15th Annual Scarsdale Concours Draws Cars and People to the Village

ScarsdaleConcours2Around 130 cars filled the streets of Scarsdale Village on Sunday, October 7th for the 15th annual Scarsdale Concours D’Elegance. 103 cars were pre-registered for the show, and others drove to the show and entered their cars upon arrival.

The weather forecast played an important role in this year’s show. The overcast skies and slight drizzle the morning of the show led many who pre-registered their cars to leave their special vehicles at home to avoid water damage. Consequently, some of the pre-registered cars were not present at the show. Many car owners wait until the day of the show to register their vehicle to ensure nice weather. Although clouds filled the sky on the morning of October 7, the weather cleared up for the afternoon and those who did attend the show were able to enjoy a sunny day.

The Scarsdale Concours D’Elegance is a charity event and all proceeds are donated to local organizations. Donations this year were record-breaking; significant funds were raised for the Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Scarsdale PBA, and Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Services.

The vintage and exotic cars present at the show often have special meaning to their owners. Many vintage cars have extraordinary stories behind them, especially those that still belong to their original owners. Stuart Royal, a member of the Scarsdale community and owner of Royal Green Appliances in White Plains, enters his vintage car into the show each year. He is the original owner of a 1973 Volvo 1800 ES. This year, Royal was awarded the Preservation Award by the judges, which means that he has done an exemplary job keeping his car in great condition.

ScarsdaleConcours3Royal originally bought the car in 1973 due to rising gasoline prices that made driving his previous car too costly. The Volvo, which Royal describes as a “muscle car,” was much more fuel efficient. Royal immediately fell in love with the car, and still drives it 4-5 times a year.

ScarsdaleConcours100718 169Stuart Royal Receives the Preservation AwardIn his 45 years as owner of this car, Royal has many memories that involve driving this special vehicle. The car holds a special familial importance since Royal met his wife while driving this car. He also recalls driving the car all the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a car event. The car has maintained its functionality throughout the 45 years; Royal is proud that his vehicle has never broken down. “It is an amazing car,” he says.

Memorable stories like Royal’s are not uncommon at the Scarsdale Concours D’Elegance. The unique cars that are displayed each have a story behind them, which adds to their significance.

The show’s spectators were impressed by the array of vehicles on display. While many visitors had attended previous shows, both newcomers and returnees enjoyed the day. The show’s board members are proud that their hard work paid off and look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come.

Photo Credit: Andi Schreiber