

Monday, March 22, 2021, 4:30 PM – Joint Meeting of the Scarsdale Board of Trustees and the Scarsdale Board of Education – via Zoom

Budget discussions:
Village Board Work Sessions – Zoom Video Conferencing Tuesday, March 09, 2021 – 5:00 P.M.  

Briefing Session – Zoom Video Conferencing:
-Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – 5:00 P.M. – Operating Budget
-Wednesday, March 03, 2021 – 5:00 P.M. – Capital Budget

FDPappalardoScarsdale Village Manager Steve PappalardoScarsdale’s Village Manager, Stephen M. Pappalardo, has announced plans to retire in July 2021 after 30 years in Scarsdale. Pappalardo was promoted from Deputy Village Manager to Village Manager in 2015 when longtime Village Manager Al Gatta retired. Pappalardo shepherded the Village through many difficult situations including severe storms, the 2016 tax revaluation, legal challenges and the COVID outbreak. But it wasn’t all crisis management. Under his stewardship the Village undertook a major renovation and expansion of the library and launched sustainability initiatives that are now being replicated in other towns. In addition, he got Con Edison to agree to pay for extensive road repaving in the Village when they disrupt roadways for installation and repair of gas lines.

Commenting on his decision to retire, Pappalardo said, “It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked for the Village of Scarsdale for the past 30+ years and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity afforded me by the Village Board to serve as your Village Manager for the past five. My positive professional experiences working for the Village are too numerous to list, as are the many wonderful people I have encountered, many of whom have enriched me and influenced my life both professional and personally. I consider myself fortunate and it has truly been a great career in public service for the Village.

Mayor Marc Samwick commented, “Steve’s leadership, professionalism, and fiscal stewardship have not only resulted in the Village of Scarsdale being recognized in municipal government circles as a model for local governance, but his efforts to maintain and enhance Scarsdale’s broader reputation as a great place to live and raise a family have yielded meaningful results in that our local quality of life has continued to remain in the top tier of suburban communities regionally and nationally throughout his over three decades of esteemed public service.” Mayor Samwick added, “Steve has been – and will always be – a treasured member of the Scarsdale family.”

Although Manager Pappalardo will be retiring this year, he is continuing to press forward on matters of local importance, with a keen eye on the FY 2021-22 Annual Budget and other important work needing his focused attention. He related to the Village Board, “. . . there is still much Village work to complete over the next five months and I remain fully committed to this effort. My July 12, 2021, retirement date allows for the completion of the FY2021-22 budget process and the close of the finances for FY2020- 21. Both will better inform us toward a path forward for the Village government into the new June 01, 2021, fiscal year and beyond, as we transition from COVID-19 back to normal operations.”

We asked Pappalardo what he planned to do after he leaves Scarsdale and he made it clear that he has lots to accomplish before he steps down in July. He said, “I’ve still got five months to go and much work to complete, not the least of which is the most difficult budget in a decade. That being the case, I plan on taking the summer months to consider my next move, but I envision working in some capacity leaving time for family, friends and hobbies.”

FDPappalardoVillage Manager Steve Pappalardo will retire this summer.Honoring Rippy Philipps, raising Recreation Department fees and snow clearing were just a few of the items discussed at the Village Board meeting on Tuesday February 9, 2021.

Vaccine Hotline

The Mayor opened the meeting with information on securing a vaccine. Westchester County has opened a hotline for seniors, over 65, who have been unable to get an appointment. If you qualify call 914-813-6300 to get help scheduling your vaccine.

Village Budget

The Village is currently holding work sessions on the proposed 2021-22 Village Budget which now stands at $60.3 mm, up $1.1 million from the 2020-21 budget. This budget does not call for any cuts in services. However, there is currently at $1.8 million gap in a balanced budget, due to a $576,000 in NYS pension expenses and $729,000 in lost revenues from parking and justice court fines.

If the Village has to raise taxes to cover the gap, it would mean a 4.37% Village tax increase of about $249 more in taxes for a property valued at $1.5mm. The board is working to lower this gap at upcoming budget sessions.


Villlage Manager Steve Pappalardo, who announced that he will retire later this year, gave an update on the Village’s efforts to remove snow from multiple storms. The largest snowfall occurred from Sunday January 31 to February 2, and Pappalardo reported that all told it was a 30 hour effort to remove up to 20 inches of snow. Staff from the Highway, Sanitation, Facilities, Parks and Water Department were all involved in plowing roads, clearing sidewalks, clearing recreational facilities and hauling snow.

After plowing, sanding and clearing sidewalks, on Wednesday February 3, 3,000 cubic feet of snow was hauled from Five Corners and the Village to the open Freightway lot.

In total, the effort involved:Phauh4Photo credit Vinnie Phauh
-30 pieces of equipment
-1,894 man hours of labor
-750 gallons of salt
-2,000 gallons of liquid calcium chloride

And the costs were:
$93,000 in overtime
$43,000 in materials

The snowstorm on Superbowl Sunday involved another 12 hours of work.


After considerable discussion, the Board approved a resolution to hold a public hearing on a resolution authorizing tax collections above the tax cap. The current tax levy limit is a 1.26% increase and this resolution would give the Board flexibility to raise property taxes in excess of that limit should it be necessary.

The Village Treasurer recommended that the Board approve the resolution.

Recreation Department Fees:

The Board turned to a resolution to set fees for recreation for 2021-22, recommending an overall 12.5% increase for:

Day Camp
Sports Camp
Soccer Camp
Teen Travel Camp
Halloween Window Painting
Basketball K-2 Sunday Clinic
K-8th Grade Flag Football
Basketball League
Pool Permits and Guest Fees

They also authorized the sale of 100 pool permits to non-resident families.

Trustee Justin Arest explained that all these increases are related to personnel costs and contractors that the Village hires for programming. For the Rec Camp there will be a COVID surcharge to cover additional transportation costs, as the Village is required to maintain social distancing on buses which will required two buses rather than one for some activities.

The fund balance or Enterprise Fund for the Scarsdale Pool has now been spent and there is a deficit for pool operations. The cost of a family pool permit will go up from $548 to $616. See the entire schedule of fees here


teenroomThe library is targeting a limited reopening on March 1, 2021. Details will be available here:

At the meeting, the Board accepted a gift for $37,311 for the library renovations from the Friends of the Scarsdale Public Library.

Renaming Crossway for Rippy Philipips

The Board heard many public comments on a resolution to rename Crossway Field as the Richard “Rippy” Philipps Field at Crossway.

The resolution reads as follows:

...Longtime Scarsdale resident Richard “Rippy” Philipps has been deeply involved in Scarsdale youth athletics for nearly three decades; and

...Mr. Philipps currently serves as the President of the Scarsdale Raiders Football, is a member of the Westchester Youth Football League Board, and previously served as an Executive Board member of the Scarsdale Youth Football League, having committed countless hours over the past 26 years to helping Scarsdale youth enjoy the game of football, while having also encouraged development of valuable life skills, including discipline and collaboration within a team framework; and

...Richard “Rippy” Philipps has not only committed his life to serving Scarsdale youth through his demonstrated leadership and commitment to supporting their recreational interests and enhancing their personal growth, as reflected in the attached bio, but his mentorship guides and supports our youth well after their last down on the field, as they continue on with their life pursuits; and a testament to his positive impact and lasting influence, more than 100 Scarsdale residents, including former football players, have recently written individually to the Village Board of Trustees requesting that the football field at the Crossway Athletic Complex (Crossway Football Field) on Mamaroneck Road be renamed in honor of Richard “Rippy” Philipps; and

...citing the “passion, dedication, love and the tireless and tremendous amounts of time Rippy has dedicated to the youth football program,” the transformative effect Mr. Philipps has had upon Scarsdale’s youth football players, and observing that Rippy is a “local institution, well respected and loved in the community,” the Advisory Council on Parks and Recreation voted unanimously to request that the Village Board consider renaming the Crossway Football Field in honor of Richard “Rippy” Philipps, a request supported by staff; now, therefore, be it

...that the football field at the Crossway Athletic Complex shall now be officially known as the Richard “Rippy” Philipps Field at Crossway, an honor held in the highest regard by the Village Board; and be it further

...that the Village Board extends its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Richard “Rippy” Philipps for his exemplary commitment and selfless dedication to advancing the physical fitness and positive maturation of Scarsdale’s youth through athletics.

There was overwhelming support expressed in emails and calls to the Board (see below). A vote on the resolution was held over to the next meeting to give more people the opportunity to comment.

Here are excerpts from some of the public comments from the meeting:

John McCann, who led the campaign said, “Over 120 letters were sent and they are still coming in. I was touched by many of the stories especially one written by my son without any reminder from me!”

Madelaine Eppenstein said, “I am offering my support for the Rippy Phillips resolution along with Betsy Bush, Kay Eisenman and Bart Hamlin who also recognize Rippy’s contribution and support the resolution. I recognize the importance of coaches in students’ lives.”

RippyRaidersDave Pechman supported renaming the field for Rippy. He said, “I started playing football in 8th grade and he was supportive. He pushed students at the right level for students at that age. He supported kids in high school and beyond. A whole generation of students owe a lot to Rippy.”

Brother Michael Philipps thanked the trustees for this honor for Rippy. He said, “He even compliments the opponents and offers to help them.”

Dean Borg, SHS ’80 called in from Florida and said that he (Borg) was captain of the SHS Football Team and Lacrosse Team and Rippy succeeded him. He said, “I have known him since he was 12. Rippy is cut in the same mold as Bill Dean, the man for which Dean Field is named.
His humility is amazing.”

Paul Fix choked back tears when he called, saying Rippy changed the trajectory of his life and will change the lives of his own children. He said, “There are not many others who walk this earth who care about Scarsdale the way Rippy does.”

Kathy Colman said she knows Rippy from when she served as President of Maroon and White. She said, “He was great with the history and support of the organization.”

Chris Pierro, a teacher and coach had the luxury of working with Rippy. He said, “He is concerned about the whole child, not just about winning on the football field.”

Robert Berg said he was “Delighted the Village is planning to honor Rippy Philipps by renaming the field for him. … he is so deserving of this honor.” About increases in the pool fees, he said,
“I fear it will drive membership down, but I do support selling memberships to non-residents.

About Rippy, Matt McCann said, “His relationships extend beyond the field. He never hesitated to assist.”

Bob Harrison said he knows Rippy and supports the renaming of the field and congratulated Steve Pappalardo on his retirement and management of these two storms. He asked to defer the purchase of a vehicle for $280,000 and said he would like to see the tax increase cut to 2%.

SHS Football Coach Andy Verboys said, “What is the key to my success? A great school district and a great town – and my secret weapon Rippy Philipps.”

Gail Leone spoke on behalf of the entire Leone family, saying “we support naming the field after Rippy…. He is not just a coach – he is a friend – and he became a part of our family. We can still hear him shouting on Crossway Field. Great friendships started there. We are excited and proud!”

One of the DiFalco boys said, “I can’t thank Rippy enough. He did so much for so many young men. He is a friend and a mentor.”

Paul Pechman, a 30 year resident said, “My boys had positive experiences on the team. Rippy was an example of teamwork, fairness, always thoughtful, kind and considerate”

Real Property Assessment of Converted Condominiums

Last, the Board of Trustees held a hearing and passed a resolution to close a loophole that permitted single family homes to be converted to condominiums and pay reduced taxes. The adoption of the law, “prevents lower assessments of residential property owned in fee simple form of ownership converted to condominium form of ownership. Conversion of homeowners’ associations (HOA) and single-family homes to a condominium form of ownership can result in significant tax savings for these property owners (by as much as 50%), while shifting the tax burden to the balance of Village property taxpayers.”

Since condominiums are valued on their potential rental income rather than their market value, this would have resulted in lost tax revenue for the Village.

The Board agreed that it was best to close this loophole as soon as possible and voted yes on this resolution.

surveyThe Ad Hoc Council to Combat Racism and Bias (CCRB), formed by resolution of the Village Board on July 20, 2020, is interested in learning about your viewpoints on diversity and inclusion in Scarsdale, including the incidence of discrimination and bias within the community.

To that end, the CCRB has been conducting listening sessions over the past several months with various segments of our community and is now expanding outreach to solicit insights and experiences from all residents, as well as others who visit, work, and have other occasion to be in Scarsdale. While such sessions have been focused on gaining insights from target Scarsdale population to-date, the next listening session, being held on Wednesday, January 27, at 8:00 PM by ZOOM, is to hear from all Scarsdale residents wishing to express their viewpoint or relate a specific experience. To participate, please send an email to the CCRB using and a confirmation will be provided, including the information needed to join the listening session. Please note that the CCRB listening sessions are not public meetings; only persons wishing to convey their relevant viewpoints and experience(s) are invited to participate and there will not be opportunity for Q&A or other form of public comment.

To facilitate broad public participation in this effort, including persons unable to attend a CCRB listening session, the CCRB has launched a Community Experience Questionnaire.

Every Scarsdale resident is requested to complete the online questionnaire, indicating whether they have experienced racism, bias, or discrimination in Scarsdale, and if so, to share such experiences with the Council. In addition, please provide ideas focused on how Scarsdale can be a more inclusive community. Non-residents are encouraged to complete the questionnaire, as well. Hard copies are available in the Village Hall lobby and may also be requested by emailing Feedback received will help to inform future public meetings on this topic and help to shape the findings and recommendations report that will be prepared and presented to the Village Board. Please take time to complete the Community Experience Questionnaire today.

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