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Scarsdale's Food Scrap Recyclying Program Featured on News 12 Westchester

sterlingScarsdale's own Michelle Sterling, Ron Schulhof and Mayor Dan Hochvert were featured on NEWS 12 Westchester last week, discussing the Village's food scrap recycling program which has already recycled 67,000 pounds of food scraps this year. As food scraps make up 30% of residential waste, this new program has also served to lighten the load for trash pick-up.

Participating residents purchase a counter top starter kit that is used to collect food scraps. Usually about once a week, they bring their scraps to the Scarsdale recycling center where it is collected, transported and then turned into compost.

The program has already become a model for other communities: Similar programs have been launched in Bedford and Mamaroneck and Larchmont, Greenburgh and New Castle will start their own programs in the fall.

See how you can get started here

Party in a Park in Scarsdale Village

party1At Scarsdale Village's July Party in the Park on Friday, July 28th, good music, good weather, and good feelings abounded. With the Jay Prince Band from Hal Prince Music and Entertainment set up in Chase Park, many families with young children came to celebrate summer and enjoy the warm evening. In addition to the Jay Prince Band, a group of clowns with lots of balloons and face paint came, and soon lots of little kids ran around looking like tigers, clowns, and superheroes with lots of balloon swords and animals in hand.

As the band played classic songs from artists like Stevie Wonder as well as more current music, the ice cream truck made an appearance to provide everyone with some delicious ice cream and milkshakes. When twilight started to set in around 7:30, the clowns did a magic show that kept many kids seated and staring for the duration, and then before the evening was over, the Jay Prince Band invited everybody to come to the center of the park and dance for one last song.

While lots of young families did come to the event, one resident said she would like to see more publicity about free events like this one from the Village to really give attendance a boost.

For more information summer events in Scarsdale, go to



Former Scarsdale Fire Chief Named NYS Career Chief of the Year

thomascainFormer Scarsdale Fire Chief Thomas Cain, who served as Scarsdale's Fire Chief from 2005-2016 was named the 2017 recipient of its New York State Career Fire Chief of the Year Award. The award was presented during the General Session of the NYSAFC 111th Annual Conference & FIRE 2017 Expo on June 15, 2017, at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY.

NYSAFC's Career Fire Chief of the Year Award honoree is selected for demonstrating exemplary leadership, innovation, professional development, integrity, service to the public, and contributions to the fire service. Cain is recognized for his commitment and service to his department, county, and members of the fire service throughout the state of New York.

Cain began his fire service career as an explorer with the Fairview Fire District in 1979. He served as a volunteer firefighter with Fairview from 1982 to 1984, when he became a professional firefighter with the Scarsdale Fire Department. During his tenure with Scarsdale, Cain served as a firefighter, captain, municipal training officer, tour commander, and chief of the department from 2005-2016.

A member of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs since 2005, Cain served on the association's Paid Officers Committee before being elected to its board of directors in 2012. He served on the board until his retirement as chief in 2016. Cain was also a member of the Career Fire Chiefs of New York State, where he served as a board member and treasurer, the Westchester County Career Fire Chiefs Association, the National Fire Protection Association, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and also served as a nationally certified fire service instructor level II.

Cain successfully completed the Advanced Fire Service Administration Program in 2002, an intensive course for fire service leaders developed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) in cooperation with the United States Fire Administration. He earned a degree in fire service administration from the State University of New York/Empire State College.

While chief of the Scarsdale Fire Department, Cain's level of professionalism and dedication to his department and to the fire service of New York state was evident through his staunch advocacy for the advanced education and training of firefighters. This is exemplified through his strong support of efforts to obtain special operations training in Westchester County, as well as his active support of classroom and hands-on training programs delivered by NYSAFC throughout the Empire State for current and future fire service leaders.

To support our nation's fallen firefighters and their families, Cain was instrumental in launching and organizing NYSAFC's annual 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. Stair climb events are held across the country to benefit the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF). NYSAFC's first stair climb was held in 2015, and the event has continued to grow in the number of participants and funds raised in subsequent years.

For his dedication to the professional development and support of firefighters and fire chiefs on the local, state, and national level, NYSAFC proudly presents this award to Retired Chief Thomas M. Cain

Hold the Bagels and More Retail News

Bagels4Bagels and More in Hartsdale is closed.... but just for two weeks while they repair the shop. I saw their windows covered in paper and hoards of workmen at the site and feared the worst. But fortunately it looks like they are doing some infrastructure work and promise to re-open on Saturday August 5. They'll be back soon and in the meantime we can all lose a few pounds.

Over on Central Avenue, the former A&P is undergoing a major transformation from supermarket to super fitness center. They are soon to the be site of 24 Hour Fitness, a workout site that will offer fitness classes, individual training and enough equipment to accommodate many customers at one time. The building is 30,000 square feet and has ample

24 Hour Fitness is one of over 400 centers owned by the company that is headquartered in San Ramon, California. They already have locations in Yonkers and Nanuet that open early and close late in the evening to accommodate everyone's schedule. Check them out here:

On a happy note – it turns out that Sprainbrook Nursery, one of a vanishing breed of independent nurseries, never closed. They were exploring a deal to sell the property to become the site of a nursing home, but when that failed to come to fruition, they decided to remain in operation.

Sprainbrook Nursery has been owned by the Krautter family since 1944. Al Krautter, an Edgemont native told me that in his day, the Seely Place School went from K-10 grade and then Edgemont students went on to complete high school at Scarsdale High School. He was in the class of 1954 at SHS, the last graduating class before Edgemont built their own high school.

AlKrautterBack to Sprainbrook Nursery: The upper portion of the property – including the greenhouses survived a fire in September, 2015 and Krauter reports that they used the greenhouses to grow flowers and vegetables organically. They are now holding a sale where if you buy a dozen you get a dozen free.

Here's the deal:

Buy a flat of peat pots and get one flat free
Buy a dozen 4 ½" pots and get a dozen free.
Buy a hanging basket and get one free.

Sprainbrook is open Monday through Saturday from 8 to 5:30 pm and Sunday from 9 to 4:30.

Sprainbrook Nursery
448 Underhill Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
(914) 723-2382

Greenacres July 4th Celebration Winners

supersoakerJuly4Kids of all ages enjoyed the fun games and sunshine at the Greenacres Neighborhood Association's July 4th celebration on the Greenacres field. The event kicked off with a breakfast complete with bagels, munchkins, and watermelon. Once the children's bellies were full, the games began! Sack races, 3 legged races, and spoon races were some of the kids' favorites of the day. Other games included candy hunts, foul shots, and running races. After the competitions, the kids cooled off and played in the fire truck hose spray. Everyone agreed that this event was a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July!

Here are the winners of the races:

3 Legged Race
1st - Halle Jakubowicz/ David Jakubowicz
2nd – Danny Cecil/ Rick Cecil
3rd – Jonah Bloomgarden/ Noah Bloomgarden

Pre School
1st - Isabella Rabinovich/ Anna Rabinovich
2nd - Luca Corriggio/ Jocelyn Corriggio
3rd - Emily Deka/ Louisa Tse

K – 1st Grade
1st - Matthew Weiner/ Zachary Rublin
2nd – Rachel Schwartz/ Isabella Rabinovich
3rd - Whitney Rudsenske/ Alia Messenger

2nd – 3rd Grade
1st – Michael Cecil/ Pilou Lacoudre
Matthew Glassman
2nd - Rachel Kershner/Alison Snyder
3rd - Michelle Meiselman/ Isabella Tse

4th – 8th Grade
1st – Nicole Zhou/ Ashley Jakubowicz
2nd – Kayla Jakubowicz/ Halle Jakubowicz

Spoon Race
Winners: Samantha Willig, Luke Taylor, Owen Dubinsky, Abby Englander, Claire Zhai, Louisa Tse

K – 1st Grade
Round 1: 1st – Elle Taylor, Matthew Weiner
2nd - Ben Masry, Jocelyn Corriggio
Round 2: 1st – Isabella Rabinovich, Abby Nadborny
2nd – Ryan Englander
Round 3: 1st – Leonardo Zhou, Rachel Schwartz, Max Krupkin

2nd – 3rd Grade
Round 1: 1st – Rachel Kershner, Michelle Meiselman
2nd – Ryan Dedianous, David Gussman
3rd – Pilou Lacoudre
Round 2: 1st – Ozan Kopelman, Matthew Zoland
2nd – Lauren Zoland, Isabella Tse
3rd – Rachel Kershner
Round 3: 1st – Charlene Dong, Matthew Glassman
2nd – Kevin Dong
Round 4: 1st – Spencer Hellman
2nd – Natalie Diaz, Isabelle Hellman

4th – 8th Grade
Round1:1st – Danny Cecil
2nd – Leo Huynh
Round 2: 1st –Adam Englander
2nd – Marie Lacoudre
3rd – Alice Delalonde

Teen – Adult
1st – Lisa /Thurman

Sack Race
Pre School
Winners: Vivian Ehmer, Emily Deka, Nathan Chen

K- 1st Grade
Round 1: 1st – Jasmine Davis
2nd- Isabella Rabinovich
3rd – Whitney Rudsenke
Round 2: 1st - Alex Huynh
2nd – Luke Taylor
3rd – Isabella Rabinovich
Round 3: 1st – Jocelyn Corriggio
2nd – Nash Cohen
3rd – Jasmine Davis
Round 4: 1st – Elle Taylor
2nd – Abby Nadborny
Round 5: 1st – Zachary Rublin
2nd – Alia Messenger, Charlotte Kaplan (tie)

2nd – 3rd Grade
Round 1: 1st – Spencer Hellman
2nd - Alison Snyder
3rd –Matthew Glassman, Sophia Corriggio (tie)
Round 2: 1st – Michael Cecil
2nd - Isabelle Hellman
3rd –Pilou Lacoudre

4th – 8th Grade
1st – Danny Cecil

Pre School
Round 1: 1st – Luca Strecke
2nd – Elena Strecke
3rd – Laila Rahmani
Round 2: 1st – Vivian Ehmer
2nd – Jonah Bloomgarden
3rd – Owen Dubinsky

K – 1st Grade
Round 1: 1st – Leonardo Zhou
2nd – Jasmine Davis
3rd – Ben Masry
Round 2: 1st – Jonah Bloomgarden, Annabel Lin (tie)
2nd – Mila Lundy, Julia Galeon (tie)
3rd – Saira Rahmani
Round 3: 1st – Jasmine Davis
2nd – Jackson Jones
3rd - Nash Cohen
Round 4: 1st – Zachary Rublin
2nd- Matthew Weiner
3rd – Annabel Lin

2nd – 3rd Grade
Round 1: 1st – David Gussman
2nd – Pilou Lacoudre
3rd – Michael Cecil
Round 2: 1st – Rachel Kershner
2nd – Sophia Corriggio

4th – 8th Grade
1st – Matthew Zoland
2nd – Nicole Zhou
3rd – Halle Jakubowicz
Teen – Adult
1st – Avi Masry
2nd – Justin Davis

2ND – 3RD Grade
1st – Leo Chavis
2nd – Matthew Weiner
3rd – Ryan Dedianous, Matthew Zoland (tie)

4th – 8th Grade
1st – Layden Kennedy
2nd – Leo Huynh
3rd – Tony Zhang

Adult – Teen
1st - Danny Glantz
2nd – Shep Weiner
3rd – Mike Kopelman