Fifth Graders Learn to Save a Life at Fox Meadow

cpr2The following was submitted by Tali Orad of Fox Meadow

It became a tradition at the Fox Meadow Elementary school to teach the 5th graders the basic and very important chocking rescue technique. Every Spring, just before graduation, a group of dedicated 5th graders stay after school to learn a new skill.
The program, led by Fox Meadow's nurse Ms. Cliona Cronin and given by Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps Emergency Medical Technicians, Marc Guthartz and his team, aim to teach the kids how to avoid choking ("sit when you eat, don't run around"), as well as what to do when someone next to them is choking.

cpr1As the last bell rings and the class begin, SVAC volunteers demonstrating proper choking techniques on a mannequin. This is not any mannequin, "Choking Charlie" is its name, and it shows tricks. Then they continue with discussing why we are breathing and that it means to have an abstraction of air. Marc, leading the session starts with how one can distinguish between a partial airway abstraction and a full one, hint - in partial, one can speak or caught - this sparks a lively discussion among the kids. The 5th graders are also being thought the universal choking sign. The fun part for the children is when they get a chance to practice the Heimlich maneuver skill on the mannequin. Choking Charlie and his friends are being passed around and each child gets a turn to practice. The class is almost over as the team share some important tips with the kids on how to stay safe and when to call 911.
By the time the class is done, the kids have a basic idea on how to prevent choking and what to do if one does. They even receive a certificate that they successfully completed the class.

cpr4The program started in 2014 by Tali Orad with the support of former principle Duncan Wilson. Tali formed an organization to promote CPR education after saving a life of a 1 years old child using CPR. This year is marked as the 5th year that Fox Meadow offer this class. Marc and Nurse Cronin, with the support of the new principal work very hard to have this session offered as part of the after school curriculum.
Tali and the entire team are grateful that this program found support at the FM school. Tali adds that she is "proud of all 5th graders participating in this class, knowing how important the skill is. A 9 years old can save a life, and a 9 years old did.This story is from Boston where a third grader saved her best friend, as she was choking at school just one day after learning the Heimlich Maneuver. I hope we will not hear of any child choking in FM but if they do, I know they will know what to do."

cpr3A very special thank you to Nurse Cronin, Marc Guthartz and his team, Fox Meadow interim Principal Karen Eldon, Assistant Principal Melissa Feinberg, SVAC, Tali Orad, and of course the 5th grade parents and the kids for supporting and participating in this free program.
Hopefully this story will inspire the other four elementary schools in town.