SHS Juniors Get the Tea on College from Returning College Freshmen

juniorcollege1Scarsdale High School places a great emphasis on educating its junior class about the college process. With an annual school of events, from essay writing assemblies to night-time college panels with college admissions reps, students are offered many opportunities to find out more about which colleges they might apply to, or what they’re looking for in a school.

One such offering is the annual student-to-student college night, which this year was held on Wednesday, May 22. Scarsdale alums who have just completed their freshman or sophomore year of college were invited to come back to the high school cafeteria for a night and talk to juniors. It is a one-on-one experience, with an emphasis that there are no parents allowed. Beforehand, students are given a list of which representatives will be in attendance and each junior selects a few colleges in which they might be interested. In an evening that resembles speed dating, they are assigned to speak to representatives from four schools for 15 minutes each.

What’s great about the student-to-student night is how personal it is. Although some schools may be more popular than others, for the most part it is usually just one junior talking to one college kid. Typically, the conversations lean towards more what it’s like to be at the school, rather than the academic information or school stats that someone might learn from an information session on a college tour. Many talk about housing. Another common topic is social life, something that most schools don’t really offer insight into on a campus tour. Juniors can find out the real scoop on whether schools are “party schools” or not, if Greek Life dominates campus culture, or what kids do for fun on weekends.

Unfortunately, not every school can be represented, since a few schools are still in session. However, even if students don’t speak with students at four schools they love, the night can still be helpful. Juniors can get a “vibe” for a few different of schools, and start thinking about where they would most fit in.

The PTA encourages all SHS alums ending their first or second year of school to participate, so that students can get a real feel for places that have made Scarsdale kids happy.