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This notice was sent to Scarsdale10583 by the Greenacres Neighborhood Association:
Greenacres 4th of July

OutdoordiningIn addition to the opening of restaurants and salons, Scarsdale Village Hall is now open to the public. At the June 23 meeting of the Village Board, Village Manager Steve Pappalardo reported that Village Hall opened on Tuesday and greeted 91 visitors on their first day of business.

He ran through a list of precautions that have been taken to protect both Village employees and visitors and recommended that visitors make an appointment to come in rather than just stop by. Pappalardo said that plexiglass shields have been installed at the public counters and there are markings on the floor to remind people to maintain social distance. Before you enter Village Hall you will need to provide a photo ID for contact tracing, complete a verbal questionnaire and have your temperature taken. All visitors are required to wear masks. He thanked everyone for their patience.

In her trustee report, Jane Veron discussed a multitude of initiatives to bring business back to Scarsdale Village.

Here is her report:

First: With the passage of the new sidewalk legislation, merchants immediately sought permits, and the building department has already started issuing them.

Second: The Dine the 'Dale tent that was a concept two weeks ago is now a reality with 27 participating restaurants confirmed. Bango Bowls, Buon Amici, Cafe Alaia, Chat, Chop Stix, Cooked & Co, DeCiccos, Gianonni's, Haagen Dazs, Jackie B's, Kirari Sushi, La Renaissance, Le Curry, Martine's, Moscato, Parkway Cafe, Pizzarelli's Pizza, Popojito, Sapori, Ruffled Feathers, Scarsdale Metro, Scarsdale Pizza Station, Slice of Scarsdale, 808 Bistro, Via Forno, Westchester Burger and Yeomiji. You can enjoy table service, delivery or carry out - different restaurants have different options. Signage at the tent provides more information. There is a steady stream of patrons who use the space, and we are thrilled that residents are carefully cleaning up with sanitizing wipes. The SBA has been raising funds from property owners, real estate agencies and other sponsors to begin to cover the cost. Scarsdale Flower Shop has provided décor, and Scarsdale Security is managing the cameras. Given the tremendous popularity of this concept, we plan to add more tables adjacent to De Cicco's on East Parkway. We are also working with the other Scarsdale retail hubs to help them roll out similar, smaller scale initiatives. Right now, we're having active conversations with Garth Road, Scarsdale Avenue and the Golden Horseshoe.

Third: Paperwork has been filed with the State Liquor Authority so you can be served drinks in the Dine the 'Dale tent.

Fourth: Service businesses, many not at ground level, such as gyms and yoga studios, will be working with the Village Recreation department on programming.

Fifth: The Christie Place commuter garage is now available for three-hour parking on the PANGO app zone 10599.

Sixth: This year, the Sidewalk Sale will be a weeklong event from Monday, July 27 to Sunday, August 2, with the goal of coordination across all Scarsdale retail hubs, including the Golden Horseshoe and Five Corners. The Village Center will be closed to traffic to afford a pedestrian friendly, social distanced experience. The Special Committee is sensitive to the needs of all merchants and service providers no matter ground level or higher level occupants. To that end, during the Sidewalk Sale, the SBA is providing space for all such businesses to set up stations. It has been particularly helpful that the SBA contains representation from a cross section of the business community, and it's noteworthy that a top floor service provider sits on the executive committee.

Seventh: Music is in the works in partnership with the Scarsdale Arts Advisory Council. Prior to Phase Four, we are hoping for instrumental or a couple vocalists. After Phase Four, we are hoping for more entertainment in Chase Park with a tentative plan for musical talent during the Sidewalk Sale.

Eighth: Generosity continues with an offer to provide much overdue pruning of Boniface Circle shrubs. The hope is to enhance the aesthetics of that area, to make it more inviting and publicly accessible. Thank you to Friends of the Scarsdale Parks and Susan Douglas's Forum committee for leading the charge.

Ninth: Multiple groups have pulled together to create a movie night to bring the community together and to support local restaurants. Thank you to the Friends of the Scarsdale Library and the Village Recreation Department as well as local volunteers.

Later in the meeting, the Trustees passed a resolution authorizing the Sidewalk Sale for a full week, to give businesses a boost and allow patrons to shop. The sale will be held in the Village Center but also at the Heathcote Five Corners and Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center from Monday July 27 to Sunday August 2 from 10 am to 6 pm each day. The sale will require the closure of Boniface Circle, Spencer Place and Harwood Court. However, 3-hour resident parking will be available in Christie Place and additional merchant parking will be available in the Freightway Lot.

Trustee Justin Arest addressed concerns about parking, saying, “We lost 12 parking spots (from the construction of the dining tent), but we gained 100 spots in the Christie Lot where commuter parking will be converted to 3-hour parking meters for shoppers.”

He also warned residents that parking enforcement has been lax during the pandemic but now the normal forces are out.

Trustee Lena Crandall noted the passing of Gay McCreery who served as the President of the Scarsdale Woman’s Club for two terms. Her husband Bill served as a trustee of Scarsdale Village.

Crandall also noted that weekly food scrap pick up has resumed on the same schedule as it was previously.

Trustee Jonathan Lewis reported that the Village Council on Human Relations is doing a survey to determine how the Village can be more inclusive.

During public comments, Bob Harrison encouraged kids and adults to sign up for tennis permits online. He said, “We are concerned that the Middle School Tennis Courts are restricted to singles play "only " now even though the six courts are separated to use only three courts for social distancing. We strongly urge the Rec Department and Village Board to allow doubles play on the Middle School Tennis Courts. We are willing to fund the cost of nets to separate the courts for doubles play as seen at indoor tennis facilities. The indicated cost of the nets is about $ 1,000 per court. We have run the Scarsdale Summer Youth Tennis League as a volunteer for 35 years with over 1,800 youth tennis players over the years. We may not be able to run the five-week Youth League this summer because of the coronavirus.”

He continued, “We urge our youth and adults to email the Mayor and Rec Dept. at to allow doubles play for families and all at the Middle School Tennis Courts now for the summer. Contact us at 914 725-0962 or by email at with any questions or comments.”

Myra Saul called in to comment on the sidewalks which are crowded with both walkers and bike riders. As a walker, she believes bikers should ride in the roadways and asked the Village to consider installing bike lanes.

Nicholas Thompson expressed concern about the reduced parking now that the tent has been erected on Spencer Place. He also asked how pedestrians and people with wheelchairs or strollers would have room on the sidewalk once the vendors are permitted to set up outside.

Randy Whitestone congratulated the 2020 graduating class. He said, “I was hoping to get a road map for the budget for the fiscal year.” He also echoed concerns about traffic safety as “People are home who are not usually at home,” and brought up the problem of leaf blowers which are continuing to be used past the June 1 deadline.

Mayor Samwick responded to Whitestone’s question about the budget and said data comes in over time. “At this juncture there is not any indication that we are off track. It is very early. We will continue to monitor and review the budget on a monthly basis.”

Robert Berg discussed the temporary village code amendment to allow business to be done on the sidewalks. He said, “I urge you to expand the provision to permit other businesses than ground floor businesses to use the sidewalk. He said that attorneys, therapists and chiropractors should be allowed to meet with potential clients outside, saying, “Other businesses are trying to survive…. You are discriminating against these businesses….There is more than enough room.”

Mayor Samwick responded saying, “There is no discrimination going on. We want all of our Village businesses and merchants to prosper and thrive. We may use Chase Park as a venue. There is a big difference between a retail tenant and those doing business on upper floors. The sidewalk change is just one tool in our toolbox.”

In other business:

-The Board approved the sale of a surplus vehicle for $12,900.

-The Board passed a resolution to allow Scarsdale firefighters to run an event called, “Fill the Boot” to benefit the muscular dystrophy association on September 10, 2020.

-The Board approved gifts of $1,500 from Leona Kern, $1,000 from the Henry Laird Smit Foundation directed by Jeanette Sloan Warner and a $1,000 matching gift from Goldman Sachs for the Scarsdale Library.

-The Board approved and intermunicipal agreement with Westchester County for youth sports programs. The County of Westchester will reimburse Scarsdale $3,688 payable quarterly for the program year.

Watch the meeting online here

schoolsclosedTo the Editor: We had intended to provide this note earlier but have been waiting for a response to our Freedom of Information Request to the District, which they provided in a very timely manner. This note is longer than usual but we believe of utmost importance to the future of our schools. If you have not yet sent in your ballot, we implore you to read it in full and please take the time to mail your ballot to the District, in the postage-prepaid envelope, regardless of your vote.

We have recently received our ballots for the Scarsdale Union Free School District budget vote and election for the Board of Education. We felt it prudent to weigh in on these essential matters. The budget vote this year carries far more repercussions than is typical. In a normal year, if a budget vote fails, as happened several years ago, the District may go back to the drawing board and make changes before a revote. That is not the case this year. Should the budget vote fail, Scarsdale is likely to be forced to adopt a contingency budget which will result in cuts to many school programs, cuts to maintenance and improvements (including security), fewer teachers through attrition and, possibly, larger class sizes. I do not believe that this is the direction most of us envision or desire for our schools. We endorse the budget as proposed and advocate a yes vote on the budget to maintain the excellence and leadership of our schools.

This year also marks a change in the typical School Board election. In normal years, any resident wishing to run for a seat on the school board would be required to gather the required number of signatures in order to qualify for the ballot. This hurdle was suspended by Governor Cuomo this year due to the pandemic. It was thus easier for a declared candidate to be placed on the ballot.

We would typically welcome the opportunity for greater choice in our elections, however, this year we are presented with a start choice for School Board. There is no question that Mayra Kirkendall-Rodriguez has spent significant time volunteering for causes in Scarsdale. We are concerned that her comments are often critical and acerbic. We are also troubled by her mailed flyer which refers to “endorsements in the Scarsdale Inquirer.” The Scarsdale Inquirer has chosen to endorse Ms. Yusuf and Mr. Klein, not Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez. We believe that Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez should have provided attribution to the quotes so that it was clear they were personal endorsements. This is the attention to detail that she espouses.

The following email exchange, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request most clearly demonstrates our concerns. On March 8, 2020, Dr. Hagerman sent an email to District families informing them of the closure of the District schools. The email was sent the same day that the District received information of a positive test result. The Westchester County Health Department suggested the closure of schools and the District appropriately followed their advice. Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez replied to the email as follows, “This is incredible. This is SO disruptive to people who are in the labor force. Where are the science and math to back this up?” Instead of supporting a decision suggested by medical professionals, Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez’s reaction was to accuse the District of failing to act properly. While we understand the disruption to families by the decision to close the schools, protecting the health and safety of our children simply must come before the convenience of working parents. We are surprised and concerned that an individual running for school board does not agree. When Dr. Hagerman responded that the District was simply following the advice of the Department of Health, Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez further responded, “Are schools going to shut down now every time that people die of flu, traffic accidents, or gun shootings…what happened to the math that Scarsdale schools allegedly espouse? And what about empathy…there is no empathy for people in the labor force…” Once again, we are extremely concerned that Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez’s first thought is for the inconvenience suffered by working parents and not the health and safety of our children. This is the type of reactive rhetoric that has no place on our School Board. Her claim to take in all evidence and provide considered advice seems more aspirational, but when confronted with something that she does not support, Ms. Kirkendall-Rodriguez becomes reactive and accusatory. She does not gather evidence before responding but forms her opinion quickly. We believe that she does not have the appropriate disposition, perspective and thoughtfulness that she claims. Her own words make her a bad choice for school board.

In full disclosure, we are happy to provide the entire text of the emails to avoid any suggestion of selective editing. Feel free to send us an email at and you will receive a prompt response.

Roger Neustadt

28 Franklin Road
Scarsdale Coalition for Safer Schools

hyattplaygroundGood news from the Scarsdale Recreation Department. The Scarsdale Pool Complex will open, but not until July 18. Kids can use Village playgrounds and tennis players can play doubles on Village Courts. Here are the details along with guidelines for use– and more. Read the entire memo on the Village website here

Municipal Pool Complex
The Municipal Pool Complex will open on Saturday, July 18. Pool permit purchases will be discounted 25% from the regular prices and are available for purchase online. Seniors will receive an additional discount, as per our normal pricing structure.

The pool complex will be operated in a manner meeting or exceeding NYS and Westchester County public health standards in order to make visits safe and enjoyable. More details to come as the reopening plan continues to take shape, informed by the abundant feedback we received in response to the resident survey recently circulated – thanks for participating.

Camp Programs
Although it became necessary to cancel our traditional summer camp programs, Governor Cuomo has granted authority to move forward with other camp programs, subject to a variety of public health mandates and guidance. We are working with the Westchester County Health Department to identify program offerings that can be provided safely during the months of July and August.

Governor Cuomo has authorized playgrounds to open on a statewide basis, “subject to local discretion.” Accordingly, Scarsdale playgrounds are now open for public use, subject to the following recommendations.

Parents should recognize that no reasonable disinfection protocol is available to make outdoor playground equipment safe from potential exposure to a variety of pathogens, such as COVID-19 and others. As such, parents choosing to allow their children to use playground equipment should help children follow these guidelines:

• Don’t visit the playground if it is crowded.
• Don’t visit if you are sick, have tested positive for COVID-19, or were recently (within
14 days) exposed to COVID-19.
• Do maintain a distance of at least six feet away from people you don’t live with.
• Do bring and use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Anyone unable to safely use hand sanitizer should not use the playground equipment.
• Do wear a cloth face covering, if you are able. Cloth face coverings should not be placed on children under age 2 or anyone with problems breathing.

Parents may authorize their children to use playground equipment at their own discretion. New signage is posted at each playground to encourage appropriate public health practices.

Please adhere to all rules and regulations governing use of our parks and facilities. If you are unsure, contact Parks, Recreation and Conservation staff by phone at 914-722-1160, or by email using During evenings and weekends, please contact the Scarsdale Police Department at 914-722-1200.

All park restroom facilities remain closed at this time.

Passive Use Guidance
Passive and solitary recreational use of open facilities and spaces is authorized, but social distancing of at least six feet is required. Examples of “passive use” activities include, for example, birding, hiking, walking, jogging, kite flying, and small family group (same household) recreation activities, except the prohibited activities and uses listed above.

Please also note that a mask/face covering is mandatory for all park and facility visitors when within six feet of others.

Tennis Courts and Lesson Programs
Doubles play is now authorized and will be available at the following courts by reservation, only: Brite Avenue, Wynmor, Crossway Har-Tru and High School. Additionally staff has been meeting with our tennis lesson contractor, Lifetime Racquet Sports to establish a lesson program focused around the safety and health of both patrons and professional instructor. We anticipate an early July rollout of lesson offerings.

All players need to help be sure we can keep the courts open by demonstrating compliance with the reservation process and facility rules:

• Players must have a valid Tennis Permit to access courts. Permits are available for purchase online from the Parks and Recreation website registration page.
• Reservations are mandatory and limited to one-hour timeslots to ensure residents have equal opportunity for play. Once we gauge demand, this policy may be revisited.
• Court Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to play.
• Please arrive ten minutes prior to your reservation and wait in the designated area while
maintaining social distancing – no groups; face covering required within six feet of
• Singles play will be permitted at all open courts.
• Double play will be limited to Brite Avenue, Wynmor, Crossway Har-Tru and High
School courts.
• Players must check-in with attendant before playing; face covering required at check-in.
• All players will be required to show a photo ID or permit when checking-in.
• No lessons are permitted – only residents and their registered guests.
• Bathroom facilities will remain closed – please prepare accordingly.
• Players may choose to wear a face covering and gloves while playing, but not mandatory.

Summer Programs (July and August)
Governor Cuomo stated on Sunday, June 14, that “Low-Risk Youth Sports,” defined as baseball, softball, gymnastics, field hockey, cross country and crew will be authorized as of July 06 for any location that has been authorized to enter Phase III, which may be as early as next week for Westchester County.

Other Special Events
Decisions on the following programs have not been made at this time and depend on a number of variables, including the ability to hold each event in compliance with public health mandates and guidelines in-place at the time of each event:

• Summer concert series with Westchester Band in Chase Park
• Parties in the Park
• Bike and Blade Night

Prohibited Activities and Uses
The following activities and uses continue to be universally prohibited throughout all Village of Scarsdale parks and recreational facilities, with the next modification expected to occur after Westchester County enters Phase III (now in Phase II):

• Public gatherings greater than 10 people, consistent with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders and directives.

• Any court or other facility with a sign prohibiting use.

• Team sports, e.g., baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer, etc.

Basketball courts, exercise stations, and bathrooms remain closed at this time.

Click here to read more about specific facilities:

ScarsdaleBOTDear Scarsdale Community,

During the march from Selma in 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

We are dismayed that justice – more than 52 years after Dr. King’s death – is still not clearly in view.

Rather than justice, we see the image of George Floyd, pinned with a knee to the ground and unresponsive. We are confronted with the harsh reality of Mr. Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer. And, we must recognize that the use of excessive police force resulting in death is a chronic problem on the national level, one that disproportionately impacts black Americans and other people of color.

We stand with our neighbors in outrage now and always when any individual sworn to protect and serve commits an indefensible act of violence.

We must demand swift and appropriate prosecution for each offense committed, and endeavor to remove officers with demonstrated failure to respect basic human rights before such behavior escalates to loss of life.

We must do more as a nation. Prosecution of the latest action of a “bad cop” taking the life of a black citizen is a start. But, more fundamentally, we need to examine how we, as individuals, communities, and as a nation, can begin to make genuine progress in attacking an insidious disease capable of destroying civil society: Racism.

Our values in Scarsdale are clear and unequivocal: We demand safety, equity, and justice, firmly rejecting racism in all its forms. In our personal and professional lives, we devote substantial energy and resources to effect positive change in our community and the world beyond. To that end, the Village Board of Trustees is committed to supporting an environment where public discourse on the topic of racism can help bring us closer to the nation we can be, to the nation that we should be.

Our police force is amongst the finest, as recognized by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. We can take comfort in being served and protected by a highly trained and professional police force with a demonstrated track record of maintaining a safe and secure environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors, alike.

One of the strengths of our Police Department is the diversity and character of its personnel. Our officers come from varied socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. They are mothers and fathers, and daughters and sons of families who are proud that their loved ones chose a profession that places others above themselves. We train, teach, and require that our officers exercise the utmost professionalism, restraint, and good judgement, demonstrating respect for all persons they contact, regardless of economic status, gender, color, or any of the other characteristics that are often used to divide people.

Our Police Department is accountable for valuing all human life and integrates that responsibility into its interactions with every contact, whether a complainant, victim, or person in custody, assuring that each is equally protected and treated with the utmost dignity.

The Village of Scarsdale emphatically supports peaceful protest and assembly. We also believe that a safe environment is critical to encouraging appropriate public discourse on sensitive, emotionally-charged topics; people should be able have their voices heard, understood, and acted upon, not overshadowed by a breakdown in civil society.

Yes, the arc of the moral universe is long, and it does indeed bend toward justice. We owe it to ourselves and our children to get there.

Mayor Marc Samwick
Trustee Justin Arest
Trustee Jonathan Lewis
Trustee Rochelle Waldman
Deputy Mayor Jane Veron
Trustee Lena Crandall
Trustee Seth Ross

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