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Shoplifters Steal Allergy Meds and Beer from CVS, iPads Stolen from Schools

claritanShoplifting: An employee of the Popham Road CVS reported a woman took a large amount of various allergy medications from the store and left without paying Aug. 16. Medications, valued at $2,500, included Claritin, Allegra, Flonase and Xyzal. The suspect was described as a black woman with blonde hair, approximately 5’10” tall. The suspect was last seen heading in the direction of Central Park Avenue. Video footage from the store shows the woman entering the store with a bag and leaving the store without purchasing anything.

An employee of the Popham Road CVS reported a woman came into the store and left with three cases of beer that she did not pay for. The suspect was described ad a white woman with reddish-brown hair, approximately 5’6” tall and wearing blue jeans, black flip flops and a light blue tank top. She was last seen entering a red Hyundai that left in the direction of Edgemont. The manger left the store in pursuit of the woman but was unable to catch her.

Stolen iPads
On Aug. 14, an employee of Scarsdale Schools reported equipment had been stolen from the high school. Missing equipment included three iPad Air 2 devices and one iPad (128G). Each device was valued at $499. The 128G iPad was delivered to the school, with a shipment of 450 iPads, around July 15. It was discovered missing when inventory was being taken. Also found missing was an iPad charger, delivered to the school in another shipment around the same time and stored in the same room as the iPads. According to Apple, the iPad had not yet been activated.

Stolen Artwork
A reproduction of a piece of art by Roy Lichtenstein was reported stolen from a Birch Lane house Aug. 16. It was valued at $2,000. Police are following up.

On Aug. 16, policed arrested Jose Alejandro Tineo, 31, of White Plains, on charges of using a rental vehicle without ignition interlock, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle (with three or more suspensions, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, moving from lane unsafely and failure to use a designated lane. The arrest occurred after police noticed Tineo’s 2004 BMW straddle two lanes on Post Road, drive unnaturally slowly, almost strike a passing car and drive in the lane of oncoming traffic. All of this was observed while police were on routine patrol. Police pulled behind Tineo’s car and activated the patrol car’s lights and sirens, thinking the driver might be having a medical emergency. At that time, Tineo’s car drifted across two lanes, drove over the curb and onto grass. Since the car was travelling so slowly, there was no visible property damage. Police went to the driver’s side window and had Tineo put the car in park and shut off the ignition. Tineo told police he felt like his heart was racing. He was transported to White Plains Hospital Center for evaluation and accompanied by police. A check of Tineo’s DMV record revealed the license was not in effect due to 19 suspensions, with 15 scoffs on seven different dates. Additionally, because Tineo had been convicted of an aggravated DWI offense in July of 2015, he had been ordered to only drive cars with an ignition interlock device – which he was not doing. Emergency room staff decided to admit Tineo to the hospital for further treatment. Police arrested Tineo while he was at the hospital and stayed with him, providing constant supervision, as he was transferred to a room. In the meantime, Tineo’s car was impounded and a small, white, rock-like substance wrapped in plastic and a single, loose, re-rolled cigarette were confiscated from the car. The items were vouchered and secured for further investigation. Tineo was issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable on Sept. 5, and he was released on $200 cash bail.

On Aug. 17, police arrested Andrew I. Coleman, 50, of New Rochelle, on charges of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, operation of a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver and second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle with three or more suspensions. The arrest occurred after Coleman’s 2013 Jeep caused a license plate reader to sound in a patrol car conducting traffic enforcement on Weaver Street. The reader indicated Coleman’s license had been suspended on Dec. 16, 2017, for an insurance lapse. Coleman was arrested, and his car was impounded, He was released on $250 cash bail, posted by a friend, with an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Justice Court, returnable on Aug. 29.

Identity theft
On Aug. 13, a Saxon Woods Road man reported an unknown person had opened a fraudulent BJ’s store card in his name. The man learned about the card after receiving calls from a collection agency, attempting to collect unpaid charges of $326.26. He attempted to follow up with BJ’s staff and was advised to file a police report.

On Aug. 16, a Colvin Road resident reported someone had been on her property without her permission while she was on vacation from Aug. 6 – 16. She deduced this because she found refuse left behind on her rear yard.

Bug bite
An Ardmore Road resident called 911 because he was having an allergic reaction to a bug bite Aug. 16. While on the phone, the resident’s mother could be heard in the background, and the resident then told police his mother would drive him to the hospital. Patrol asked several times if the resident was sure of his decision, or if he wanted an ambulance dispatched to his address. The resident said he was sure he wanted his mother to drive him to the hospital.

Patrol helped an Ardmore Road woman open her front door after she reported the door was stuck Aug. 13.

At the request of AAA, police checked on an elderly couple waiting for a tow on Mamaroneck Road Aug. 13. The couple was OK, and police provided them with the number for headquarters in case they needed further assistance.

Police checked the welfare of a 93-year-ol Tisdale Road woman after her son called headquarters, stating he was unable to reach his mother on Aug. 14. The mother was OK. She was having phone problems and said she would use a neighbor’s phone to call her son.

An elderly woman fell in her house and needed help getting back into bed Aug. 18. Police notified Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps for assistance.

Health aides
Patrol helped mediate a discussion between an elderly man and a home health aide who was told to leave when she showed up to her first day of work Aug. 15. Patrol spoke with the man, and he eventually agreed to let the health aide stay. Later, the man called police again to say he wanted a different aide. The man’s wife then came home and intervened in the matter. She said the health aide was finishing her shift and would be relieved by another aide in approximately four hours. The aide was permitted to stay to the end of her shift. On Aug. 18, the same man called police again. This time, he complained about another health aide whom he did not want at his house. The man’s wife advised him to let the aide finish his shift. She also advised her husband that he is required to have an aide with him at all times.

On Aug. 18, police helped a man who walked into headquarters looking for assistance getting to a local shelter. As a courtesy, police drove the man to a shelter in White Plains.

A homeless man was reported at Depot Place Aug. 18. Patrol went to the scene and spoke with the man. The man said he was “just sitting on the park bench and writing on my book.” Patrol advised the man the park closed at sunset. The man advised he did not need any medical attention or further assistance.

Cars and roadways
Police notified an electrician about a malfunctioning traffic light at Crane Road and Woodland Place Aug. 13.

A Carthage Road man complained about construction vehicles parked on his street Aug. 13. None of the vehicles were in violation of parking rules, but police asked the workers to move their vehicles away from the man’s driveway, as a courtesy, Aug. 13.
Callers were concerned about a woman walking on Weaver Street Aug. 13. Patrol saw the woman, who was walking on the sidewalk, and confirmed she did not need any help.

Police stood by while a driver waited on Post Road for his father to drop off gasoline after the driver’s car ran out of gas Aug. 14.

Police notified the highway department about a pothole at Post and Murray Hill roads Aug. 15.

Police issued a parking summons to the owner of a car parked in front of a fire hydrant on Walworth Avenue Aug. 16.

On Aug. 16, a Crane Road church employee reported an unknown car with Pennsylvania license plates had been parked in the church lot for “some time.” Police ran the license plate number, and it came back clean. Police provided the employee with the number of a towing service in case church administration chose to take action and remove the car.

A tree fell across train tracks near Depot Place Aug. 16. Patrol notified MTA police.
Patrol assisted a truck driver maneuver his large vehicles out of Depot Place Aug. 16.

Patrol notified the highway department about a fallen tree branch on Overhill Road and a fallen tree on Park Road, for purposes of removal, Aug. 17.

A man called 911 from the parking lot of Buy Buy Baby on Central Park Avenue, stating his car caught fire while he was trying to jump it, Aug. 17. As per protocol, police transferred the call to the county’s fire dispatch system in order to get the person the quickest possible help.

Highway workers removed a fallen tree from Walworth Avenue Aug. 17.

A fallen primary wire was sparking on Brite Avenue Aug. 18.

Con Edison was notified about a fallen primary wires at Brite Avenue and Butler and Chesterfield roads Aug. 18.

On Aug. 18, police erected temporary stop signs at the intersection of Fenimore Road and Walworth Avenue due to a traffic light that was disabled due to a power outage in the area.

Patrol marked a low hanging limb over Reimer and Murray Hill roads with caution tape and notified the highway department Aug. 18.

Police called an electrician to reset a flashing traffic light at Woodland Place and Crane Road Aug. 18.

Eight car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil matter
A landscaping truck damaged a Brittany Close mailbox Aug. 14. The landscaper offered to pay for a full replacement of the mailbox, and the homeowner agreed.

Police reunited a lost white dog with its Fenimore Road owner Aug. 13.

A coyote was observed on Crossway Field, off Mamaroneck Road, Aug. 14. It did not appear to be injured or ill.

A caller reported a rabbit had been hit by a car but was still alive on Carstensen Road Aug. 18. Patrol went to the area and found a dead rabbit on a private driveway. Police notified a resident of the house, for purposes of disposal, since the rabbit was then on private property.

Village code
Neighbors complained of noise from a loud generator on Shawnee Road Aug. 18.

The homeowner said they were not aware they were not allowed to have a generator running constantly while they were without power. Neither the homeowner nor patrol knew how to shut off the generator, since it was programmed to automatically come on in the case of a power outage. The homeowner told patrol he would contact his electrician to address the situation.
Police issued a summons to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Fox Meadow Road Aug. 15 and Butler and Fox Meadow roads and Wayside Lane Aug. 16.

A red gas can with a plastic bag stuffed into the nozzle was found on a Carthage Road property Aug. 15. The homeowner said she would contact contractors working on her house to see if the can belonged to them.

Firefighters responded to 40 incidents this past week, including three car accidents and 21 false alarms.

On Aug. 14, firefighters shut water to a Sherbrooke Road house to stop water from leaking from a broken cold-water valve on a bathroom sink.

On Aug. 15, firefighters helped a resident retrieve a misguided drone that had fallen into a gutter.

An unknown odor, described a sulfur, on Griffen Avenue, was determined to be the scent of mulch Aug. 15.

Firefighters notified Con Edison about elevated levels of carbon monoxide in a Brewster Road boiler room Aug. 17. Firefighters had originally been called to the house for a water leak when they detected the carbon monoxide. Water department personnel were addressing the water problem.

A fallen electrical power line was burning in a Brite Avenue front yard Aug. 18.

Firefighters secured the area and notified Con Edison. They stood by for Con Edison for approximately 10 hours, until Con Edison finally arrived on the scene.

Firefighters determined an Old Orchard Lane house had a clogged sewer line Aug. 18. They advised the resident to call a plumber.

Am Olmsted Road resident was unable to get inside her house through her garage due to a power failure in the area Aug. 18. Firefighters were able to successfully find a way into the house to let the resident in.

An odor of rotten eggs in a Brite Avenue house led firefighters to an open sewer trap in the basement Aug. 18. Firefighters confirmed there was no carbon monoxide gas in the house and advised the homeowner to call a plumber.

A gas-fired generator was venting near the basement of a Brite Avenue house, causing elevated levels of carbon monoxide Aug. 18. Firefighters notified Con Edison and stood by. In the meantime, they ventilated the house and shut power to the generator.

At another Brite Avenue house, a gas-fired generator was also released carbon monoxide into the house, due to its position near a louvered air vent in the basement, Aug. 18. Due to the resident’s need for generator power related to a medical condition, firefighters helped the resident temporarily seal the louvered vent to prevent exhaust from entering the basement. The resident said she would contact the generator’s vendor and request that the generator be repositioned.

A basement sump pump overheated in a Claremont Road crawl space due to a float switch failure. This caused light smoke to be released into the house Aug. 18. Firefighters disconnected the sump pump and advised the resident to have the flat switch repaired.

Firefighters shut off a malfunctioning hot water heater that was emitting carbon monoxide into a Fox Meadow Road house Aug. 19. They ventilated the house and stood by for Con Edison.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Aug. 13-19 has been compiled from official information.

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