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Police Report: Car Break-ins Continue. Lock your Doors and Don’t Store Valuables Inside Cars!

a roll of quarters equals how much money 3b43f29c a3b4 446e a445 9a97e4f42e3b 1Car break-ins: An Old Lyme Road homeowner’s 2010 Mercury Milan was entered overnight June 26/27, and someone stole the car’s owner’s manual and the owner’s NYS registration and insurance documents.

On June 27, at 3:15 a.m., police observed a parked car with its interior lights on at Sprague and White roads. Inside, they observed the console open and the contents tossed out on the seats. The owner was informed and said someone had apparently entered his car without permission. Nothing was noted as stolen. Around this same time, police received information that four cars had been broken into near the Scarsdale/Eastchester border, in the jurisdiction of Eastchester. It was also reported that two black men in a white or silver SUV were observed to be entering cars. Police were unable to locate any possible suspects.

An Old Lyme Road resident reported his parked 2017 Ford had been entered overnight and a roll of quarters was stolen June 27.
Prada sunglasses and their case were removed from a 2013 Lexus parked on Sprague Road June 27. The reported value of the sunglasses was $300.

On June 25, a Walworth Avenue woman reported her cell phone was stolen from her bag on or about May 1 while it was left unattended.

A Richbell Road woman told police two chairs had possibly been stolen from her house, but she was going on vacation and could not file a report until after she returned June 28.

A street sign was discovered stolen from the corner of Madison and Drake roads June 28.

Vehicle and traffic offense arrest
On July 1, police arrested Wilson M. Miller, 28, of Elmsford, on charges of second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and speeding. While conducting traffic enforcement on Post Road, police observed Miller’s 2016 Dodge SUV speeding. Police performed a traffic stop at Post and Oxford roads. Miller presented police with a NYS non-driver ID. A DMV check of Miller’s pedigree information revealed his privilege to drive in New York State had been suspended nine times on four dates for failing to answer traffic summonses. Police advised Miller of the suspensions and arrested him. Following booking and processing, Miller was released on $100 cash bail with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court.

Criminal mischief
On June 24, an Ogden Road resident reported damage to her car. It was caused by someone egging the car while it was parked on the street in front of the resident’s house June 23. The resident said she already took her car to the car wash but egg stains remained on the car’s hood and driver’s door.

A resident brought a defaced election sign to headquarters June 25. The sign, originally placed at the intersection of Post and Tompkins roads, had been defaced by red spray paint. It was a sign campaigning for a candidate for county judge.

Police received two prank calls regarding a house on Old Lyme Rod June 24 and 25. One caller alleged that the house was on fire. The second caller alleged that a stove blew up at the house. Authorities investigated and determined both calls were unfounded.

An LF employee accused two customers of taking tags off merchandise and stuffing items into their bags June 28. Police arrived and questioned the customers. The customers were not found with any merchandise in their possession. Nevertheless, store management asked police to tell the customers in question that were no longer welcome in the store.

Police accompanied an Edgewood man who needed to pick up a package from his parents’ house because an existing order of protection had been issued against him June 28. On June 30, police stood by while the man picked up belongings from his parents’ house.

On June 29, a Richbell Close resident reported he was out of the country and saw a man wearing a red sweatshirt walking with a backpack on his property. Police went to the resident’s house to investigate and encountered workers from a roofing company who stated they were subcontractors on a scheduled job. Police spoke with the resident who said he nevertheless wanted the workers to leave the scene and cease work for the day. The subcontractors said they understood and would comply with the resident’s request.

On June 29, police helped a Jefferson Road resident get her cell phone in working order after she did not answer her RUOK call.
A man wearing only one shoe was sitting next to a Nelson Road mailbox June 30. Police asked if he needed any assistance. He said he was OK and waiting for a resident across the street to return home.

Police performed a welfare check on a Crossway resident after the resident’s son was unable to reach him for several days June 30. The resident was observed in the backyard mowing the lawn. Police instructed him to call his son.

Empty bottles and cans
Police observed numerous empty beer cans and bottles littered in the rear parking lot of Edgewood School at 2:47 a.m., June 30. There were also multiple garbage bags filled with cans and bottles. Police searched the area but did not find any individuals who might have been responsible.

On June 27, a 2016 Toyota parked at Woodland Place and Chase Road was found to be in scofflaw status. Police had the car towed to an impound lot. The owner, a 37-year-old White Plains man, resolved all parking fines owed to Village Justice Court and picked up his car later that day.

Cars and roadways
The dispatcher notified the water department of flowing water at Weaver Street and Griffen Avenue.

Police issued a summons to the registered owner of a car without license plates parked on Montrose Road June 25.

Police advised sanitation workers to removed a dead squirrel from Donellan Road June 25.

Police helped a woman cross Weaver Street two times on June 26 and once on June 30.

A passing car struck an unattended lawnmower on Butler Road June 26.

Police cut a backseat seat belt in order to release a child who was stuck after numerous attempts to release the seat belt failed June 26.

A neighbor reported that a metal roadway plate had been put down at Fenimore Road and Dobbs Terrace, and it was making a loud and disturbing noise when cars passed over it June 27. Police noticed that the plate was loose and informed the highway department in order to address the situation.

Police removed fallen branches form Weaver Street June 27.

Approximately 20 traffic cones were found placed in the roadway at Brite Avenue and Cohawney Road June 29. Police moved the cones back to the side of the road to mark an area of curb restoration.

A truck backed into a Saxon Woods Road driveway and pulled down wires June 28. Police notified Con Edison.

Police notified Con Edison about low-hanging wires on Ogden Road June 28.

The cap of a water main was loose and in the road at Graham and Lawrence roads June 28. Police replaced the cap and notified the highway department.

Patrol called a tow truck for a disabled car on Palmer Avenue June 28.

A car was parked with its passenger tires on a Fox Meadow Road lawn June 29. Police asked the driver to move the car.
Eight car accidents were reported in the village during the reporting period.

Civil matter
On June 24, A Circle Road resident reported a branch fell onto her yard from a neighbor’s tree. Police advised the resident it was a civil matter.

Village code
A Hampton Road resident complained of noise coming from a Harcourt Road backyard June 26. Police arrived on scene and heard people talking in the Harcourt Road backyard. Although the talking was not loud, police advised the people of the neighbor’s complaint. The people said they would move their conversation inside.

On June 26, police issued a summons to a landscaper using a gas-powered leaf blower.

On June 27, police issued a summons to a Church Lane homeowner for a village code violation related to an alarm sounding in excess of the allowable time period.

A summons was issued to a Brambach Road dog owner for a dog that was barking excessively June 27.

Lost and found
An Uber driver reported finding a wallet in his car June 25. He informed police who reached out to the owner’s father, who then picked up the wallet.

A UPS driver reported finding a handheld scanning device, worth approximately $2,000, on Graham Road June 25. Although the device powered on, police were unable to retrieve any identifying information from it.

A Nelson Road man reported that his children’s grandmother lost her iPhone and house keys at Davis Park June 26. The phone and keys were inside a children’s Cars themed backpack inside a children’s wagon, but the backpack was missing when the grandmother wanted to leave the park. Police questioned other parents and caregivers at the park, but nobody recalled seeing the backpack.

A passport was found on East Parkway June 27. Police contacted the passport holder’s sister, who said she would inform her brother for pickup.

A cell phone found on East Parkway returned to its owner, who picked it up at headquarters, June 27.

On June 28, an MTA train passenger found a car key on the train and gave it to Scarsdale police. Police contacted MTA police and Greenburgh police to inform them about the found key.

On June 29, a Scarsdale Avenue resident reported losing her $900 rose gold cell phone somewhere in the village. The resident complained that the phone fell out of a baby carriage while the resident was pushing the carriage. Police informed neighboring jurisdictions in case anyone turned in a found phone.

A Bell Road resident’s wallet was found in White Plains June 29. Scarsdale police contacted the resident who said he would contact WPPD to pick up the wallet.

Police reunited a lost dog with its owner on Pinecrest Road June 26.

An employee of CVS left her pet cat inside her car parked in an underground parking garage while at work June 27. A passerby saw the cat and alerted police. The windows were cracked open approximately two inches each, and the employee said she walked the cat during her lunch hour and checked on it during breaks. The underground parking garage was determined to be cooler than temperatures outdoors.

Firefighters extinguished a brush fire on the Hutchinson River Parkway and overhauled the area June 24.

On June 25, an odor of burning plastic in a Johnson Road house was traced to an air conditioning system. Firefighters de-energized the system and advised the homeowner to replace it.

Firefighters assisted with a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway June 25.

A burning odor in a Brite Avenue structure was traced to an insect burning on a halogen light fixture June 25.

A bird entered a Greenacres Avenue house through a fireplace flue and got stuck inside the house June 26. Firefighters caught the bird in a blanket and released it outside.

An attic fan overheated in a Webster Road house and caused a light smoke condition June 26. Firefighters disconnected the fan and ventilated the space.

Firefighters and police entered a Popham Road residence to evaluate a possible hoarding situation June 27. The resident was not home at the time, and the fire inspector is following up.

Firefighters unplugged an overheated sump pump in an East Parkway business June 28.

On June 29, firefighters assisted at a rollover car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Firefighters determined a fallen wire at a Rock Creek Lane house was a cable wire June 29. The homeowner was advised to contact the cable provider.

In total, firefighters responded to 28 incidents this week.

This report covering police and fire department activity from June 24-30 has been compiled from official information.

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