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Police Report: Water Cooler Water Tested after Scarsdale Medical Center Employees Reported Sickness

watercoolerEmployees at Scarsdale Medical Center reported feelings of illness such as nausea, dizziness, light-headedness and general malaise May 1. Approximately 35 people from the building were evacuated, and firefighters and Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived. Firefighters checked the building with gas meters and carbon monoxide meters. None was detected. Yonkers Haz-Mat team was called in for more extensive testing. Six employees were taken to White Plains Hospital Center for evaluation. The building maintenance team was called in, and a technician was summoned to check the HVAC system. The building was checked for Freon, and none was detected. No radiation was found in the building. Further information from sick employees at the hospital confirmed that all sick employees had consumed coffee from the same coffee pot in the employee lounge. The coffee had been made with water from the water cooler. The coffee pot and water cooler were taken out of service, pending further testing of water quality by the department of health. Results were not available at press time.

On May 3, New York City police informed Scarsdale police that they had a man – Michael Mier, 19, of the Bronx – in custody who was wanted on an active warrant issued by Scarsdale police in July 2016. Following Mier's arraignment for unrelated charges in a Bronx court, Mier was picked up by Scarsdale police and arrested on the following charges: third-degree criminal mischief causing damage to another's property (because of actions occurring at Hyatt Field), and two counts each of unlawful fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and reckless driving (for actions occurring on Madison and Tunstall Roads.) Mier was arraigned at Scarsdale Village Justice Court, and bail was set at $1,500 cash or $2,500 bond. Unable to post bail, Mier was taken to Westchester County Jail.

Identity theft
On May 5, an Aspen Road man reported he provided his personal information to someone over the Internet in a phishing scam in March. The man stated he received an email from someone alleging to be from Chase Bank asking for his Social Security number, driver's license number, credit card numbers and other personal information. The man said he provided all the information but later realized the requests were suspicious. He contacted Chase Bank and a representative said the email was not legitimate. The man was advised to report the matter to the credit reporting bureaus.

A CVS pharmacist and a white male customer in his 60s got into an argument over a prescription May 5. The customer wanted to pick up the prescription of Xanax but did not have proper identification on him. The pharmacist explained he could not sell him the medication with seeing his ID. The customer got angry and started yelling and cursing. He left the store and called the manager. The customer told the manager he would punch the pharmacist in the face if the pharmacist was outside the store. The customer allegedly cursed and yelled before hanging up the phone. Police advised they would increase ridebys of the Popham Road store.

Suspicious Phone Calls
On May 5, a Rock Creek Lane woman reported receiving unwanted phone calls in which the caller did not speak but instead breathed loudly and heavily into the phone. The woman said, "I know who this is," and the caller hung up after a few seconds. The caller ID stated "unknown." Later, the woman received a call from a Chinese restaurant on Weaver Street. The caller inquired about a food order that was allegedly placed in the recent past. The woman said she had not placed any food orders. The woman apologized and ended the call. Police went to the restaurant and inquired about the call. The owner of the restaurant said her phone line has been experiencing problems, and she confirmed the call had been placed in error. Police are following up and conducting increased ridebys.

A man advised police he saw ski equipment curbside on Haverford Road and picked it up May 1. He thought the items had been left outside for trash collection, but he told police he left a note for the owner in order to avoid any potential problems. He also wanted to inform police.

A caller reported a Brambach Road man was drying fish in his front yard, allegedly causing "a nuisance" and "attracting flies and bugs" May 1. On scene, patrol observed approximately ten small fish on a piece of cardboard, drying in the front yard. Patrol did not observe the fish to be causing any sort of nuisance or bug problem, but the resident brought the fish inside prior to patrol's departure.

A caller reported a suspicious white Ford Explorer parked on Bradford Road May 2. She said the car's occupants appeared to be pointing a camera at her house. Police followed up on the report and discovered the Explorer belonged to a "News 12" crew, on official assignment.

A man in his 20s, wearing a blue sweatshirt, was seen taking pictures of houses on Ogden Road May 6. Police found the man and questioned him. He was a visitor from Italy, staying in a Hampton Road house. He said he was taking pictures of the community to show his family and friends at home. He apologized if his photography caused alarm. He said he would try to take more pictures of parks and public areas in the future.

Roadside Objects
A caller reported seeing an empty baby stroller by the side of Normandy Lane May 3. Closer inspection of the stroller revealed it was dirty ad had grass clippings in it. Police deduced it had most likely been put out for sanitation pickup.

A laptop bag was causing suspicion outside the Board of Education office May 4. Police spoke to an employee of the Board of Education offices, and she said the bag had been placed outside for sanitation pickup. It was old and had a foul odor.

A caller reported a woman was "attempting to get into her car for the past 30 minutes" on Wilmot Road and might need assistance May 2.

On May 3, police stood by while the man retrieved three files containing paperwork from his Gatehouse Road house.

A Mamaroneck Road woman called police because her daughter's school bus was late, and she was getting worried May 3. The bus arrived, and no police assistance was needed.

A Woods Lane woman thought she heard voices in her basement and called police May 3. Patrol checked the house and found no one there. There was no sign of criminality.

Traffic Stop
On May 2, police responded to the Golden Horseshoe shopping center on the report of a person in need of assistance. Upon patrol's arrival, a passerby directed patrol to a woman sitting inside her Honda Odyssey, staring down at her feet with the door wide open. As patrol approached the car, the woman closed the door and drove away from the shopping center parking lot. Patrol followed her as she drove north on Palmer Avenue. Suddenly, the minivan pulled to the right in front of the woman driver's Palmer Avenue house, remaining partially in the roadway and impeding traffic flow. This occurred without the driver using a turn signal or activating her flashers. Patrol turned on the patrol car's lights and siren and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. However, the driver instead turned her minivan left into the southbound lane and proceeded to back into her driveway. There, she remained sitting in her van, staring down at her legs. Patrol approached the driver's side window and knocked to get the woman's attention. She said she had been unaware of the patrol car's flashing lights and patrol's intention to conduct a traffic stop. She was issued summonses for failure to signal a turn and for not wearing eyeglasses, as per her driver's license restrictions. She told patrol she did not need to wear glasses because she had passed a vision test. She said patrol was "bothering her" and to "go away." She refused to accept the summonses. Patrol then placed the summonses in the car and told the woman she must read the instructions and return the summonses prior to June 7. At that time, she closed the door to her van and continued to sit inside. Patrol completed as request for a driver's license reevaluation and submitted it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Cars and Roadways
A Quaker Ridge custodian reported seeing a parked car with its trunk open in the school parking lot at 6:20 a.m., May 1. Police issued the owner of the car a summons and provided school personnel with a towing service's phone number.

Police issued a summons to the owner of an illegally parked car on Overhill Road May 1.

Police called a tow truck operator to help a driver change a flat tire on Mamaroneck Road May 2.

The highway department removed fallen branches from Bypass and Reimer Road May 2.

Police removed a fallen branch from Greenacres Avenue May 2.

A caller reported a woman walking on Post Road, creating a possibly hazardous condition May 3. Police determined the woman was simply walking to a bus stop. No police action or assistance was needed.

Two cars passed a stopped school bus on Popham Road, and police issued summonses May 3.

A driver parked in a no parking zone on Overhill Road was instructed to move his car May 3. The driver apologized and complied.

Parking summonses were issued to the owners of two illegally parked cars on Freightway Road May 3.

A secretary in the Scarsdale Schools District Office requested that police ticket two cars parked in the district office parking lot May 4. She provided license plate numbers to police. The cars were gone by the time police arrived.

Police notified Verizon about a fallen phone wire on Overlook Road May 5.

Patrol assisted with traffic control on Post Road while a motorist changed a flat tire May 5.

Police barricaded a section of Brookby and Heathcote roads because of flooding May 5. A blocked storm drain was later cleared at Heathcote and Sherbrooke Roads, which was determined to be causing the problem.

Patrol issued a parking summons to illegally parked cars at Montrose Road and Huntington Avenue May 5 and Post and Carman Roads May 7.

On May 5, a caller reported a black pickup truck driving slowly, "stopping and going," on Ogden Road, near Fox Meadow Road. Police spoke to the driver and occupants of the car. They said they had just eaten pizza at a Central Avenue restaurant and were "driving through the neighborhood." There was no sign of criminality or anything suspicious.

The highway department was notified about an uprooted tree on Innes Road May 5.
Police placed flares around a disabled car at Hutchinson Avenue and Weaver Street May 6.

A tree split on Richbell Road May 5 or 6. On May 6, police contacted the highway department and Con Edison to address the tree and its potential impact on wires.

A man was reportedly playing with a remote controlled car in the Central Taxi bay on East Parkway May 7. He was advised the toy car was causing a hazard. The man left.

Six car accidents were reported in the village this week.

Civil Matter
A Lyons Road man said a contractor did work on his front sidewalk without his permission. He asked police to document the incident because he anticipates difficulty with the contractor.

Village Code
A solicitor from Power Home Remodeling was going door to door on Gaylor Road May 2. He had a valid permit to solicit business in the village.

A woman reported a "limping raccoon" was "staring" at her on Lincoln Road May 1. It was gone when police arrived.

A coyote was reported on Montrose Road May 5. It was gone when police arrived.

A Larch Lane dog was barking at 11:15 p.m., May 6, and neighbors complained. Police spoke with a 12-year-old boy at the house of the dog. He apologized and brought the dog inside.

Lost wallet
A Leatherstocking Lane man reported losing his green and white wallet somewhere in the village May 3.

Firefighters used pressurized water to extinguish a small brush fire by the train track near Scarsdale train station May 2.
An Ardmore Road resident accidentally turned off his breaker panel due to poor eyesight in a rainstorm and asked firefighters to help him turn it back on May 5.
Firefighters used a pump to help an Eastwoods Lane resident remove 14 inches of water from his garage during a rainstorm May 5.
Firefighters helped a White Birch Lane resident get back in her house after she accidentally got locked out May 7.
Firefighters helped SVAC members gain access to an elderly village man who fell in his bathroom against the door and needed help May 7.
A worker at a gas station on Scarsdale Avenue accidentally activated the fuel pump extinguishing system when the gas pumps stopped working May 7. Firefighters shut power to the pumps. The extinguishing system fully discharged on the ground. No customers were present. The owner of the gas station advised it should remain closed until the ground and pumps could be cleaned up and until the system could be checked and refilled.
A Parkfield Road resident reported her oven was warm May 7. Firefighters determined the warmth was caused by normal operation of the pilot light.

This week, firefighters assisted at four car accidents in the village. One accident, on May 6, involved damage to a fire hydrant. They responded to one false water flow alarm and 20 false fire alarms caused by device malfunction, cooking smoke, shower steam, accidental keypad activation and dust.

This report covering police and fire department activity from May 1-7 was compiled from official information.

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