13 Elected to Citizens Nominating Committee, All Amendments Pass

electionresultsHow did Scarsdale vote in the Citizen’s Nominating Committee election on November 13, 2018? Here are the numbers as reported by Madelaine Eppenstein, Chair of the Procedure Committee, who ran the election.

All of the proposed amendments to the Non-Partisan resolution passed. The biggest change is that the leadership of the TVCC (now the Scarsdale Forum) will no longer run the proceedings of the nominating committee. Instead, the leadership of the nominating committee will come from those elected to serve on the committee.

For the CNC election, here are the number of votes for each district and the candidates who will serve on the nominating committee.

Here are the vote counts:

Ballots by District Unit

Edgewood 65
Fox Meadow 111
Greenacres 57
Heathcote 43
Quaker Ridge 68

Total Votes: 344

Elected CNC Members, 3-year terms unless otherwise noted:

Edgewood: Sergi Flaster; Linda Killian; Stephen Baer, 1-year term

Fox Meadow: Richard Pinto; Jill Spielberg

Greenacres: Jon Krisbergh; Alan Lewis

Heathcote: David Bunzel; Adam Rilander; Bob Wolloch, 2-year term; Anne Zink, 1-year term

Quaker Ridge: Lee Fischman; Larry Dobosh

Procedure Committee Proposed Amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution:
Amendment Ballots: 289

Ballots approving all amendments: 217 (75%)