Scarsdale Schools to Permit Visitors, Spectators and School Trips

auditoriumAfter an outcry from heartbroken parents who could not attend their children’s sporting events and performances in the schools, Superintendent Thomas Hagerman announced an “adjustment” to school policies on Tuesday January 18, 2022. These new rules pertain to spectators in the schools and to school trips.

Citing improving COVID metrics, the Superintendent announced that each student will be permitted two spectators at a school event, as long as the event space is not filled to greater than 50% capacity.

Visitors, who were previously barred from entering the schools, will now be permitted after school hours, provided that they wear masks and remain six feet apart. This new rule will allow parent and community meetings to be held in the schools.

School Trips

Educationally relevant field trips (without overnight stays) are now being allowed with risk mitigation efforts in place, including masking, regardless of venue rules.

Trips that require an overnight stay are being allowed as long as a parent or legal guardian can accompany each student. No transportation will be provided.

All mitigation measures must be followed by all participants and attendees, including mask-wearing, regardless of venue rules.

Commenting on the news, SHS parent Claire Paquin said, "I am very happy that the Administration listened to the student-athletes and the community and decided to eliminate the spectator ban. It is definitely a step in the right direction to allow two spectators per athlete and to allow teams to travel overnight again."