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Suspicious Man at Greenacres and Incidents from Around the County

greenacresplaygroundSuspicious Man at Greenacres Park: Police are monitoring the playground and area around Greenacres School after the recreation department camp director at the school reported that a suspicious man had been hanging around the playground on Friday July 10th. The director of Camp Sagamore, which is run at Greenacres, said that a Hispanic male, age 50's had been observed near the playground. He was told that the schoolyard is closed to the public and exclusively for camp use and was asked to leave. He complied but then returned later in the day. He was wearing a suit jacket, t-shirt, baseball cap and glasses and was making the counselors nervous. The director told police where the man went and they searched for him but were unable to find him. A dog walker told police that the same man had been walking around the area for the past few weeks. Police will continue to ride-by the school.

wilsonRetired Police Office Shot in Elmsford: Peter Schmidt, a highly respected and well liked retired officer is reported to be in stable condition after he was shot on Monday July 13th in Elmsford. At 3:45 pm on Monday, Schmidt confronted apparent burglars as the were walking out of an unoccupied house at 5 Payne Street in Elmsford. After a brief discussion, one of the subjects shot Schmidt twice, once in the arm and once in the torso. Schmidt's son, an active Greenburgh Police Officer (off-duty at the time) ran to the scene and observed the suspects leaving the scene in a blue BMW. Officer Schmidt immediately relayed this information and the license plate number to the Greenburgh Police. Within minutes, the City of Yonkers Police Department advised that they had the vehicle stopped on the Sprain Brook Parkway in the area of the Cross County Parkway. larregueThe subjects were positively identified and placed under arrest. Taqiy A. Walton, age 34 of Elmsford and Adam R. Larregue, age 21 of Elmsford were both charged with murder in the second degree.

Three Charged with Manslaughter in Mt. Kisco: Three suspects have been charged with first degree manslaughter for beating a homeless man to death on July 4th weekend in Mt. Kisco.

Mario Coronado-Depaz, 39, Milton Ventura, 35, and Freddy Coronado-Mendez, 34, all of Mount Kisco, are accused of causing the death of Jose Sanchez, 53, during a fight in a wooded area off Lieto Drive in Mt. Kisco on Saturday July 4th. Sanchez' body was discovered Sunday night July 5th by a relative who alerted police. His body was found in a wooded area near the Metro-North tracks that is used as a squatter's camp.

mario coronado depaz 0710An autopsy conducted by the Westchester Medical Examiner's Office determined that Sanchez died of injuries caused by blunt force trauma. Police have recovered a piece of wood that may have ben used as a weapon. Sanchez, a native of Honduras, worked as a landscaper and had no permanent address.

The first suspect who was charged, Coronado-Mendez, left the area by train and was tracked by Westchester County detectives to Harrison, N.J., where he was taken into custody on Monday July 6th. He is being held at the Hudson County Jail.kisco

It is believed he was attempting to arrange to leave the area, Proceedings will be held to extradite him back to New York.

Cocktail Time

watermelondrinkaIt's summertime and the drinking is easy. Are you looking for some new summer cocktail recipes? We asked the experts at Zachys to share what they're pouring this summer and also a borrowed a recipe from culinary website Food52.


The Little Devil

- 1 ¾ parts Reyka Vodka
- ¾ part fresh lemon juice
- ¾ part maple syrup
- ¾ part Ancho Reyes
- Soda water
Combine ingredients. Shake and strain into Collins glass. Top with soda water and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Scottish Summer

1.5 oz. Hendrick's Ginscottishsummer
1.5 oz. St. Germaine Liqueur
2 drops Tabasco Sauce
1 lemon wedge

In a Boston shaker, add gin, liqueur, and sauce. Squeeze and drop in lemon wedge. Fill shaker with ice and shake lightly. Pour into highball glass.

Watermelon Paloma from Food 52

Makes one cocktail, with lots of extra watermelon juice

1 small watermelon (about 5 pounds), cubed
1 1/2 ounces tequila blanca
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Club soda to taste

To make the watermelon juice, put half the watermelon cubes in a blender and blend until liquid. Set a fine mesh strainer over a large bowl and pour the watermelon juice into the strainer, gently stirring with a wooden spoon to coax the juice through the strainer.

Discard any pulp in the strainer and then blend and strain the rest of the watermelon cubes. Cover and chill the juice until you're ready to use it.

To make the drink, put 4 or 5 ice cubes in a tall glass. Add the tequila, 1/4 cup watermelon juice and lime juice and stir gently. Top with club soda and stir briefly. (Use these same proportions to whip up an entire pitcher of Palomas.)

Since You Asked

petsupplyWhat time at night do neighbors need to turn off loud music and are retailers permitted to post sandwich board signs on sidewalks outside their stores? What to do about noisy neighbors? We received three inquiries from readers last week – two about Scarsdale's noise ordinance and another concerning free-standing advertising signs posted on Village sidewalks. In order to get answers, we exchanged emails with our new Village Manager Steve Pappalardo and here is what we learned:

From a reader:

Question: Fenway has huge outdoor parties where they let the DJs and bands blast the music so that it reverberates through our whole neighborhood. Latest was Friday night. No one here could sleep. Police said they could carry on until 11pm -- but Fenway seemingly refused to stop until a second police visit after 11:30pm. What is the law, and what's fair?"

Answer from Village Manage Steve Pappalardo: The Police Chief reports that the two calls you refer to are the only ones received to date from Fenway. Last year there were no noise complaints from the club. When PD receives a noise call complaint of this fashion, an officer responds to the source and requests that the music or live band LoudMusicplaying volume be reduced. The officer will also drive to the address of the complainant to discuss and listen for themselves from this location to better gauge the volume and level of disturbance. In addition, the patrolman will often return at 11PM to the source to assure that the music stopped or is winding down. This protocol was followed at Fenway on 6/19.

Question: Our neighbors have erected a trampoline in their backyard that is pushed up squarely against the property line. Their children are out there all the time not just playing, but screaming, and our newborn baby cannot nap in either her room our ours, as both face that side of the house. By evening, she and I are both crying with exhaustion! As asking them to please consider the noise level has not worked, is there any village code with regard to setbacks or noise ordinances for screaming during the day?
Thanks so much,
Very tired new parents

Answer: There are no regulations regarding the placement of trampolines on private property but what is described in your email could be considered a violation of Village Code Chapter 205 – Noise. The resident would have to call the Police Department when the problem occurs and they will respond. Of course, in these cases talking to your neighbor is always the best recourse before calling an enforcement agency.

Question: I would love comments and feedback from residents and the village on all the A Frame plastic signs popping up (can't imagine they have permits but maybe they do) at the Five Corners. First, we have a building that does not fit in and now $59 massages signs. The Pet Store now has an open sign, the real estate agency at the old train station has a sign in front etc. ... all huge plastic A frame signs right on the street. No other town around here would allow this."

Answer from Steve Pappalardo: In accordance with the Village Code, advertising signs in commercial districts must be attached to the building . As such these sandwich board signs placed on the sidewalk do not conform and are not permitted. I have asked the Village Engineer to visit the sites tomorrow to speak to the owners and have the signs removed.

Do you have a question? Email us at and we'll do our best to get an answer!

SHS Seniors Produce Public Service Announcements for Scarsdale Public Television

SPTVFive Scarsdale High School Seniors have recently completed public service announcements for Scarsdale Public TV featuring Scarsdale community organizations. The students (and community organizations) are:

• Anito Akuetey (Weinberg Nature Center)
• Caroline Kristof (Scarsdale Police Department)
• Max Marienberg (JCC of Mid-Westchester)
• Joseph Murphy (Scarsdale Teen Center)
• Bryan Somar (Junior League of Central Westchester)

The students chose to work with Scarsdale Public Television as part of Scarsdale High School's "Senior Options" program for graduating seniors. The students quickly learned the basics of video production, including rotating roles as writers, directors, camera operators and hosts.

Lorayne Fiorillo, Chairman of the Scarsdale Cable Television Commission, offered the following thoughts: "Got a job to do? Get a Senior Options student to help you! The Scarsdale Cable TV Commission was the beneficiary of the work of five seniors: Anito Akuety, Caroline Kristof, Max Marienberg, Joseph Murphy, and Bryan Somar. In six weeks our students went from never having picked up a video camera to writing, producing, directing, editing and starring in a multitude of shows. Mini documentaries on the JCC of Mid-Westchester, the Scarsdale Police Department, the Weinberg Nature Center, the Junior League and the Scarsdale Teen Center will air on Scarsdale Public TV and can be watched on the SPTV website, The students used their newly honed skills to interview prominent Scarsdale citizens, including Police Chief Andrew Matturro, Joanne Wallenstein, Director of Scarsdale10583, Jason Marra, Director of the Scarsdale Recreation Department, and James Genova, Director of Scarsdale and Edgemont Family Counselling Services."

Fiorillo continued, "If you've watched the station recently, you've probably seen the Memorial Day Parade and the Library event, "The Opposite of Spoiled", both videoed by our Senior Options students.

Over the summer get ready to see a few episodes of the new show, "Scarsdale Bites", an inside look at some of Scarsdale's most interesting and popular restaurants. At Kumo Sushi the students learned that sushi is a whole lot more than pieces of fish. And who doesn't want to know the secret to the Cajun at Gianonni's? Stay tuned!

The students were sponsored by Cable Commission members Howard Silberberg, Rafi Abada and Lorayne Fiorillo. Ryan Nelson's excellent editing pulled it all together. It was a lot to accomplish in just six weeks, but the enthusiasm, intelligence, perseverance and creativity of our seniors made it possible, and a great time was had by all. The Scarsdale Cable TV Commission can't thank our seniors enough and wishes each of them the very best and tons of success as they move forward to college and beyond."

All Scarsdale residents are encouraged to view the videos on Scarsdale Public Television's website at

Scarsdale Public Television (SPTV) is the public access cable television station in the Village of Scarsdale, New York. The station is overseen by the members of the Scarsdale Cable Television Commission. Scarsdale residents can view SPTV on Verizon FiOS channel 42 or Cablevision channel 76. SPTV can also be viewed live and on-demand via its website at:

Scarsdale residents and community organizations are encouraged to visit the website for more information about volunteer and training opportunities as well as the process to request video coverage of local Scarsdale events.

Scarsdale American Legion Post 52 Celebrates 95th Anniversary

AmericanLegion6Saturday, Scarsdale American Legion Post 52 celebrated the 95th Anniversary of its founding at Lake Isle Country Club in Eastchester on Saturday June 13, 2015. Joining members of the Post, their families and their friends at the banquet were two former Scarsdale mayors: Miriam Levitt Flisser, Beverly Sved, current Mayor Jon Mark and Scarsdale Village Manager Stephen Pappalardo. Mayor Jon Mark delivered a proclamation to Post Commander Tom Adamo declaring June 13, 2015 as "Scarsdale American Legion Post 52 Day." Additional proclamations were delivered on behalf of County Executive Rob Astorino and the Town of Eastchester.

Celebrants reflected on the significant contributions made by the Post to the Scarsdale community over the course of the last 95 years, the importance of Post 52's Memorial Garden, its current projects and on the service of its members in the defense and security of the United States in two World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam.

Photos courtesy of HL Flisser.