Teens Taunt Police at Unsupervised Party


At approximately 10:20 p.m., June 10, police responded to a noise complaint related to a party on Berkley Road. Patrol attempted to make contact with the homeowner, but there was no answer at the door. Patrol then followed the noise to the back of the house and observed a large gathering of approximately 100-150 teens, with a DJ playing music and a strong odor of alcoholic beverages. However, no alcohol beverages were immediately in plain view. Patrol had difficulty locating a person responsible for the party due to the crowd. Patrol ordered the DJ to turn off the music. After the music was turned off, a girl approached police. She said she lived at the house and her parents were not home. Patrol told her that due to the excessively loud music and the fact that her parents were not home, the party must be disbanded. As patrol was assisting in clearing kids from the party, patrol noticed a girl to be impaired by alcohol to the point that she was having difficulty walking and standing. In the interest of safety, patrol told the girl to sit down and call her parents for a ride home. She followed patrol’s instructions and sat down to wait for her parents. An additional officer was called to help ensure safety of the scene. While patrol was waiting with the intoxicated girl and also attempting to clear kids from the party, a group of teens surrounded the girl and attempted to physically escort her out of the party with them. Patrol advised the group of kids that the girl would not be able to leave the party until her parents arrived for her. The group of kids became hostile and confrontational with patrol. Patrol radioed for backup and directed attention toward the girl’s protection and safety. At one point, the group of kids surrounded patrol and the girl and attempted to escalate the situation with taunting words and, in the case of one boy, physical aggression. That boy then took out his cell phone, pushed it toward patrol’s face and began recording the incident. While he was recording, the boy used confrontational profanity and insults with patrol, attempting to escalate the situation. Patrol remained calm and professional while safeguarding the girl until her parents arrived.

As the girl’s patents and additional officers arrived, the girl was released to her parents and crowd control efforts resumed. The crowd of kids continued to be noncompliant while leaving the party. In particular, the same group of kids that had surrounded patrol and the girl stood in the street, shouting profanities and inciting disorder while continuing to record the incident. Patrol continued to clear the scene calmly and with professionalism. After extended efforts, police were able to restore all order, and all teens left without further incident. Shortly thereafter, the party hostess’s mother arrived home. She said she had no knowledge of her daughter’s party. After the party was over, patrol discovered numerous empty alcoholic beverage containers in the shrubbery on Berkeley Road.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, about 20 kids in particular were “yelling at the cops, displaying belligerent, disrespectful behavior, taking videos and challenging police.” She said the boy who was taking videos of police and cursing said: “What about my rights? … It takes eight fuckin’ cops to break up a Scarsdale party?” The witness reported this kids’ belligerent behavior continued for at least 15 minutes while the police continued to encourage the kids to leave. “The kids continued to loiter on the block within one to two houses of the party – several appeared intoxicated and one was crying – but overall at least 10-15 kids remained and were engaged in a one-sided taunting and testing of the police. Despite this combative behavior, the Scarsdale police that we witnessed (all 6 of them) were calm, respectful, professional, respectful and exceptionally patient with the teenagers until they dispersed,” the witness said.

In reaction to the incident, Caption Thomas Altizio released the following statement: “It has always been the policy of the Scarsdale Police Department not to release reports to the media that involve juveniles and youthful offenders. We recognize that these youths cannot be held accountable for their actions like an adult, and that as juveniles, their judgment and decision-making are developing. We realize that part of maturing is learning from your mistakes. This Department deals with hundreds of juvenile incidents a year that are not publicized, and handled with patience and discretion with the juveniles and their families, in an effort to correct bad behavior.

In reviewing this weekend’s reports, I came across the [incident report and witness statement reported above.]. They have both been redacted to remove the names of all parties involved. This report shows the patience and professionalism of our Scarsdale Police Officers. It shows an Officer’s concern for the safety of an impaired juvenile, and a large group of unsupervised youths with access to alcohol. The Scarsdale Police Department is proud of the way our Officers responded to this call and dealt with these juveniles.

It also shows a more troubling aspect of the incident, where impaired Scarsdale juveniles were emboldened enough to challenge the lawful direction of a Police Officer, while a group surrounded the Officer and berated and recorded him, likely hoping for the next viral YouTube video. But the Officers remained calm, respectful and professional, and no one was arrested.

This is an example of the types of juvenile incidents our officers are dealing that you normally don’t hear about. The Scarsdale Police Department will continue to deal with these types of juvenile incidents with patience and professionalism, but any criminal behavior will not be tolerated.”