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greenacrestreeA large tree fell on Greenacres Avenue on Friday afternoon and took down the power lines.High winds took down a large pine tree on Greenacres Avenue on Friday afternoon October 12. The tree fell onto the power lines and knocked out power to residents on Greenacres Avenue and Brayton until 7 pm that night.

At approximately 1:30 PM a tree fell on Greenacres Avenue that resulted in downed power lines. The Scarsdale Police and Fire Departments responded, notified Con Edison of the downed wires and notified Public Works of the pending need to remove a downed tree once the lines are de-energized.The tree also hit and damaged a car in a neighboring driveway. According to Con Edison’s outage map, approximately 38 customers lost power on Greenacres Avenue (Between Kingston Road and Huntington Avenue) and on Brayton Road. Con Edison responded quickly and power was restored that evening.

On Oct. 12, police arrested Cesar E. Suclufe, 33, of White Plains on the strength of an active bench warrant issued on July 18, 2018, for unresolved vehicle and traffic charges. Suclufe was in custody of Ardsley police for an unrelated matter, and Ardsley police contacted Scarsdale police for pickup and transfer. Scarsdale police officers picked up Suclufe and arrested him. Suclufe was taken to headquarters for arrest processing. At the recommendation of the district attorney’s office, Suclufe was released on $200 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Oct. 17, to settle the outstanding charges.

Missing checks
On Oct. 9, a Catherine Road man reported that about 10 to 15 bank checks written to him went missing from the center console of his car. The man said the checks added up to around $11,000. The man said he last saw the checks inside his car around the time he went to the UPS store in New Rochelle. Later when he wanted to deposit the checks into his account, he noticed the checks were missing. The man said his car was unlocked while he was conducting business at the UPS store.

Check fraud
On Oct. 8, a Walworth Avenue man reported someone cashed a fraudulent check against his account. The check, written for $2,750, was made out to a mentorship company, of which the man knows nothing. It was a computer-generated check without a signature. Nor did it fall in line with the man’s other checks, numerically.

A Harwood Court business owner called police because he wanted to document an incident he found suspicious Oct. 10. A man allegedly walked into the store and gave the business owner a clock that had been in his father’s jewelry store in the Bronx in the late 1970s. The man also asked the business owner to appraise numerous pieces of jewelry. The business owner asked the man where he got the clock and the jewelry. The man said he worked for a lawyer who had asked him to get a value on the items. The business owner provided a rough value of the jewelry pieces, and the man gave the business owner the clock. Although no crime was committed, the business owner wanted police to document the incident in case future similar incidents occurred.

Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

According to Scarsdale Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 34 incidents this week, including the incidents listed below.

On Oct. 11, firefighters responded to a report of a natural gas odor in a Richbell Road house and detected positive readings for explosive gas near the gas regulator. Firefighters called Con Edison and stood by.

On Oct. 11, a Brookline Road resident reported a carbon monoxide alarm sounding in the house. Firefighters discovered elevated CO levels in the basement. Residents evacuated the house. Con Edison determined the CO was coming from a malfunctioning oil-fired boiler. The boiler was shut down, and firefighters ventilated the house. Boiler service was recommended.

On Oct. 11, an East Parkway apartment resident accidentally left a stove burner in the “on” position while the resident was out of the apartment. An odor of natural gas developed. Firefighters shut off the stove and ventilated the apartment.

On Oct. 12, firefighters helped Con Edison gain entry to a Boulder Brook Road house to evaluate possible interior infiltration of gas from gas leak at the resident’s outside meter. No gas readings were found inside the house.

On Oct. 13, water was leaking from beneath a cabinet holding a coffee station in a convenience store on Scarsdale Avenue. The water was accumulating on the floor near electrical outlets. Firefighters shut circuit breakers to the outlets, unplugged appliances and advised staff to call an electrician and a plumber.

On Oct. 13, a metal street lamp on Garth Road was reported to be smoking, possibly due to an electrical short in the wiring. Firefighters did not see the fixture smoking, but checked it anyway. A check with an electricity sensor determined the pole was not energized and was safe. The highway department was notified to check the fixture the following day.

An outdoor barbecue grill on White Birch Lane was leaking natural gas Oct. 13. Firefighters determined the gas line had been severed due to movement of the grill. They shut the gas supply to the grill and stood by for Con Edison.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 8-14 has been compiled from official information.

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prescription bottlesArrests: Following up on a noise complaint about two people yelling in a white sedan at Nelson Road and Boulevard at 1:30 a.m., Oct. 3, police encountered a girlfriend and boyfriend arguing in the car. While speaking with the couple, police noticed a strong odor of marijuana and saw a bag of pill bottles in the backseat, as well as an open container of beer in the passenger side door compartment. Police asked the couple to exit the car and noticed a handbag containing a jar of marijuana, a codeine pill and various drug paraphernalia. Burnt aluminum foil and a hollowed out pen containing burn marks were also discovered in the car. Both the driver and her passenger denied ownership of the drugs and drug paraphernalia. At that time, the driver – Michelle Zicca, 23, of Hartsdale – and her passenger –Ari J. Krapin, 25, of Scarsdale – were arrested on charges of unlawful possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Krapin was also charged with possession of an open container of alcohol with intent. Following their arrests, each defendant was released on her/his own recognizance and ordered, with an appearance ticket, to appear in court on Oct. 3.

On Oct. 7, police arrested Zhijun Li, 50, of Flushing, on charges of third-degree assault with the intent to cause physical harm and endangering the welfare of a child. The arrest occurred outside a Brite Avenue house, where Li was accused of physically assaulting the homeowner’s sister-in-law, while Li’s 4-year-old child was in the room. At the time of his arrest, Li was wearing a white T-shirt stained with blood. He told police he had just had an argument with his wife over their son taking a bath. The homeowner allegedly separated Li and Li’s wife during the altercation and called police. Li’s wife sustained a bloody nose, a bloody lip and swelling to the left portion of her face. Following his arrest, Li was transported to Village Justice Court, where he was arraigned. He was released on $250 cash bail. A temporary order of protection was issued in favor of the wife and son. Li was ordered to appear again in court Oct. 10.

Identity theft
On Oct. 1, a Sheldrake Road man reported several fraudulent PayPal transactions were processed through his Chase Bank account. The transactions amounted to more than $36,000.00.

On Oct. 1, a Sheldrake Road resident reported someone attempted to open a fraudulent Amazon credit card account in his name without his permission.
A Fox Meadow Road woman reported money was stolen out of her business account Oct. 2.

On Oct. 3, a Southwoods Lane resident reported she was the victim of credit card fraud. Two fraudulent purchases, totaling $226, had been made on her Macy’s credit card. Her Victoria’s Secret card also had fraudulent charges on it, totaling approximately $1,000.

Someone attempted to use a Brite Avenue woman’s credit card to charge a purchase from Oct. 3. Wayfair canceled the order when the purchaser attempted to change the delivery address on the fraudulent purchase to an address in Florida.
A Mamaroneck Road woman reported fraudulent information on her credit report Oct. 4.

On Oct. 8, a Walworth Avenue resident reported an incident of identity theft.

Domestic matters
On Oct. 7, an Edgewood wife called police because her husband allegedly came home drunk and she “did not want to speak with him in that condition,” she said. Police advised the woman about resources available to her. The husband volunteered to go to a friend’s house for the night.

Police mediated a dispute between an Edgewood man and his girlfriend Oct. 8. The man asked police to request that his girlfriend leave his house, and the girlfriend wanted the man to return clothing items to her. The clothing was properly returned, and the girlfriend left the house while patrol stood by.

Unknown caller
On Oct. 5, a Crossway man reported he has been receiving unwanted calls from an unknown caller. The male caller asks for “Grandpa” in the calls. However, the man has no grandchildren. He believes the voice of the caller sounded like the voice of an estranged relative. The man wanted police to document the calls in case they became more frequent.

A woman reported tripping on a pothole on East Parkway and falling to the street Oct. 6. She said she hurt her ankles and knees from the fall. She declined medical attention and said she would follow up with her personal physician.

Cars and roadways
Police controlled traffic around a disabled car at Post and Burgess Road while the car’s tire was being changed Oct. 1.

A parked car on Montrose Road was interfering with roadway paving Oct. 2. However, since the stated dates on the “no parking” sign were incorrect, police informed the village engineer’s office that the car could not be towed.

A parked car with a flat tire was interfering with village paving on Claremont Road Oct. 2. Posted “no parking” signs prevented cars from parking on the street at the time of the incident. Police had the car towed away.

Police directed traffic around a stalled car on Post Road at 8:30 a.m., Oct. 3.

Police stood by while a disabled car was towed from Christie Place Oct. 3.

Police notified the proper utility companies about fallen utility wires on Walworth Avenue Oct. 5.

Police closed an open trunk of a car parked on Tunstall Road at 2:30 a.m., Oct. 6.

Police placed a traffic cone inside a Mamaroneck Road pothole Oct. 7.

A driver hit a raised manhole cover on Mamaroneck Road and got a flat tire Oct. 7. On Oct. 7, police helped the driver park his car in the middle school parking lot overnight where it would remain until the driver could return to change the tire. Police drove the driver to the village line, from where he could walk home.

Police notified the water department about a broken pipe on Murray Hill Road Oct. 8.

Police dispersed people sitting and talking inside parked cars on Potter Road Oct. 8.

Police moved a tire to the side of Walworth Avenue for removal by sanitation Oct. 8.

On Oct. 3, police chased a healthy fox away from a Highland Way lawn.

A coyote was reported on Penn Boulevard Oct. 6.

Village code
Police dispersed kids hanging out in Hyatt Park after 2 a.m., Oct. 2.

A caller complained of noise from a generator at a Cushman Road construction site Oct. 5. Police notified the contractor in charge of the site, and the contractor said he would go to the site and turn off the generator.

Police dispersed kids playing music on the playground of Greenacres School after dark Oct. 5.

Police dispersed kids from Mayflower and Colonial roads after dark Oct. 6.

Police gave a landscaper cutting grass on Post Road before 10 a.m. a village code violation warning Oct. 7.

Police dispersed uninvited guests from a supervised youth party on Greendale Road Oct. 7.

Lost and found
A Colonial Road woman reported losing a purse in an Uber from JFK to her house Oct. 2. The Uber driver allegedly said he did not find a purse in his car; nor did he recall seeing it. It contained cash, foreign currency, U.S. passports, a Gucci card holder, a driver’s license and credit cards.

A wallet containing a Chase credit card was found on East Parkway and Chateaux Circle Oct. 3. Police notified Chase Bank in order for a bank employee to notify the cardholder.

A passerby found a driver’s license and Green card on East Parkway and gave them to police for safekeeping Oct. 5.

Firefighters responded to 45 incidents during this reporting period. The following notable incidents were shared:

A Post Road false fire alarm was possibly set off by someone vaping in a public restroom Oct. 1.

Firefighters called Con Edison to address a gas leak in the sewer system on Oxford Road Oct. 1.
An overheated on-demand hot water heater in a Stratton Road kitchen was smoking Oct. 2. Firefighters removed the appliance and advised the resident to replace it.

Firefighters helped Con Edison check surrounding houses for possible gas infiltration from a gas leak on Ridgecrest North Oct. 4.

At a Cushman Road homeowner’s request, firefighters checked a boiler room for possible carbon monoxide due to work being completed Oct. 5. No readings were detected.

Firefighters helped Con Edison check surrounding houses for possible gas infiltration from a gas leak on Spier Road Oct. 5.

Firefighters helped locked-out Palmer Avenue resident get back inside his house Oct. 6.

On Oct. 7, firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a Bradley Road interior gas odor.
Firefighters were called to wash down a bloodstain on the sidewalk at East Parkway and Christie Place following an EMS call Oct. 7.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 1-8 has been compiled from official information.

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PublicSafetyDWI Arrest: On Sept. 23, police arrested Robinson Rueda, 39, of Bridgeport, CT, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol content of at least .18, speeding in zone, moving from a lane unsafely, a seat belt violation and an equipment violation of inadequate lights. The arrest occurred following a traffic stop on Post Road after midnight, Police observed Rueda’s 2009 Hyundai Elantra traveling at a high rate of speed, swerving across pavement markings and lacking lit headlights. Upon encountering Rueda in his car, police noticed visible signs of intoxication and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He told police he had consumed “two” alcoholic beverages. During the traffic stop, while police were checking Rueda’s license and registration, Rueda vomited outside the window of his car. Police administered field sobriety tests, which Rueda failed. An alco-sensor test indicated a blood alcohol reading of .169. Rueda was arrested and taken to headquarters. There a Datamaster test measured his blood alcohol content at .19. He was released on his own recognizance with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Justice Court, returnable on Sept. 26.

An Ardmore Road man reported $2,000 was missing from one of his daughter’s storage drawers Sept. 17. The last time she saw the money was July 7, and she discovered it missing Sept. 15.

A Chateaux Circle resident reported a bicycle was stolen from her basement storage unit Sept. 17. The storage unit’s door door had been pried open to get to the bicycle. The bike was valued at approximately $1,000 and was last seen approximately one week prior to the theft. Detectives are reviewing surveillance footage in order to follow up.

Identity theft
On Sept. 19, an Olmsted Road woman reported her credit card company had advised her that $12,000 in possible fraudulent charges had been charged to her credit card. Her account was frozen as a precaution, and the creditor is following up.

Welfare check
On Sept. 17, police checked the welfare of an elderly Colvin Road woman.

A daughter called 911 to report she was in the shower and heard her mother scream Sept. 18. Police deduced the mother had dropped a glass bottle and was screaming for her daughter to help.

A man was reported lying on the roadway at Griffen and Grand Park Avenues after midnight Sept. 20. Patrol provided him with a courtesy ride to the Scarsdale train station, to assist him in getting home to the Bronx.

A LimeBike was left on Kingston Road Sept. 21. Police called LimeBike, and a representative said someone would be sent over to pick up the bike.

Former employee
A former employee showed up at the Scarsdale Ambassador living community Sept. 23. Police communicated the message that the former employee was no longer welcome there.

Cars and roadways
Police put a malfunctioning traffic light at Popham and Post roads on flash and erected temporary stop signs, pending repair, Sept. 17.
Police assisted with a traffic accident on Saxon Woods Road in White Plains Sept. 17.
Police marked tires and issued three summonses to the owners of cars parked on Wayside Lane for longer than the parking restriction.
Police put cones around a loose manhole cover on Popham Road Sept. 17. The highway department was notified.
Police directed traffic around roadside assistance technicians changing flat tires on Post and Saxon Woods roads Sept. 21.
Police issued summonses to illegally parked cars on Potter Road Sept. 22.
According to visual evidence including skid marks onto a Franklin Road yard and an impacted utility pole, a car had an accident and left the scene Sept. 23. Damaged car parts were left at the scene. Police notified Con Edison regarding the condition of the pole.
Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Village code
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Cohawney, Post and Jefferson Roads Sept. 18; Heathcote, Saxon Woods, Fox Meadow and Wynmor Roads Sept. 19; Brite Avenue and Fenimore and Heathcote roads Sept. 20; and Murray Hill, Fox Meadow and Boulder Brook roads Sept. 21.

Neighbors complained of noise from kids singing along to a musical movie in the back yard of a Fox Meadow Road house Sept. 21. The kids promised to keep the noise level low.

Lost and found
On Sept. 19, a police aide found a Chrysler car key on East Parkway. Police vouchered it at headquarters for safekeeping.

On Sept. 21, a woman found a cell phone while out walking on Scarsdale Avenue. She gave it to police who attempted to contact the owner. Eastchester police were notified and were able to contact the owner, who had reported the phone as missing. The owner picked up the phone from police.

Police found a handbag containing personal items on Post Road Sept. 23. Inside was a passport belonging to a Black Hawk Road resident. Police returned the bag to its proper owner.

On Sept. 23, the manger of 7-Eleven, on Garth Road, gave police a Washington, D.C., driver’s license that had been left in the store the previous week. The customer had not returned to the store for his license. Police vouchered it at headquarters.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, firefighters responded to 36 incidents during the reporting period. He shared the following notable incidents below:

On Sept. 17, a gas leak, due to damage to an unmarked copper gas line caused by an excavator, was discovered at Post Road and Evon Court. Firefighters stood by for safety, checked houses and notified Con Edison. Police assisted and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps was also standing by at the scene. Con Edison measured readings of up to 40 percent methane in the atmosphere and requested at least additional houses to be checked for safety. Con Edison stayed on scene until gas leak was repaired.

Firefighters assisted at a smoke scare on Central Avenue in Hartsdale Sept. 18.

A cooking fire was reported in a Highland Way kitchen Sept. 18. Firefighters determined a potholder left in the oven burned up and created light smoke. The potholder was removed and extinguished in the sink. Firefighters used a fan to ventilate the kitchen. No carbon monoxide readings were detected.

A car hit the side of a Kent Road house, causing only superficial damage to the structure Sept. 21. Firefighters helped move the car away from the house to await a tow.

The knob of an outdoor gas grill was left in the “on” position, causing a gas leak at a Lockwood Road house Sept. 22. Firefighters shut down the grill. No gas readings were found inside the house.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 17-23 has been compiled from official information.

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walletA Woods Lane woman reported her wallet was stolen from her house Sept. 28. She told police she heard footsteps inside the house around 5 a.m., and her husband noticed the door unlocked when he left the house at 7:30 a.m. She last saw her wallet at approximately 8:45 p.m. the previous night when she took out some money and gave it to her son. Her wallet was inside her purse, which was in the mudroom of the house. The purse would have been visible in the mudroom through a rear glass door as well as a rear sliding glass door.

On Sept. 28, a 1999 Nissan was reported to be zigzagging and driving in the middle of the road on Post Road near the high school at 9:30 p.m. Police conducted a traffic stop and noticed that the driver – Niels Lauritzen, 56, of the Bronx – was showing signs of intoxication, including a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and an inability to stay upright in the driver’s seat. Lauritzen told police he had consumed “a few glasses of wine” in White Plains. Lauritzen failed field sobriety tests and required assistance to keep from falling over. An alco-sensor pre-screening test indicated a blood alcohol content of .196, and a Datamaster test at headquarters measured Lauritzen’s BAC at .21. Lauritzen was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol content greater than .18 with no priors and failure to use designated lanes. Lauritzen was released on $30 cash bail, and a friend drove him to his home. Lauritzen’s car was parked as the high school in the meantime.

While conducting a seat belt and motor vehicle safety checkpoint at the Heathcote Bypass on Sept. 30, police stopped a 2005 Ford Explorer to ask the driver if he was wearing a seatbelt. Patrol noticed signs of intoxication in the driver’s speech and behavior, as well as several empty beer cans in the back of the car. The driver – Carlos H. Alvarez, 38, of Mamaroneck, was asked to perform field sobriety tests and failed those tests. An alco-sensor pre-screening test indicated a blood alcohol content of .17, and a Datamaster test at headquarters measured Alvarez’s BAC at .16. Alvarez was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense), operation of a motor vehicle with a BAC of at least .08 and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Stolen scooter
A caller reported his battery-powered $600 scooter was stolen from the Scarsdale train station Sept. 27. His $60 lock was cut by the perpetrator as well.

Check fraud
A woman at Village Hall reported two fraudulent checks written against the Village’s payroll account were submitted to a bank for payment Sept. 24. The bank flagged the checks as possibly fraudulent and followed up with Village Hall. The Village did not incur a loss.

On Sept. 24, a Hampton Road homeowner reported kids allegedly entered his vacant house for sale and possibly had a party. The homeowner learned about the incident from his former tenant, who received a text message about the alleged party form a neighbor. There was no reported damage to the house. However, some clothing and garbage had been left behind. According to the homeowner, a relator may have accidentally left a rear door unlocked at the time.

Criminal mischief
A woman walked into headquarters to report she had been in an “unusual situation” Sept. 29. While shopping at Balducci’s, two men approached her window and said, “Do you know you have a dent with yellow on it on your bumper?” They then offered to fix it for $250. The woman agreed to pay the men $200 to fix her bumper, and she drove her car to the rear of Balducci’s for them to conduct the job. While the woman was in Balducci’s retrieving the $200, the two men left without payment. After she got home, she noticed the damage the men had caused to her car. The bumper had gotten worse, and the men had used commercial spray paint to try to cover up the damage. The paint had been splashed over the car’s exhaust pipe, rear brake lights and rear collision sensors. An auto body shop estimated the damage at $1,100.

A caller reported seeing a boy, approximately 9 years old, playing soccer outside Greenacres School, in the pouring rain Sept. 25. Police went to the scene and saw two boys playing ball on the outdoor basketball court. They were waiting for school to start. It was 7:55 a.m.

After a teen did not show up for school and the teen’s father could not make contact with him, police checked the welfare of the teen Sept. 27. The teen was found to be at home. He was reported to be “well and going to school.” Patrol remained on scene at 8:49 a.m. and observed the teen leave for school by foot.

A Brewster Road Alzheimer’s patient was reported missing from a restaurant in Greenburgh Sept. 29. Police found the man at home and reunited him with his concerned caretaker.

A Wildwood Road caller reported an SUV pulled into his driveway around midnight, people got out of the car, went onto a neighbor’s yard after the caller’s wife “screamed” and left a dark colored bag outside Sept. 30. The bag contained trash, and police threw it away.

Cars and roadways
Police issued a summons to a car parked by a Brite Avenue fire hydrant Sept. 24.
Patrol helped a Fenimore Road driver tie down his trunk because the trunk latch was broken Sept. 25.

A truck stuck a White Birch Lane mailbox, ran over it and destroyed it, and then left the scene Sept. 25. A neighbor captured the incident on video surveillance.

A man reported an incident of road rage on Post Road Sept. 25. The man said another driver cut him off, then got out of his car and came over to his car to engage in a verbal argument. Police advised the man to stay in his car, roll up the windows and call police if something like that ever happens again.

The highway department was notified about a pothole on Weaver Street Sept. 26.

The highway department was notified about a dead groundhog on Innes Road Sept. 26.

An open house on Garden Road was causing traffic congestion Sept. 26. Police advised drivers to move their cars in order to facilitate traffic flow.

On Sept. 28, police issued summonses to two drivers who passed a school bus stopped on Popham Road with its light flashing and its stop sign displayed.

A parked, blue minivan was left with its ignition running on Chateaux Circle Sept. 28. Police informed the owner, who shut off the ignition.

Patrol helped a driver change his flat tire on Heathcote Road Sept. 30.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Patrol notified the highway department about flooded locations and taped off affected areas throughout the village Sept. 25. Cars got stuck in floodwater at Sprague and Clarence roads, on Boulevard and on Sprague Road Sept. 25. Department of public works vehicles and staff helped the occupants get out of their cars safely. Other cars got stuck in water on Tompkins and Brookby roads.

Residents reported basements had flooded on Nelson, Madison, Coralyn, Tunstall, Park and Foxhall roads Sept. 25.

A water main break caused water to bubble up through the pavement and cause flooding on Wildwood Road Sept. 25.

Two Circle Road residents agreed to handle the matter of a fallen tree affecting both of their properties themselves Sept. 26.

A Jefferson Road woman reported a family driving a Ford Flex stopped in front of her house, got out of their car and took pictures of her front yard Sept. 26. The woman asked the family if they needed any help, and they responded that they were taking photos of a sign in her front yard. The sign was a large Scarsdale High School decal sign posted in the yard, according to police.

An Old Orchard Lane woman reported a person followed her home and was now ringing her doorbell Sept. 26. Police deduced the person ringing the doorbell was a pizza deliveryman who accidentally went to the wrong address. He had a pizza with him.

Civil matter
A tall, white man knocked on the door of a Greendale Road house and asked to speak with the homeowner’s husband, because he allegedly “fired” the man’s wife and owed her money, Sept. 26. He asked for the husband’s phone number, which the homeowner refused to provide, and then left the scene in a black sedan. Police spoke with the husband who acknowledged that his company had done business with the man’s alleged wife and she had requested additional money for a job that had been completed. The husband said he referred the woman to his financial department to inquire about whether all invoices had been paid. He asked police to call the woman to get her side of the story. Police advised the man it was a civil matter, and police do not get involved in disputes involving money exchange and payments between private individuals.

A Tunstall Road resident reported a dispute with a contractor over the quality of work performed at the resident’s house Sept. 27. Police advised the resident it was a civil matter.

Village code
Police dispersed youth gathering on Black Hawk Road after 11 p.m., Sept. 29.
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered blowers on Palmer Avenue and Mamaroneck Road Sept. 26 and Sept. 27, Olmsted Road Sept. 27, Whig Road Sept. 28 and Post Road Sept. 29.

Fox sightings were reported throughout the village this week. When police encountered an animal, each time it ran away, showing signs of healthy and normal animal behavior.
A coyote was reported on Garden Road Sept. 29.

Lost and found
On Sept. 28, a Secor Road resident reported losing his license plate somewhere in the village.

A Massachusetts license plate was found on Mamaroneck Road, as the result of an auto accident. Sept. 28. Police called the owner of the car involved in the accident, and the owner said her husband would pick it up later.

According to Fire Chief James Seymour, the fire department responded to 114 incidents over the last week, including 80 incidents in less than a 24-hour period from Sept. 25 to 26, due to the rainstorm. He shared a few of last week’s incidents below:

On Sept. 24, firefighters received a report of outside odor of natural gas on Post Road. They found an odor similar to epoxy coming from an outdoor gas meter at Village Hall. As a precaution, Village Hall was evacuated. Con Edison responded. There were no readings of explosive gas inside or outside the building. It was determined that the heating unit for Village Hall was operating improperly and was emitting the odor. The boiler was shut down, and Village Hall staff called for service.

On Sept. 25, firefighters received a report of inside natural gas leak on Stratton Road. Instead, firefighters found a broken and leaking water heater. They shut the gas and water supply and advised the resident to call a plumber. Con Edison had already been notified and responded to check the integrity of the gas supply.

On Sept. 30, firefighters were dispatched to a carbon monoxide alarm on Fairview Road. Upon arrival, firefighters were met by the homeowner who stated the CO detector was defective. A check of house found CO readings of 60‑125 ppm. Con-Ed gas was requested to the scene. The house was ventilated using fans. The homeowner stated the vent cover was off the hot water heater at the time of the alarm. Con-Ed gas found that the hot water heater was not working properly and red tagged it and the furnace. Firefighters advised the homeowner to contact a plumber or HVAC contractor.

On Sept. 28, firefighters responded to a call for smoke in a Sage Terrace basement and found light smoke coming from an overheated sump pump. Firefighters disconnected the pump and advised the homeowner to replace it.

On Sept. 30, firefighters were dispatched to a Paddington Road CO alarm. Upon arrival, firefighters checked the house’s garage and boiler room, where they found up to 60 ppm of CO. Minor readings were also detected in an adjacent basement area. The house was ventilated with a portable fan. Con-Ed responded and found no problems with the boiler. An interview with the homeowner discerned that he left the house in an old car that was burning oil and producing exhaust. That was determined to be the probable cause of the CO accumulation.

On Sept. 30, firefighters were dispatched to a Chesterfield Road CO alarm, where contractors had been cutting concrete in the basement with a gas-powered saw. Firefighters found up to 65 ppm of CO in the basement and minor readings on the first floor. They ventilated the house with a portable fan, and the homeowner was able to reset the alarm.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 24-30 has been compiled from official information.

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racoonsBurglary: On Sept. 14, a Sylvan Road resident reported her house had been burglarized sometime between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. The perpetrator had entered the house through a piece of ripped plastic that had been momentarily set up as a dining room wall while renovations were taking place. The master bedroom had been entered, and a Sentry safe had been pried open and its contents were removed. Other jewelry was also stolen from the house.

DWI arrests
On Sept. 15, police arrested Arthur Harris Funchess, 41, of the Bronx, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), resisting arrest, second-degree obstruction of government administration, driving to the left of pavement markings and following too close. The arrest occurred after police observed Funchess’s 2013 Honda Pilot accelerate rapidly and almost rear-end a truck after a red light turned green on Post Road. The car then went around the truck and made an “excessively wide” right turn. Police conducted a traffic stop and noted visible signs of intoxication. Field sobriety tests were conducted, which Funchess either failed or resisted completing. An alco-sensor test measured Funchess’s blood alcohol content at .18. According to the arrest report, Funchess was being belligerent with police. He was allegedly using obscenities and refusing to exit the patrol car after he was taken to headquarters. It took four officers to pull him from the car after he refused to exit the car on his own, according to the arrest report. Funchess was so uncooperative, that he refused to be fingerprinted, photographed or submit to a Datamaster test. He verbally threatened to kill officers, purposely urinated on the cellblock floor and aggressively kicked the cell wall and door. He was placed under constant supervision and monitored by video. He was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court and remanded to Westchester County Jail, pending his follow-up court date.

On Sept. 16, police arrested Nikola Ruprechtova, 23, of Scarsdale, on charges of driving while intoxicated (first offense), operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of at least .08 of one percent, speeding in zone and moving from a lane unsafely. Police conducted a traffic stop after observing Ruprechtova’s car speed on Post Road and cross over the double yellow line a few times after making a right turn. Her breath smelled of alcohol, and she said she had one cider drink two hours ago in White Plains. Ruprechtova failed field sobriety tests. An alco-sensor test, which was later followed up by a Datamaster test at headquarters, indicated a blood alcohol content of .14. Following arrest processing, Ruprechtova was released on her own recognizance, with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable Sept. 19.

Vehicle and traffic arrest
On Sept. 15, police arrested Stefany Sanchez, 26, of White Plains, on charges of second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle with three or more open suspensions within three months, operation of a motor vehicle using a portable electronic device and an uninspected motor vehicle. Police conducted a traffic stop after observing Sanchez drive past patrol while holding her cell phone in her hand near her face. She told police she had been checking her texts, in an attempt to reach her boss. Police noted Sanchez’s car displayed an expired inspection sticker. A database search indicated Sanchez’s license had been suspended five times with four scoffs on three different dates. Following her arrest, Sanchez was released on her own recognizance with a return court date scheduled for Sept. 19. Her car was parked at a parking meter space, and her boyfriend picked her up.

On Sept. 10, a woman alleged that $700 had been stolen out of her handbag while she was at an Overhill Road doctor’s office Sept. 8.

On Sept. 15, an event coordinator said he had left some event equipment, including eight LED screen panels, at Fenway Golf Club’s ballroom, on Secor Road, overnight and found they were stolen when he returned to pick them up the next morning.

Identity theft
On Sept. 10, a Spruce Lane resident reported someone used her personal information to charge approximately $6,000 worth of merchandise at a Lord and Taylor store in Rockaway, NJ, Sept. 3. The store is investigating a video of the transaction.

On Sept. 11, an Overhill Road caller reported someone is Dallas, TX, attempted to use her Nordstrom credit card information to make fraudulent transactions Sept. 11.
A fraudulent check, for $1,750, was cashed at Webster Bank on Popham Road Sept. 14. The bank refunded the money to the account holder and is absorbing the loss.
On Sept. 15, a Paddington Road man reported that $1,900 had been illegally transferred out of his bank account to an unknown account without his permission Sept. 14. The bank’s fraud department closed the man’s account and is following up.

Missing person
A father reported his son ran away from his house in West Hartford, and he asked police to check the mother’s Edgewood house around 6 a.m., Sept. 11. Police checked the house and the boy was not there. Eventually, the boy notified his father that he took a bus to White Plains, where the father had an apartment. The boy’s mother went to White Plains to meet her son.

A Greenacres resident reported a man she met at Westchester Community College was sending her inappropriate messages via cell phone texts Sept. 13. The woman broke off all communication with the man independently.

A passerby was concerned about rapidly flicking lights near the front entrance of a Sprague Road house Sept. 10. The homeowner said she would ask her husband to fix the lights in the near future. Nothing was suspicious.

A passerby reported a suspicious person in the “woods” near Heathcote Road Sept. 13. According to police who went to the scene, the person was picking up bottles and cans in the woods.

An elderly village resident asked for police help in getting into her house Sept. 13. The front door was warped, and a police officer needed to push the door open with his shoulder. Once inside, the officer observed numerous boxes, items, and garbage that were so piled up that the officer could not move without moving items. A damaged ceiling was also observed. He asked to see the rest of the house, but the resident refused. She stated, “It’s only a little mess.” Patrol contacted the resident’s adult daughter, who said she did not know what to do about her mother’s “hoarding” condition. The police officer referred the matter to the SPD older adult advocate for follow-up.

A Wakefield Road man reported a real estate agent had entered his house without proper permission Sept. 15. The man said the house was listed for sale, but the agreement with the real estate agent stated that showings could only occur with prior approval. Patrol spoke with the real estate listing agent, and she thought clearance had been given for the showing. She and the agent who made the showing were apologetic about the miscommunication. Police determined there was no criminal intent regarding the matter.

Cars and roadways
The highway department was notified about a fallen tree on Herkimer Road Sept. 11.

Metal road plates were out of position on Weaver Street Sept. 11. Police notified Con Edison and the construction company responsible for the work. Police directed traffic around the scene in the meantime.

On Sept. 12, police collected unnecessary cones from a work site on Edgewood Road.

An unattended recycle bag was discovered on Weaver Street and discarded Sept. 13.
Police notified the department of transportation about a malfunctioning traffic light at Post and Heathcote roads Sept. 13.

An SOS button was accidentally activated in a Lexus on Chase Road Sept. 14. Police helped the driver reset the button.

The alarm of a parked car was going off intermittently Sept. 14. A key holder notified the owner, who said he was in New York City and would address the matter as soon as he could get home.

Police replaced a loose manhole cover on Wynmor Road and asked the highway department to assist in securing it Sept. 14.

Due to insufficient flaggers for a paving work zone on Post Road, patrol advised the job foreman to shrink the job until more flaggers could be arranged Sept. 15.

Patrol tracked down the owner of a Mercedes parked with its engine running on Eastwoods Lane and got the owner to turn off the car’s ignition Sept. 15.

Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

A Palmer Avenue woman reported six raccoons in her yard Sept. 11. She said she was afraid to go outside because she thought the raccoons might attack her. Police arrived, and the raccoons ran away. Patrol advised the woman to refrain from leaving her garbage cans out overnight.

Fox sightings were confirmed on Brewster Road Sept. 12 and Post Road Sept. 16.

On Sept. 14, a caller reported students were trying to take photos of – and with – and a fox on Turf Field at Scarsdale High School Sept. 14. High School security was on scene and remained until a pest control company arrived to trap and pick up the fox.

Village code
Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered blowers in violation of village code on Fox Meadow Road Sept. 12, Popham Road Sept. 13 and Garden Road April 14.

Police issued a summons to a contractor using power equipment outside designated working hours on Park Road Sept. 16.

Lost and found
A passerby found a blue lunch bag containing a cell phone and a Metro North employee ID on the Popham Road Bridge Sept. 11. Police gave the bag to another Metro North employee who said he would deliver the bag to its owner.

An elderly man asked police to help him look for his lost glasses and umbrella, which he lost somewhere in the wooded area near Garth Road Sept. 13. Police could not locate the items, but they helped the man arrange for a taxi to take him home.

An elderly man asked police to help him find his eye glasses, which he reported dropping near the intersection of the Bronx River, Popham Road and Garth Road. Police canvassed the area, found the glasses and returned them to the man.

A Carstensen Road man reported losing his wallet, with his driver’s license, Green card and a bank debit card, somewhere in the village Sept. 16.

This week firefighters responded to 28 incidents according to Fire Chief James Seymour. Several of these incidents are detailed below.
A faulty dehumidifier was smoking in an Old Colony Road building in Greenburgh Sept. 10. Firefighters removed the dehumidifier from the basement and confirmed the building was safe.

Firefighters assisted Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps gain entry to a Meadow Road house to assist in removing an injured person to an ambulance Sept. 10.

Firefighters assisted with two car accidents Sept. 12. One was on the Hutchinson River Parkway, and the other was on Mamaroneck Road, in which a driver hit a hydrant.

A stovetop burner was accidentally left in the “on” position without the burner being lit Sept. 14. Firefighters called Con Edison to check the stove.

Firefighters shut gas to a malfunctioning gas firebox in a Brookby Road house Sept. 16. They disconnected the box’s remote received and advised the homeowner to replace the unit.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Sept. 10-16 has been compiled from official information.

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