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Police Report: SPD Busy with Stolen Purse, ID Theft, Keyed Car and Odd Package Delivery

carskeyedStolen purse: A White Plains woman's purse was stolen out of her unlocked, parked car while attending a cub scout event on Wayside Lane Nov. 9. The purse contained $20 cash, credit cards and a driver's license, wallet and personal documents.

Identity theft
On Nov. 12, a Fox Meadow Road woman reported her personal information and her Toys-R-Us credit card information were used to open a account. Fraudulent purchases, for over $1,000, were made on the account, and deliveries were made to a Connecticut address. The account was closed and the company's fraud department is following up.

Criminal mischief
A Mount Vernon woman reported her 2016 Acura was intentionally damaged while parked on Garth Road while the woman was attending a class at Soul Cycle Nov. 12. The woman's friend had been holding a street parking space for the Acura before the woman parked it there. When the women came out of the class and back to the car, the car had a long, deep scratch on the driver's side, across both doors. Police are following up by investigating security surveillance cameras.

On Nov. 9, a Walworth Avenue man reported that he found a Macy's package, bearing his address but another person's name, on his front porch Nov. 6. On Nov. 7, the man found a note on his porch. It was allegedly written by the person whose name was on the package. The note stated the person's package was accidentally delivered to the man's address on Walworth Avenue. The man caller the person at a number provided. The man instructed the person to come to his office on Popham Road to pick up the package. The man asked the office receptionist to check the person's ID. When the person came to the office to pick up the package, the person stated he did not have ID on him. He became "agitated" according to the receptionist, so she gave him the package without checking his ID. Patrol advised the man and the office staff to contact police if a similar incident happens again. Similar incidents have allegedly occurred in New Rochelle and on Lincoln Road.

Arrest on warrant
On Nov. 11, police arrested Ashani A. Lewis, 25, of Plantation, Florida, on the strength of an active arrest warrant issued out of New York City Police Department's warrant section. Lewis was observed speeding 60 mph on Bypass. The car's back license plate was also covered with a tinted screen, making it difficult to read. Lewis was pulled over by police and asked to show his driver's license. Lewis said he only had a driver's license from Jamaica. After some investigation, police learned Lewis's driving privileges had been suspended seven times, with six scoffs on four separate dates. Police also learned that Lewis was wanted by NYPD's warrant division. Lewis was arrested by Scarsdale police and charged with speeding, second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, unlicensed driving and a license plate display violation. Police contacted NYPD and learned that NYPD personnel would not be able to pick up Lewis for a few days. Lewis was therefore released on $250 cash bail and ordered to appear in Scarsdale Village Justice Court on Nov. 15. Lewis's passenger, who had a driver's license and was the registered owner of the car Lewis had been driving, was released with the car.

Police intervened and mediated a verbal dispute between two residents in a group home on Post Road Nov. 7. Neither physical violence nor threats occurred. A residential counselor took control of the situation after police calmed the involved parties.

A Heathcote father reported his son and wife were having a dispute Nov. 10. When police arrived at the house, the father said he was mistaken and that his wife said there was no dispute. The wife, who was the boy's mother, said her son wanted to use her phone, but she did not want him to use it. Neither the wife/mother nor son was willing to speak with police. The son locked himself in his bedroom and only spoke to police through the locked door. Both the son and the wife/mother were rational, coherent and seemed emotionally stable. The father spoke with police and said the son does not listen to either parent and is disrespectful to them. Patrol advised about counseling options and family court, if needed.

Police helped a taxi driver and a passenger, on Mamaroneck Road work out a dispute over taxi fare Nov. 10.

Police spoke with a woman walking her dog on Garth Road who had gotten into a verbal dispute with another pedestrian who had been walking a dog off leash Nov. 11. Police advised the woman to avoid direct confrontations with other citizens over village infractions and instead call police.

A group of teens "exchanged words" with another teen and that teen's girlfriend in the 7-Eleven store on Garth Road after midnight, Nov. 12. A 7-Eleven employee called police. When patrol arrived at the store, some of the teens had already left. Patrol determined that there was no physical fight involved – just words.

Broken glass
On Dec. 7, a Franklin Road woman reported the bottom panel of her glass storm door was broken. A box of shoes from Amazon had been delivered and was on the ground near the broken storm door. Police examined the door and found no signs of criminality. The woman said she would contact the delivery service to ascertain more information about the delivery and attempt to determine if the door was broken as a result of the delivery.

Fire hydrantPolicePromotion
Police issued a summons to a paving contractor who was using water from a village fire hydrant to mix cement for a Taunton Road construction site Nov. 8. The contractor's hose was disconnected and water department official were called to check the integrity of the hydrant.

Damaged property
A Foxhall Road resident reported damaged property due to sewer cleaning in the area Nov. 9. The resident showed police alleged damage caused to his wood floors, bathroom and entryway rug. Police informed the village engineer.

Suspicious man
A Madison Road homeowner reported seeing a man outside his rear kitchen door at 11 a.m., Nov. 9. The man was described as a clean-cut, white man wearing black pants, a black shirt, black shoes and a black hat. He had a beard and mustache. The homeowner attempted to get the man's attention by knocking on a window, but the man appeared confused and would not make eye contact, the homeowner said. The man then walked to the front of the house and north on Madison Avenue.

Banging noise
A Kelwynne Road man reported someone was banging on his back door at 5 a.m., Nov. 10. After investigation, police determined the door was left unlocked and was able to move and "bang" in the wind. The homeowner was satisfied with patrol's assessment of the situation.

Sewer pipe
The sewer line on Christie Place was backing up and affecting businesses on the street Nov. 11. Patrol contacted the owner of the business, where the clog originated, and the owner said he was in the process of calling a plumber for repair.

A Harvest Drive homeowner reported her housekeeper let an unknown person into her house Nov. 12. Upon arrival, the housekeeper told police "the unknown person" was her son, who was stationed at an Army base in Texas. She said the homeowner is beginning to suffer from dementia. The homeowner's son confirmed the housekeeper's story.

Cars and roadways
Patrol noticed an unlocked, parked car in a Swarthmore Road driveway with its engine running and its dashboard lights on at 2:30 a.m., Nov. 6. Patrol attempted unsuccessfully to rouse the owner for notification. Patrol monitored the car during regular tour.

Police issued a summons to an illegally parked Porsche on Lockwood Road Nov. 6.
On Nov. 8, police issued a parking ticket to the driver of a tractor-trailer blocking traffic on Lee Road while moving a backhoe onto the vehicle.
Patrol notified the sanitation department about a damaged trombone case on Wayside Lane Nov. 8. The case was empty.

Patrol issued a summons to the registered owner of a parked car blocking a driveway on Brewster Road Nov. 9.

A car with two flat tires was removed from Chase Road due to wintertime overnight parking restrictions Nov. 9.

On Nov. 9, a caller reported suspicious cars frequently park on River Road. The caller said she has found marijuana paraphernalia on the street following the cars' presence there. Police will monitor the area for suspicious activity.

Portable traffic stop signs were placed at the intersection of Griffen Avenue and Weaver Street, pending repair of a broken traffic light, Nov. 11.

Police stood by while a motorist with a disabled car waited for roadside assistance at Post and Popham roads Nov. 10.

A fallen branch was blocking the sidewalk on Mamaroneck Road Nov. 11. Police put caution tape around it, pending removal from the highway department.

Dead tree limbs hanging over Sprague Road were determined to be hazardous to drivers and pedestrians Nov. 12. Police controlled traffic to keep people away from the limbs, while village employees removed the dangling tree limbs.

Police issued a summons to an illegally parked car on School Lane Nov. 12.

Seven car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Lost and found
A woman found a bracelet on Harwood Court Nov. 5 and gave it to police Nov. 6. It was vouchered at headquarters.

A passerby found a black wallet on East Parkway and gave it to police Nov. 9. Police contacted the owner, who said he would pick it up later.

A gym bag, containing gym gear, was found on Leatherstocking Lane Nov. 12.

A bathtub was left running in a locked Cushman Road bathroom Nov. 6. Firefighters forced open the door using a shove tool. No damage was caused.

Firefighters released a person from the Christie Place parking garage elevator after the elevator malfunctioned and the person got stuck Nov. 7.

A Post Road resident accidentally got locked out of her house Nov. 7. Firefighters got inside the house without causing any damage and let the resident back in.

A geothermal pump was leaking Freon in a Kent Road house Nov. 7. Firefighters ventilated the space until the remaining Freon leaked out. They advised the homeowner to call for service.

A Webster Road resident could not remember if the kitchen stove was turned off before the resident left the house Nov. 8. Firefighters entered the house, and they determined the stove was off.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of wires burning in a tree on Griffen Avenue Nov. 8. Con Edison cut power and asked firefighters to help them extinguish a burning tree. After the fire was out, the highway department was dispatched to remove the tree.

On Nov. 8, firefighters ventilated houses on Griffen Avenue, Normandy and Copper Beech lanes, Harvest Drive and Broadmoor, Stratton, Heathcote roads after smoke from sewer testing infiltrated basements.

A gas pipe to an outdoor grill on Myrtledale Avenue was broken Nov. 8. Firefighters shut gas to the unit and advised the homeowner to call a plumber for repair.

Smoke reported on Penn Boulevard was caused by nearby sewer testing Nov. 8.

On Nov. 9, firefighters ventilated houses on Brookby, Wynmor, Mamaroneck, Quentin, Foxhall, Black Walnut and Crane roads, Palmer Avenue and Birchall Drive, after smoke from sewer testing infiltrated basements.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of a gas odor on Crane Road Nov. 9.

On Nov. 10, firefighters ventilated houses on Old Lyme and Meadow roads after smoke from sewer testing infiltrated basements.

A sump pump connected to an extension cord was causing an electrical burning odor in a Graham Road house Nov. 10. Firefighters disconnected the pump and removed it from the house. They advised the homeowner to have it professionally repaired and to plug it into a permanent outlet.

Firefighters stood by for Con Edison at the site of arcing wires on Woods Lane Nov. 10.

Firefighters cleaned up spilled automotive fluid on Garden Road Nov. 11.

Firefighters ventilated a Saxon Woods Road garage after slightly elevated levels of carbon monoxide were detected in the garage Nov. 11.

A Weaver Street resident accidentally got locked out of his house Nov. 11. Firefighters got inside the house without causing any damage and let the resident back in.

An odor in a Gorham Road house was caused by sewer gas coming from ongoing plumbing work Nov. 12.

Firefighters shut down a malfunctioning boiler in a River Road house and stood by for Con Edison Nov. 12.

A Heathcote Rad resident reported hearing a popping and crackling sound from an overhead, recessed light fixture Nov. 12. Firefighters removed the fixture and saw damage near the bulb. The resident said he would call an electrician.

A Black Birch Lane homeowner spilled water on a stove, which caused the igniter to malfunction Nov. 12. Firefighters shut gas and electric to the stove and advised the homeowner to call for service.

This week, firefighters assisted at two car accidents in the village. They responded to 46 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, shower steam, a plumber soldering pipes, cooking smoke, heat from a clothes dryer and sewer testing with smoke.

This report covering police and fire department information from Nov. 6-12 has been compiled from official information.

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